Back by popular demand.(Ok, I just wanted to do another one as I realised that I'd left some very important people out.) Anyway, enjoy.


Guest Act: Commissar Yarrick singing The Lumberjack Song.

The White Scars- Born To Be Wild
Saint Celestine and Her Seraphim- Nuns With Guns
Ursakar E Creed (AKA The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)- I'm A Tactical Genius(There's a A Titan In My Pool)
Horus The Warmaster- I Want To Break Free
Abaddon The Despoiler- When You're Evil
Spawn Duet- Life After Love (After Horrific And Spontaneous Mutation)
Ciaphas Cain- Flash (Because he is just Flashman in space. Good books though.)
Fulgrim- I Kissed A Girl
The Nightbringer- 2012
The Grey Knights- Tribute
Dok Butcha- Three Wheels On My Wartrukk
The Emperor Of Mankind- Pretty Fly(For A Dead Guy)
Captain Lysander- Stop. Hammertime!
Lorgar- Villain
Korsarro Khan- Can't Escape My Love
Pedro Kantor- Stand By Me
The Adeptus Arbites Barbershop Quartet- When You're In Prison

I don't think I've missed out anyone obvious, but feel free to comment if you think I have.
Thanks, and enjoy.