Chapter Three:

Ryan had cornered Jules, his hand firmly flattened against the bone of her shoulders. His face raging at her, as she kept her face pointing towards the ground, scared of his reactions.

Ryan grabbed hold onto the edge of her face, lifting the rime of her skull high up, making their eyes join up. "You like him or something?" He bluntly added. He knew she liked him, the way she stared at him in the corridor, the way he looked at her in class everything just connected like dot to dot.

Jules shaked her head, scared to confess how she really felt. "No, I love you" she smiled; she used her most powerful weapon to allure him. Her eyes. She used her eyes for everything; they were her favourite feature, like gold or platinum as they never stopped dragging people to them to look at. The dark shaped curves like the shape of a never ending black hole, her mascara so thin but yet so thick as it brushed her eyes out wider.

"Promise me you'll never see him again?" he begged her. She nodded, never letting her eyes lose focus on his deep pupils.

He fell for the bait, his body sinking slowly and deeper under water as she had planned. She kissed his lips, allowing him to play along but not too long before she quickly brushed her body past his and made her way home. Of course she was secretly going to meet Ellie to check on Bobby.

She ran along the road, her heels clicking among the pavement, and her perfect curls now loose and bouncing on her shoulder blades. She spotted Andy at the corner keeping guard. Ryan's friends normally followed Jules to check on her. She looked behind herself, seeing each road clear and as she entered the small opening near the tree she allowed Andy to carry on checking before seeing her nod and tell her no one had followed her.

As she walked in, she saw Ellie sat down besides Bobby, her hand covered in his blood as it stained the wet tissue that lay beside him. She gasped, she wasn't funny about the sight of blood nor silly but found what he did for her, was because he loved her and she couldn't even stand up to Ryan for him. "Don't look so guilty" he replied softly, his smile trying to force its way through the dripping blood.

Jules bent down slowly, facing him as she reached her hand over picking up some remaining tissues carefully laying it on his face and rubbing smoothly on the open wounds trying to stop and heal the bleeding. "Jules, me and Andy will be outside" Ellie replied, she winked at her.

She carefully moved into Ellie's space, besides Bobby. "You know I never meant for you to get hurt" She went on; she kept her head down playing her fingernails with the other fingers. Bobby held onto her hand, kissing her shoulder "I'd do it again just to see you" she replied. She couldn't help but smile to his response. She never felt someone love her as much as he did with as much passion as he spoke about her and the people in her life with.

She breathed in deeply. "You know he told me never to see you again" she knew this would eventually come out, whether she intended it to or not. He was being so honest to her how could she not tell him. "I thought he might of" he laughed back; he knew where this was going he was used to being the toy mouse never the cat.

"I don't want you to get hurt though" she replied, her voice softening as her eyes deepened at his gaze.

He sighed slowly. "You'll never lose me Jules; I'll always be the one you'll have with you"