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A/N: Hello again! So earlier this summer I went on a little trip to the city to visit my favorite place with one of my favorite people! *links arms with Aussiegirl101* While at the park, we were lucky enough to take a tour, and while we didn't get to go into the Giants' locker rooms, we got to go in the visitors'! It wasn't as nice, but we did get to hear a little about the extras that the Giants have…including a "water therapy room" which houses all sorts of fun stuff. Aussiegirl could see the wheels spinning in my head as soon as the words left the tour guide's mouth. So this is the product of that trip :) I hope you enjoy. This is neeeeew and takes place after Chicago.

Foul Territory

Outtake EPOV

The gentle hum of the whirlpool engine combined with the calming tunes of my iPod was lulling me into a dangerous trance. A few more minutes of this and the team would find me passed out asleep in the morning.

I forced open my eyes and stared up at the tiled ceiling, noting the irregular specs and the flickering fluorescent bulbs. I had to be the last in the clubhouse this evening. Jasper had been taking extra practice in the batting cages but I hadn't heard his cursing for a while now. Then again, I'd had earbuds stuffed in my ears for the past half an hour.

My hand lifted heavily from the water to my ear to pluck out one of the tiny speakers. It was as I'd expected; silent aside from the bubbling sound coming from the hydrotherapy tub I was currently submersed in. My knee had been throbbing after the game and coach had ordered me into the therapeutic jets as soon as the press had cleared out of the clubhouse.

That was almost an hour and a half ago now and I was going to be late to dinner with Bella. A twang of guilt hit me low in my chest, under my heart. The hot water had me sluggish and weak and I couldn't move my legs just yet.

Five more minutes.

I let my head fall back against the edge of the tub and closed my eyes. Bella.

She'd taken to meeting me at my apartment after games lately. I would walk in the door and she'd be wrapped in my apron, wooden spoon in hand and plating me something to eat. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't one of those "Dinner on the table at six o'clock sharp" kind of guys or one that expected her to cook - period. I was merely floored every time I came home and she was there. Waiting for me.

I'd never had anyone do that for me before.

Since we'd come back from Chicago, our life had turned into a sort of routine. It was comforting after the whirlwind that we'd lived through so far. We had dinner together after home games, I stayed at her house after road trips, we went on dates in Berkeley and of course, my favorite: I never slept alone.


I was spoiled and so, so thankful.

A flicker of light caught my eye and I tipped my head back to get a better look. My phone was glowing with an incoming call. I toweled off a free hand and held the phone up to my ear.

"You've reached the best first baseman alive," I said clearly into the speaker, an obnoxious smile spreading over my face.

"That depends," was the response and my smile grew.


"Whether or not you forgot to tell me you were doing water therapy tonight."


"Former best first baseman alive?"

She laughed and I let my shoulders sag in relief.

"I'm sorry."

"I know. Was your knee bad?"

"Yeah." I stared down at the curve of my submerged knee, distorted by the bubbles. The swelling had gone down but I'd still have to wrap it tonight. "I was practically forced in here, now I can't get out."

"Too comfortable?"

"Too comfortable."

It was quiet for a moment and I let the soothing sound of Bella's voice sink into the aching tendons of my knee.

"Would dinner help?" she asked eventually, and I could hear the familiar tone of mischief in her words.


"Are you allowed to eat in the hot tub?"

I knit my eyebrows together in confusion. "We usually don't but no one is here, I probably could."


This time the voice came from the phone and from behind me. I twisted my head around to see Bella standing in the doorway, petite frame draped in a jewel-tone, blue dress with a plate of food balanced on her open hands. "I forgot silverware," she said sheepishly.

My jaw was hanging open. "How did you get in?"

"Mac was outside waiting to lock up after you, and Jasper let me in the locker room on his way out."

She stepped inside the room and dropped down beside me for a kiss. "You taste like chlorine," she murmured close to my lips.

I shook my head and leaned in closer for another kiss. Then another.

Then five.

She stood up after a few long minutes, holding out the plate in her hands and shaking her head quickly. "Dinner," she said with a huff. I chuckled.

I held my hands out obediently to take the plate and she lifted the saran wrap from the top. She held up a finger as she trotted to the kitchen for a fork. When she returned, I was about to shove my face into the plate.

Roast chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. One of my favorites. Had I done anything remarkable to deserve this today? All-star catch? Had I signaled her during the broadcast? Or was she being sly about something?

I took the fork from her outstretched fingers and moved over on the bench. "Come in?"

She pursed her lips together and peered up at the ceiling. "I don't know…"

"What are you looking for?"


I snorted through a mouthful. "Babe, I didn't say climb into my lap, I asked if you wanted to come in."

Bella poked my arm hard with her finger and slipped her shoes off so she could dip her feet in next to me.

"I'm perfectly aware of what you asked, thank you very much."

Oh. Well then.

Suddenly dinner seemed secondary. I pushed my desires aside to clear my plate for Bella. As I ate, I could see her feet swish back and forth beneath the water, her red-painted toes wiggling in the bubbles.

After I swallowed my last bite, I leaned over and pressed a kiss to her knee. "Thanks for dinner," I said, letting my lips linger a little longer than necessary, my breath fanning over her skin.

I peered up at her through my lashes and I saw her throat bob as she swallowed thickly. "No problem."

"Come in," I said, this time removing the question mark. There really was no choice.

"What if someone else walks in?"

"You said yourself that no one is here."

She looked nervously at the doorway as I slid off the bench and stood in front of her. I wrapped my fingers around her ankles under the water and tugged gently. "Please?" I said in a low voice. I knew what that voice did to her.

Cheap shot, I know.

Bella's head was shaking. I wasn't going to win this. "I can't, Edward. Someone's going to come in, I know it."

I released her ankles and nudged her bent knees apart gently so I could stand between them. "So conscious of your surroundings," I teased, putting my palms flat on the tile floor on either side of her hips.

Her eyes were on my lips as she nodded distractedly.

"What do you think is going to happen?" I leaned closer, lifting my chin so our noses brushed.

"Embarrassment, tabloids, suspension."

"Me? Suspended?"

"No me, from having more sex with you in locker rooms."

I twisted my head away to laugh. That would be a tragedy. When I recovered I turned my head back to face her. Her eyes were dark and her cheeks were flushed. I was winning, albeit slowly.

"Who said anything about sex?" I said at last, close enough now so that my lips brushed against hers when I spoke, our hushed breaths mingling between us.

She framed my face with her hands and trailed the soft pads of her fingers over my sideburns and stubble. "Me."

I kissed her then, soft but insistent. I wondered if I'd ever stop loving her more with each word that came out of her mouth? If I'd ever stop being transfixed by the color of her eyes or the feel of her lips on my own? She sighed and wrapped her arms around my neck.

We kissed for a while in near silence, the bubbles from the tub long extinguished. It was quiet except for the soft sounds of our breaths or the smacking of our lips as we broke apart, only to start again. It had been a busy week for me and we hadn't had this kind of time together in at least two days.

Far too long.

I was so transfixed by the feel of Bella's fingers twisted in my hair that I flinched when she gasped and pulled away.

"What on earth?" I mumbled, opening my eyes groggily. My eyebrows pinched together as I realized why she was alarmed. The lights had turned off in the room, leaving us bathed in the eerie blue light from the hot tub.

"Motion sensors," I said softly, leaning close to nibble on Bella's ear.

She shivered. "Don't move."

"Have to."

"Then the lights will come back on."

"So move slow," I said over the skin on her neck. "But you should know the sensors can't see us over here."



"How do you know?"

I sighed and pulled back a little so I could meet her dark eyes. "Because last month I was stranded over here waving my arms like an idiot until someone walked through the door on the other side of the room."

She was silent and I took that as a positive reaction. I resumed my slow trail of kisses down her neck.

I felt her hands disentangle themselves from my hair and move between us. She grabbed the hem of her dress and tugged. In one slow, fluid motion, she lifted it over her head and tossed it behind her.

I gasped as she let her hands fall on my shoulders. Bella was…naked.

"I may have come here with a motive," she admitted with a sheepish smile.

I shook my head in wonder and looked back at her, admiring her frame in the dim, turquoise light that bathed us in color. I could see the tips of her long eyelashes illuminated in the dark, the attractive bow of her upper lip and the soft curve of her chin. I lifted a hand and ran it down her jaw and her neck, tracing the hard edge of her collar bone and following the trails of light that were cast over her skin. The flat plane of her chest, the curves of her breasts, the hollow of her belly button.

"I love you," I whispered into the dark.

Bella hummed and slipped into the water and my arms. I sunk us down so that we were submerged to our shoulders. She wrapped herself around me and pressed her forehead into my neck. "I love you too," she said, pressing a kiss to my skin. "So much."

We stood still in the water for a moment, absorbed in the feel of our hearts beating together, skin pressed close and our arms wrapped around each other. She was so tiny in my arms and I wanted to hold her tighter still. I could feel her slow breaths against my skin, the flutter of her eyelashes on my neck.

Eventually I felt her lips on my shoulder. They pressed softly at first, then more urgently. The stirrings of our earlier kiss started tugging in the pit of my stomach. I slid my hands down the smooth skin of her back to cup her ass in my hands and pulled her against me.

"Still worried about cameras?" I quipped as she lifted her head to kiss me.

"Just make love to me."

Yes ma'am.

We stayed quiet and slow, our bodies gliding smoothly against each other under the water. The sounds of our muted groans and gasps only fueled me further, raging a pleasurable fire in my belly. The lapping sound of the water hitting the side of the pool was rhythmic with the motions of our bodies as we closed our eyes in the dark, driven by sense alone.

The feel of her hot skin on mine as our bodies curled around each other. The increased intervals of her soft breaths as our motions quickened. The smell of her shampoo close to my nose mingled with the chlorine-infused mist that clung to our skin in the small room. The taste of her lips on my tongue as we moved to kiss each other.

We fell apart together, swallowing our moans in a deep, passionate kiss. I held her tight until our hearts slowed to a normal pace and we could feel the tips of our toes again. She stayed in my arms, legs wrapped around my hips, my arms holding her weightless body against mine. I swayed slowly back and forth, shifting my weight from one foot to the other and dancing to a nonexistent song.

I felt Bella's lips curl into a smile against my shoulder and she snuggled closer.

"We're going to be all pruny," she said eventually.

I shrugged. "We'll probably smell like chlorine for about five days."

"I won't complain if you won't."


We made no move to get out of the water but I knew that it was getting late.

"Should I get you home, young lady?"

Bella sucked in a deep breath and sighed slowly. "I guess."

I placed a loud kiss on her cheek and lifted her gracefully out of the water and onto the tile floor. "I'll grab towels."

When we were dried off, changed and my knee wrapped we exited the park together, hands entwined and swinging between us. I nodded to Mac as he locked the door behind us, wondering just how much he knew went on inside.

I shrugged it off and drove us home, eager to collapse into my big bed and sleep with Bella wrapped safely in my arms. We didn't speak until we were in the elevator, leaning against opposite sides and having an unspoken staring contest.

"So that's two," Bella said suddenly, eyes twinkling with mischief.


She counted on her fingers. "Wrigley and AT&T Park."

I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Who knew Bella Swan was such a minx. Still, I couldn't help the images of ballparks across the country from flitting across my brain. I counted to myself and envisioned what away games were left in the season.

"You're really trying to plan, aren't you?" she asked, biting her lip to hide her amusement.

"We'd have to beat Rose and Emmett," I said absently, as the doors opened to my floor.

Bella wrinkled her nose. "Ew."

"Just saying." I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as we walked to my front door and stepped inside. "We're going to New York next week. Think you can handle it?"

I watched her as I dropped the keys on the table in my entryway, placing my wallet and phone beside them. She was tracing her lips with her finger, deep in thought about something.

"Batting cages?" she asked.

My eyes widened. "What?"

"Well, we've done the showers and the water therapy room…"

I shook my head. "You amaze me."

Bella shrugged modestly and sauntered into the bedroom to pull down the sheets. I followed behind obediently and secretly very interested in more of this conversation.

Fine, maybe not secretly.

"Kitchen," I said, pulling my shirt over my head and replacing it with my pajama shirt.

Bella raised an eyebrow as she slipped under the covers. "Not bad." She tapped her fingers over her lips again. I lay down beside her and propped my head up on my hand.

"Elevator," she said, looking over to me for approval.

"Coach's office."


I grinned. "I'm nothing if not thorough."

"Broadcast booth?"

"No way."

"Why not?"

I snorted. "I respect those guys too much."

"And you don't respect your coach?"

"Let's just keep it underground for now."

Bella was snuggled against my body, fingers absently tracing the faded design on my t-shirt. "Fine. Dugout?"


"Your locker."

I stopped and stared at her. The blood, which had slowly been receding from my brain during this conversation, was now emptied all at once.

"Ooooh," she giggled, pushing my jaw closed with her finger. "You're easy."

I'll show you easy. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her against me. "Say it again."

"Say what?"

"Don't play coy with me."

Her eyes burned with the subtle confidence that drove me crazy. "Edward," she said in a low, clear voice.


"Will you make love to me in your locker."

Damn straight I would. At least I would try.

For now, we'd start with our bed.

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