Alright so this is a Randi/Purim One-shot I am creating here. It happens post-game where Randi goes to visit Purim and the scene turns lovey-dovey. Secret of Mana characters Square-Enix. Sicily Me. Spoilers are in this.

Background song is Comatose by Skillet.

Purim's and Randi's Love

The days past by and Purim doesn't talk to anyone about Dyluck or anything at all. No one understands her the way Dyluck did.

Purim then thinks "No one, but Randi and I don't know where he currently is."

Meanwhile with Randi, he started a search for a way to restore the Mana Tree. He didn't want to sacrifice any life but it seemed he had no choice. There was one other way and it required to find a female tribe member of the Tribe of Mana. He didn't have to marry her, just ask her if she would be the Mana Tree. Suddenly a girl walks up behind him. Randi's readies his personally made sword and turns around.

Randi says "Who are you?"

The Girl says "I am Sicily, your sister."

Randi was surprised to see he had a sister. She looked younger than him.

Sicily says "You want to restore the Mana Tree, right?"

Randi says "Would you be willing to become the tree?"

Sicily says "To make sure you're happy with Purim, absolutely."

Randi says "I never said that."

Sicily says "Yes, but I can read minds. It's a gift us female tribe members have."

Randi says "So that means you know that I love Purim. What if she never gets over Dyluck?"

Sicily says "Dyluck is one of the people who understand her but you are also one of them."

Randi smiles at this fact and says "Could I help her get over Dyluck?"

Sicily says "Yes."

Sicily's body lifted up into the air and floated down, planting itself where their mother once stood. As Randi stood watching, Sicily sprouted into a new and rejuvenated Mana Tree. Sprites all around the world began to reappear. They could feel life flowing through their entire being and they knew that Mana had been restored.

Randi raises his voice and shouts, "Mana has returned!" His sister lifts his voice into the air and carries it all around the world and joy is restored to the land upon hearing the great news.

In his excitement Randi fumbles for Flammie's favorite drum and shakes the toy above his head summoning her from above. He taps her on the side of the neck and voices, "Let's go see Purim, girl." Flammie wails in excitement as she takes to the skies and heads straight for Pandora.

Purim hears the flapping wings and Flammie's familiar voice through the walls of her house as Randi lands outside. As he knocks on the door Purim is already there to answer it.

The sight of Randi beings tears to her eyes as she leans in and wraps her arms around him.

Randi says "Is your dad home?"

Purim says "No but I heard you revived the mana tree. How did you do it?

Randi says "With help from a sister I didn't know I had." He then says "I love you just so you know."

Purim blushes. She hadn't heard those words in a long timeā€¦

Purim says "I love you too, Randi."

They start closing the gaps between their lips. When they meet, they finally kiss. Their kiss goes from a normal kiss to a passionate one. Then suddenly Purim's dad comes home and sees them kissing. He decides this couple is alright.

The end...'

Credit to Tarquinnff3 for the Remake of the Sicily becoming the New Mana Tree.