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Ricky stayed next to her locker and looked over the paper that was left in Amy's locker; it was indeed an invitation to Damien's party. The same party Ben was dragging him to. "She walks in one day dressed differently catching eyes and now people are inviting her to parties …" Ricky said to himself. He turned around towards the direction Amy went, "I have a bad feeling about this …" Ricky said to himself again before rushing off towards the lunchroom.

"Amy, hold up a minute would ya?" Ricky said trying to catch up to Amy.

"Why won't you go away?" Amy said annoyed.

"Did I do something?" Ricky asked confused.

"I don't know did you?" Amy asked frustrated.

Ricky shoved his hands in his pockets and ducked his head down, "You're not seriously mad about me taking that invite are you?" Ricky asked.

Amy rolled her eyes, frustrated that Ricky didn't get what she was mad about after pointing out the obvious, "Technically you didn't take the invitation, I threw at you."

"Alright whatever but you aren't going …" Ricky said

"Who died and made you my dad?" Amy said.

"Amy I'm just looking out for you, I told you, you have to do what I say." Ricky said.

"What does that have to do with going to … Darren's-"Amy said; "Damien's" Ricky interjected

"What does me going to Damien's party have to do with what we're involved in?" Amy asked.

Ricky took his hands out of his pocket and placed a hand on Amy's shoulder to stop her, "You're joking right? What happens at parties Amy?" Ricky asked

Amy flipped her bangs out of her face, "I don't know people go and hang out and have a good time and play games?"

Ricky licked his lips and looked Amy up and down, "What kind of games?" Ricky pressed.

"I-I don't know … board games and video games?" Amy said

"Try games that require an alcoholic beverage or some coke …" Ricky said

"So they play mixing games, big deal" Amy said completely missing the point; she attempted to make her way to the cafeteria.

Ricky stopped Amy before she could leave, "No … no, look Amy people don't make the best decisions at parties and they wind up doing a lot of stupid shit … stuff, and I don't want you to get involved in that." Ricky said.

"I'm going to have to get involved in it don't you think?" Amy asked.

Ricky couldn't believe what Amy had said, "No I don't think! Why would you say something like that?" Ricky asked.

"I-I just think it would be good for me to get out there since I'm going to be doing this thing with Mr. Clark and Grace … and you, maybe …" Amy said hesitantly.

"That doesn't mean you have to get involved!" Ricky shouted; he could barely contain his anger.

"Oh-Okay … Ricky I just-" Amy tried reasoning with Ricky but he wasn't having it.

"No, I knew this was a bad idea! You don't need to go to parties and act like every person you see! You don't need to wind up becoming a meth head or an alcoholic, it's not you! You just need to sit in your house and read your school books and do your homework like the good smart nice girl you are!" Ricky said angered.

"I don't need to do anything and for your information I never said that I was going to do drugs or drink! I am not stupid! You are, if you honestly think I would ever go so far as to drink and do drugs!" Amy said walking away from Ricky and entering the cafeteria.

Ricky ran his hands through his hair, frustrated that Amy was being so difficult with him. He ran into the cafeteria behind her, "I'm sorry!" Ricky yelled to Amy, Amy didn't listen; she proceeded to get her lunch and seat herself at a table.

Ricky skipped getting his lunch and sat himself down next to Amy, "I'm sorry, alright?" Ricky said.

"No not alright, get away from me." Amy said moving herself a seat over.

Ricky had moved himself a seat over so that he was back next to Amy, "I'm not going to leave you alone if you're going to put yourself at risk."

Amy turned herself towards Ricky, "How am I putting myself at risk? It's a stupid party, what's the worst that could happen?" Amy asked.

"It's a party with a lot of idiots involved with the wrong people." Ricky said hesitantly.

"What is it that you don't want me to know?" Amy asked.

Ricky slightly jerked his head back surprised by Amy's question, "What?" Ricky asked.

"What is it that you don't want me to know!? You obviously know something or else you wouldn't be acting so crazy when it comes to me going to a party." Amy said.

"Amy listen I know a lot of things and this is one of things I'm not sure I want you to know yet!" Ricky said.

"Okay Ricky look, if I go to this party then it can either be good or bad for our … our cause. I have to go to this party." Amy said.

"No you don't, you can do what Mr. C wants you to do here at school you don't need to get involved outside of school!" Ricky said.

"I'm going …" Amy said.

"You don't know the address." Ricky said smugly.

"That's okay because I'm sure my new friend Grace got invited … maybe even Madison and Lauren … I mean considering I got an invite … so I think I'll be okay with the address." Amy said proudly.

"I told you, you have to listen to me remember." Ricky said.

"I'll listen when you tell me what you're so concerned about but until then I'm going to do what I think is best." Amy said.

Ricky slammed his fist into the table and got up to go retrieve his lunch, Amy watched him with a cold stare as he walked to the lunch line to get his food. She pulled out her cell phone and began to text Grace wondering if she got the invite to Damien's party.

To: Grace

From: Amy

Hey Grace um … you didn't happen to get an invite to a party recently did you? Let me know k


Not even a minute later she got a response.

To: Amy

From: Grace

Amy! Yeah I did get an invite; it's to Damien's party. I don't know if I wanna go or not, Jack is going to be there and I think after what happened with Adrian it would be a little awkward seeing him. Why what's up? Did you get invited?


Amy quickly typed up her response

To: Grace

From: Amy

Yeah I did get an invite! I saw it in my locker on the way to lunch, Ricky is freaking out though he thinks it's dangerous or something … I know he means well but after what Mr. Clark said I think this it's a good opportunity to start … turning things around?


To: Amy

From: Grace

I understand where he's coming from … Amy you should take anything he has to say seriously; you and I both know he only wants what's best for you. Madison and Lauren got invites too you know. I told them they could go if they were comfortable enough in going but I told them to be cautious. Seriously this party is outside of school and there are no rules here so if someone hates you or has a problem with you they are likely to take it out on you at the party or after it depending on the circumstances. There's a bunch of stuff that happens at these parties that I honestly want to avoid myself.


To: Grace

From: Amy

Madison and Lauren got invites too? … I know he wants what's best for me but I wish I knew why he was being so protective. I know it's an outside event but if I can maybe get to know some people there maybe I can help them? If I can influence Ricky I can maybe influence them right? Madison and Lauren probably will go to the party so I think I'll go with them. But the party is the least of my worries right now, I just told Ricky I'm going whether he likes it or not and he's completely flipped and now I'm pretty sure he's going to ignore me the rest of the day. It's probably better that way.


To: Amy

From: Grace

Yes they got invites, if you think they're going to go I'm going to go with them and it sounds like you're going to go too so I'm definitely going. But remember Amy this isn't a party where people drink juice and play twister and board games. I just pray that you, Madison and Lauren can avoid experimenting; it's not worth it trust me. Maybe you should talk to Ricky it sounds like he's gone over the edge and I don't think it's best to leave him like that and go to the party especially since he'll be there.


Amy looked up from her phone after reading Grace's message and over to Ricky who was now seated eating his lunch far away from her. She pondered for a minute what she would say to him but then she thought to herself, why was he so mad that she wants to go to the party when he's going himself? She gathered what was left of her lunch and walked over to him, "So it's okay for you to go but it's not for me?" Amy asked sitting next to Ricky.

Ricky glanced over at her and ignored her, "You're going to talk to me eventually, you know …" Amy said starring at Ricky. Ricky looked straight ahead of himself trying to avoid looking at Amy but he couldn't go a whole minute without cracking.

"I thought you wanted me to go away …" Ricky said still keeping his eyes ahead of himself.

"I did want you to go away because you were being bossy and annoying and now I want you to talk to me." Amy said not taking her eyes off of Ricky.

"I wouldn't be like this if you would just listen to me …" Ricky said calmly.

"You haven't really given me a reason as to why I should listen to you." Amy responded.

"… it could get dangerous." Ricky said.

Amy Rolled her eye, "It's a party …" Amy responded quickly.

"Okay …" Ricky said restraining himself.

"Okay so if I go then I can probably get acquainted with some of the people there and maybe somehow encourage them to lead a better life … free of drugs and alcohol." Amy said

Ricky smirked and finally turned towards Amy, "You're so naïve … it's kind of cute." Ricky said locking eyes with Amy.

Amy was a bit bewildered by Ricky's comment, "um … are you insulting me or …" Amy said unsure of Ricky's comment.

"I don't know you tell me …" Ricky said casually; Ricky kept his gaze on Amy and Amy started to feel uncomfortable.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Amy asked.

"Like what?" Ricky responded casually.

"I-I don't know like … um … like you … maybe … for-forget it." Amy said facing forward so that's he wasn't looking at Ricky.

"Like you're something of value? Like maybe I care about you? Like maybe I like you more than I should?" Ricky asked weeding out the truth.

Amy took Ricky's words as a way to sweet talk her out of going to the party, "Ricky … I'm going to this party whether you like it or not. You're just gonna have to deal with that …"

"If you wanna go to the party … go. I'll be there anyway and I'm going to watch you everywhere you go; from the moment you get there till the moment you walk back in your house and walk up to your bedroom, I'll be there watching … looking at you just like the way I am now." Ricky said

"Why?" Amy asked giving up on her idea to change the subject.

Ricky sat for a moment pondering the next words to come out of his mouth, "What's it to you? You're still going to act like a stubborn brat …" Ricky said keeping the truth to himself.

"I'm not being stubborn about this; I just want to do what I can to help out!" Amy protested.

"I know you want to help out but there are other ways of doing that rather than getting involved with the wrong people!" Ricky said

Amy flipped her bangs out of her face and readjusted herself in her seat "Ricky I'm not going to sit here and go back and forth with you over a stupid party, I'm gonna be fine. Besides you said you're going right, so I know I'll have you there just in case something bad happens …"

"What makes you think I'm reliable?" Ricky asked.

"Gee I don't know maybe you just admitting to me that you're going to watch me the entire time I'm at the party and speaking of watching, why do you keep looking at me like that?" Amy asked noticing Ricky still had a peculiar look on his face.

"Doesn't matter … nothing matters, I just hope …" Ricky stopped mid-sentence, Amy could tell he was holding something back.

"You just hope what?" Amy asked concerned

"Forget it …" Ricky finished his lunch and got up from the lunch table to dispose of his lunch tray and pick up a trash bag to start trash duty.

Amy sat at the lunch table a little longer pondering over what Ricky was hiding; whatever the answer was it wasn't revealing itself to Amy. She decided to let things play out; she finished what she had left from lunch and got up, disposed of her lunch tray and grabbed a trash bag and started trash duty.

Ricky kept his distance all the while he and Amy were on trash duty; they shared momentary looks but they never said anything to one another, up until it was time to go back to Mr. Clark's class.

"So …" Amy said walking up behind Ricky who was leading the way back to Mr. Clark's class. Ricky glanced over his shoulder at her "So …"

"So are you … ready to finish our homework?" Amy asked gleefully trying to spark conversation.

Ricky smirked and picked up his pace, Amy stopped in the middle of the hallway and bit her lip. She knew he knew that she was trying to beat around the bush and make small talk.

"Come on!" Ricky shouted nearing Mr. Clark's classroom door.

Amy winced and ran to catch up to him, "I'm taking you to that party" Ricky said before he opened the door to Mr. Clark's room.

"But I'm supposed to …" Amy was going to protest the idea but she gave up knowing she wouldn't win that argument.

"You're supposed to go with Grace and your friends? You can meet them there but I'm taking you to and from that party." Ricky commanded.

"Oh-okay …" Amy said defeated.

"Aw there's my two faithful students, how was lunch?" Mr. Clark asked, sitting at his desk.

"It was … good?" Amy said uncertain of her answer.

"Mr. C … can we talk?" Ricky asked standing next to Amy.

"Uh … sure, is everything okay?" Mr. Clark asked, "Can we talk outside?" Ricky nodded towards the door.

"Sure … um Amy why don't you get started on your homework, we'll be just a minute." Mr. Clark said standing up from his desk heading for the door. Amy glanced back at Ricky as she walked towards her desk and watched Mr. Clark and Ricky step outside of the classroom.

"What's on your mind?" Mr. Clark asked as he and Ricky made their way out the room. Ricky shut the door and began to pace around before he answered. "I'm in …" Ricky said quietly.

"You're what?" Mr. Clark asked unsure of what he heard, "I'm in … only as long as Amy's in … if she's out I'm out, deal?" Ricky asked.

Mr. Clark examined Ricky wondering if he was serious, "You're sure about this? You have the weekend to figure out what you want to do; you don't need to give me an answer today."

"I'm sure …" Ricky answered, holding his head down rubbing the back of his neck.

Mr. Clark crossed his arms and began pacing around, "What made you change your mind?"

Ricky let out a small chuckle, "isn't it obvious?"

Mr. Clark glanced at his classroom door, "Does she know?"

Ricky ran a hand through his hair, "Know what?"

Mr. Clark uncrossed his arms and a huge grin appeared on his face, "Oh don't play dumb with me … did you tell her that … you know …" Mr. Clark said casually.

Ricky looked at Mr. Clark like he was crazy, "No I don't know … don't play games with me!" Ricky said.

Mr. Clark held his hands up, "Okay, okay calm down … did you tell her that you like her or what?"

"Okay stop just stop … I … I, it's not … I um look … it's complicated okay and besides now's not the best time and I'm not even sure about … that" Ricky said.

Mr. Clark placed his hands on his hips and let out a small chuckle "I think you're pretty sure about that, I don't see any other reason for you to change your mind so quickly other than that."

"Or maybe it's because she is extremely naïve and stubborn and she needs to be watched?" Ricky suggested.

Mr. Clark started nodding his head in agreement, "there's that too"

"Yeah … so maybe next time you should think about that before you go jumping to conclusion" Ricky said.

Mr. Clark nodded again, "Maybe … but Ricky you realize you're going to have to eventually fill me in on everything you know …"

Ricky looked back at Mr. Clark's door and pursed his lips, "I'm not sure I even want her to know … I don't want her to think any lower of me than she already does."

Mr. Clark stepped forward towards Ricky and put his hand on his shoulder, "look I doubt she thinks so low of you, and if she did you two would still be acting the way you were when you first came to my class. But I'm proud that you decided to go along with this and know that at any time if you want out, all you have to do is give the word." Mr. Clark said hoping to reassure Ricky of his decision.

"Yeah whatever … just remember as long as she's in it, I'm in." Ricky said.

Mr. Clark took his hand off of Ricky's shoulder and headed for his classroom and placed his hand on the door handle, "is it really just for her?"

Ricky looked over his shoulder at Mr. Clark, "no … I might wanna help a few people and take down a few others."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Mr. Clark asked

"I'll tell you everything … just not today." Ricky said.

Mr. Clark nodded and opened the door to his class, Amy was seated in her seat doing one of her assignments; she looked up when she heard the door open, "it looks like he's in." Mr. Clark said with a small smile on his face.

Ricky entered behind Mr. Clark; Amy looked puzzled, "why?" Amy asked.

Ricky walked over to his desk next to Amy, "I just am alright". Mr. Clark shook his head and let out a small chuckle, "he's mostly doing this for you, you know."

"You have got to be fucking kidding me …" Ricky said annoyed that Mr. Clark was once again outing him.

"Language Mr. Underwood, you wouldn't want any more days added on to your detainment when it's pretty much your last day in my class." Mr. Clark teased

Ricky ignored Mr. Clark's comment he took a pencil that he was using earlier to complete his assignments and began writing on the corner of one of his unfinished assignments.

"I'm taking you home after school"

The note read, Amy had her notebook on her desk; she tore a piece of paper from it and wrote back to Ricky.

"My mom is getting me"

Ricky looked over at Amy, after reading her response he opted to write her back but he felt he might get his point across if he had just spoke to her, "you're going to be a little late today …" Ricky said quietly.

"That better be homework related!" Mr. Clark said from his desk.

"Yeah … sorry" Ricky said.

Amy looked over at Ricky and snatched the note off his desk and started writing again,

"Why exactly am I going to be late?"

Amy handed the note back to Ricky,

"Because we need to talk :/"

To avoid any suspicion that they were passing notes to one another, Ricky pretended he was asking Amy a question about their homework and slipped the note on her desk.

"What do you want to talk about now? Couldn't you just tell me at lunch?"

Amy acted as if she were answering Ricky's question and put the note back on his desk.

"I just thought about it when we got back into class."

Ricky handed the note back to Amy still pretending to ask questions about their homework; Amy was going to continue along with passing notes to one another but Ricky was fed up, "Mr. C!" Ricky shouted.

Mr. Clark looked up from his computer screen, "something wrong?"

Ricky glanced over at Mr. Clark, "I guess you could say that …" Ricky said turning his attention back to Amy.

Mr. Clark stood up from his chair and sat on the front of his desk, "What seems to be the problem?"

"Amy …" Ricky answered.

Mr. Clark cocked his head to the side not sure what Ricky was getting at, "And what about Amy?"

Amy flipped her bangs out of her face, "Yeah what's wrong with me?"

"I don't think it's a good idea for you go to this party …" Ricky said crossing his arms.

Amy grunted, "Are you serious that's what you wanted to tell me after school? Is that why I was going to be a little late? What were you going to kidnap me and lock me somewhere until the party was over!? It's not that serious-" Amy was cut off mid-rant by Mr. Clark.

"What party?" Mr. Clark asked eagerly.

"It's some guy … Damien, he's throwing this party … he left me an invitation in my locker and Ricky doesn't think it's a good idea that I go but I think it would benefit what we're trying to do." Amy said.

Mr. Clark turned his full attention onto Ricky, "What exactly is wrong with her going to the party?"

Ricky looked between Mr. Clark and Amy and finally settled his attention on Amy, "I don't think she needs to get that involved with people to help out around the school."

"But you do realize that some involvement is required if we want to get a lead on who is doing what around the school don't you?" Mr. Clark asked.

Ricky looked up at Mr. Clark, "Yeah that's why you have me and Grace! We are involved, we know the ins and outs … well some of them. But you have us for that stuff you don't need to include her!" Ricky said turning his attention back to Amy.

Mr. Clark placed a hand on Ricky's shoulder, "I don't think you get what being in means Ricky … if you're in, you're contributing to the cause in some way and what Amy is suggesting is a way of contributing to our cause, so whether you like it or not her idea is good for us."

Ricky shrugged Mr. Clark's hand off of his shoulder, "it might be good for you but it's not to me and we only just found out about this plan of yours today … I don't think it's a good idea for Amy to try and jump in head first."

Mr. Clark pondered Ricky's words for a moment, "Okay … I see your point Ricky …"

Amy was surprised with Mr. Clark's response, "but it's an opportunity … I-I mean if I pass this up it might make me look bad and then people might think I'm to stuck up to go to parties."

"Don't you think you're being a little stuck up?" Ricky asked

Amy gawked at Ricky, "How am I being stuck up? I'm just saying that if I don't show up to this party people may think that I think I'm better than them or something."

Ricky rolled his eyes and let out a heavy sigh, "you gotta be kidding me, you show up to school looking like you do and you think you're Ms. Popular now?"

"That's not what I'm thinking I'm just trying to make sure people don't hate me so that it's not hard for me to get to know people!" Amy said.

Mr. Clark cleared his throat, "okay enough, Ricky is right Amy … you only just learned about our plan today and you're kind of jumping into something that may be too big for you. But Amy does have a very strong point about not wanting people to hate her … the point of this matter is to figure out who in this school is doing what so that we can weed them out and get this place cleaned up."

Ricky looked Mr. Clark up and down, "so what you're saying she should go?"

"I'm leaving this one up to the two of you … this is a big judgment call and I don't feel that you two have been in on this long enough for me to be saying what you should and shouldn't be doing regarding this matter." Mr. Clark said

Ricky looked back at Amy, "Fine then it's settled … you're not going."

"No, I'm going!" Amy demanded

Ricky was starting to become fed up with Amy arguing with him, "You're not going, Amy!"

Amy flipped her bangs out her face, "You were okay with me going at lunch!"

"That's because I was taking you" Ricky said.

A look of realization hit Amy's face, "So that's why you don't want me to go … because you can't take me?"

"That and because I don't think it's a good idea … Damien's parties always get wild and you don't need to get involved in that." Ricky said.

"Whatever Ricky … fine, I won't go." Amy said giving up arguing with Ricky.

Ricky took a deep breath and let it out relieving himself of any anger that had built up over arguing with Amy, "Good."

Amy mocked him, "good".

"Really?" Ricky asked thinking Amy was being childish.

Amy decided to mock him again, "Really"

"You two aren't going to do this for the rest of class, get the rest of your homework done." Mr. Cark said heading back to his desk.

For the rest of class Amy and Ricky finished up all of their late work; they managed to finish with 10 minutes to spare.

"Alright we're done" Amy said gathering all of her work and stacking it into a neat pile.

Ricky was attempting to gather his homework but he wound up making a big mess on his desk. "You need help there?" Amy asked.

Ricky pondered on responding but thought it best not to say anything; Amy started to help him anyway regardless of his silence, she took his papers from him and started to stack them in a neat pile. "Why are you helping me?" Ricky asked thinking Amy may be trying to go to the party by playing nice with Ricky.

"What I can't help you now?" Amy asked.

Ricky hesitated before answering, "I'm just thinking maybe you're going to try and be nice to me in the last few minutes we're in here to get me to take you to this party."

"No, I told you I'm not going and that's that." Amy said without hesitation.

Ricky relaxed back into his chair after hearing Amy's answer, "okay … if you say so."

Amy took their homework to the front of the room and handed it to Mr. Clark. "Nice job both of you … I hope you two enjoyed your stay in here." Mr. Clark said.

Amy was about to turn around and head back to her desk but stopped noticing Mr. Clark's statement, "Why are you making it seem like today's our last day? You know we still have Monday right?"

"You did still have Monday but I thought it best that you two start off your week in your original classes so today is going to be your last day in here." Mr. Clark said.

"You couldn't tell us this at the beginning of class?" Ricky asked sitting up in his seat.

Mr. Clark shrugged, "Since the two of you have already agreed to go along with our plan I see no reason to hold you over until Monday so after today you will be released from my class and set back to your regular schedule."

"So how are we supposed to meet up and talk?" Amy asked

"Every so often you will both be given passes to leave class during this time you will come here or the Principal's office and meet up with myself and Principal Miller. From there we will discuss what you have found out and what actions should be taken." Mr. Clark said

Amy looked back at Ricky and back towards Mr. Clark, "won't that look a little … suspicious?"

Mr. Clark nodded his head in agreement, "yes which is why we won't always be meeting during school. We will switch every so often and have our meetings either before school or after school … obviously none of your friends can know about these meetings …. We don't want any potential leaks."

Ricky grunted, Amy looked back at him again and then back to Mr. Clark, "well what about Grace?" Amy asked

"Grace is obviously included in the meetings; she has agreed to help us out with the situation so I see no reason why she shouldn't be there." Mr. Clark said.

Ricky stood up from his desk and started to walk to the front of the classroom keeping his eyes locked on Amy, "Alright you have the meeting stuff all settled but what if we get found out?"

Mr. Clark sat back in his chair and crossed his arms and took on a very serious expression, "if anyone happens to get caught then … we will do what we can to make sure no harm comes to that student … on school grounds."

"On school grounds … what about off school grounds?" Ricky asked.

"Our power of authority only reaches so far … you must understand that." Mr. Clark said.

"So we're safe so long as we're here but when we're outside of school it's do or die?" Ricky asked.

Mr. Clark began to rub his forehead, "I know this may seem even more dangerous now but you have to realize we can only do so much."

Amy looked between Ricky and Mr. Clark, "I understand … I said I'm in so I'm in."

Ricky looked over at Amy, he wasn't completely thrilled about her answer but he knew there was no way of talking her out of it, "Me too … I'm in regardless …"

"Be sure to fill Grace in on all of this … and I trust whoever goes to the party will have some information for us come Monday?" Mr. Clark asked.

"Yeah I'll try to find something out and I'm pretty sure Grace will ask around too." Ricky said.

"Wait … how are we supposed to know when we're meeting?" Amy asked.

Mr. Clark grinned hearing Amy's question, "good question, after school check your lockers for notes. Deborah is going to be placing them in your lockers … is there anything else you want to know?"

Amy looked up at the clock noticing that there were only 3 minutes left until school was out, "I-I … I guess we won't be seeing that much of each other anymore"

"Don't worry about that we'll still being seeing a lot of each other." Mr. Clark said.

"Oh … well I-I guess we just won't be in here anymore … if it wasn't for being here and meeting you and things happening the way they did … I probably would still be that girl that just sat in the back corner of class avoiding everything around except my two best friends." Amy said.

Mr. Clark got up from his desk and walked around and gave Amy a quick hug. "If you're worried about taking the new you out into the school hallways I can assure you that you will be just fine. Just don't forget who you are and your priorities and values." Mr. Clark said.

Amy smiled, "I won't … thank you"

Mr. Clark walked over to Ricky, "Don't even think about trying to give me a hug" Ricky said.

Mr. Clark smiled and held out his hand, "well if I can't have a hug then I guess a hand shake will do."

Ricky held out his hand and shook Mr. Clark's hand, "geez you would think we weren't going to see each other again" Ricky said sarcastically, not even a minute later the bell rung signaling the end of the school day.

"You just make sure you keep your eyes on her (Amy)." Mr. Clark said winking at Ricky.

"Alright well … I guess we'll be seeing you around …" Ricky said letting go of Mr. Clark's hand and heading back to his desk to gather his belongings.

Amy headed back to her desk and got all of her stuff ready, "thanks again Mr. Clark."

"You're welcome Amy; I'll see the two of you Monday! … Oh before I forget please try and avoid fighting with each other all the time especially in class. You two fight like an old married couple and I'm pretty sure you're teachers have enough of that as is and I wouldn't want to see you two wind up in trouble … again! Also Ricky … watch that profanity!" Mr. Clark said.

Ricky smirked, Amy smiled "alright" Amy said, both Amy and Ricky walked out of Mr. Clark's classroom and were about to start walking to the front of the school but Amy stopped Ricky mid-step.

"Something wrong?" Ricky asked facing Amy.

"No I was just wondering if you would take me home." Amy said smiling at Ricky.

Ricky was surprised by the question, "You want me to take you home?"

"Yeah I'm sure my mom won't mind … I'll just let her know I'm going with you when we get out there." Amy said

Ricky hesitated before giving Amy an answer, "You sure she's not going to have a problem with it? I don't want to cause you any more problems than I already have."

"I'm sure she's going to be okay with it … besides we're going to be right behind her so it shouldn't matter too much." Amy said

Ricky shrugged, "Okay whatever you want."

"Alright … um so … let's go." Amy said getting ready to head towards the front of the school until someone called her name.

"AMY!" someone yelled from across the hall.

Amy looked around to see who was calling her, she didn't recognize the voice.

Simon Marter appeared from a group of people and ran over to Amy, "Amy hey!"

"Oh hey … you're … Simon right?" Amy asked remembering that she spoke to him earlier that day in the hallway.

Simon's face flushed, "yeah-yeah ... Simon … um so listen, I heard that you got invited to Damien's party and I was just wondering if you maybe wanted to go together or something?"

Amy might've changed her clothes but her nerves had not yet fully changed, "um … well … it-it's just …. Um" Amy said trying to figure out what to say to Simon. Because she's been so distant towards practically everyone in high school she was never seen by many boys as being attractive so she was never asked out.

Simon saw that Amy was possibly going to have a nervous breakdown, "hey no pressure we can go as friends." Simon suggested.

Amy took a deep breath and gathered her thoughts before speaking, "actually I'm not even sure I can go. There's something going on with my family right now and I might be leaving town for the weekend so …" Amy looked behind her expecting to see Ricky and she did only she saw him speaking to another girl in a more than friendly manner. "Actually you know what … I might be able to go um … I'll let you know?" Amy said.

"Yeah cool uh … here I'll give you my phone number …" Simon took out a piece of paper and began to write his number down. "Just give me a call or text me and we can figure something out." Simon said handing the paper to Amy.

"Alright thanks … um hopefully I see you on Saturday then." Amy said still reeling from nerves.

Simon's face had turned cherry red, "yeah hopefully … alright I guess I'll see you around then" Simon said running off down the hall.

Ricky was still in conversation with the girl Amy had seen him with before, he was rubbing his hand up and down her arm and the girl was giggling like a lunatic. She opted to walk over and interrupt their conversation, up until she saw the girl go in for a kiss. Ricky didn't even flinch when the girl went to kiss him and what looked like it could be a small peck turned into a make out session. Amy was more than certain she didn't want to stay for the show so instead of waiting for Ricky she hurried down the hallway past a crowd of people until Ricky was out of sight.

She started to make her way towards the front of the school by herself and just get a ride home with her mom but she ran into Grace in the hallway and soon after Madison and Lauren.

"Hey!" Grace exclaimed happily

"Hey" Amy said walking up to hug Grace.

Madison came up behind Amy and gave her a hug, "hey Amy!"

As soon as Amy released Madison Lauren was right there waiting for her turn, "hey Amy!"

Amy took a deep breath and tried not to think about Ricky and the mystery girl, "Hey guys … so how … was your day?"

"Oh you have no idea it was probably like the best day we'll ever have here; we all got invited to a party!" Madison said beginning to squeal.

Grace grinned but could not shake the look of concern, "that's great right Amy?"

Amy could see that Grace was concerned with Madison and Lauren going to the party, "yeah that's wonderful I'm-I'm so happy for you guys …" Amy said dully.

Lauren looked concerned about Amy after she didn't share their excitement, "what's wrong Amy? Didn't you get invited?"

Amy flipped her bangs out of her face, "um yeah … sorry, today has just been a little crazy … I guess." Amy said looking at Grace.

Grace nodded in agreement obviously understanding what Amy meant, "yeah I know what you mean … so what's going on?"

"Nothing … it's nothing … um yeah I got invited to the party um I got a guy's phone number and … today was my last day in ISS …" Amy said casually.

Madison and Lauren nodded at first not realizing Amy had mentioned that today was her last day in ISS but Grace caught on, "wait today was your last day in ISS I thought you were in until Monday!" Grace said eagerly.

"Wait Oh my God you're out of ISS?" Madison asked shocked.

Lauren winced when she realized she missed Amy's announcement of being out of ISS, "Why aren't you freaking out? I mean it's like you just got released from prison ..."

Madison nodded in agreement, "Yeah I mean you should be thrilled … you don't have to sit in a room by yourself with Ricky and that one teacher what's his name?"

"Mr. Clark …" Amy said smiling.

"Yeah him … you know this is perfect … we can all go to the party and celebrate your freedom." Madison suggested.

Grace and Amy both gave Madison and Lauren small smiles, "yeah um … that doesn't sound like a bad idea …" Amy said.

Grace winced, "What?"

Amy shrugged, "Why not let's go … I mean hey, how often are we going to get invited to parties?"

Madison and Lauren were holding each other squealing, "We can wear another one of our new outfits." Madison said eagerly.

"There you are!" Ashley said walking up behind Madison and Lauren.

"Oh hey Ashley" Amy said.

"Hey yourself … mom's waiting for you." Ashley said

Grace turned towards Ashley, "hi I'm Grace I don't think we've met each other yet … it's nice to meet you. Um Amy I'm taking these two home … if you want I can drop you off?"

Ashley looked at Amy then back at Grace, "Nice to meet you Grace and I'm pretty sure my mom will be okay with that … I'll see you at home Amy." Ashley said leaving without even considering if Amy wanted to ride home with Grace.

Grace looked at Amy, "your sister is pretty pushy …"

Amy rolled her eyes, "yeah she can be … oh um if we're gonna go can we go now … I'm kind of avoiding Ricky."

"Why are you avoiding Ricky? Did something happen …" Lauren asked.

Amy crossed her arms, "I-I'm not sure but I really don't want to talk to him right now …"

Grace noticed Ricky was making his way down the hall and he wasn't alone, "why is he with Becky Streinhard?"

Madison and Lauren both turned around simultaneously to see what Grace was talking about; Amy looked over at him and the mystery girl who she now knew as Becky. "So that's his make out buddies name …" Amy said quietly

"What, He made out with her in front of you?! After the big fuss he made about you talking to other guys?! He thinks it's okay to just make out with other girls right in front of you?" Grace exclaimed angered by Ricky's actions.

Amy flipped her bangs, "yeah well … what can I do about it … it's like recently he's been very pushy and bossy and he's always telling me what to do. I'm not even 100% sure I can get into this party since he doesn't want me to go … I don't understand why."

Grace couldn't help but feel guilty knowing why Ricky wouldn't want her to go; "But that's stupid! Who does he think he is your father?! What gives him the right to just boss you around like that!?" Madison said while Lauren nodded in agreement.

"Amy … you said you got somebodies number right?" Grace said.

Amy started to look through her bag for the paper that Simon had wrote on, "yeah um … Simon Marter? Here look …" Amy said pulling out the paper and handing it to Grace.

Grace took the piece of paper that Simon had wrote his number on, "did he ask you to the party?"

Amy started nodding, "Yeah but … I didn't exactly give him an answer about going or not since I thought Ricky was watching my every move but … you know how that turned out."

Grace flung her arms in the air, "so wait you mean to be telling me he started making out with that … that … skank because you were talking to Simon again?"

"We-well I'm not sure but he was talking to me before Simon called me in the hallway and then I started talking to Simon and I thought Ricky was right there but I guess … not." Amy said slowly.

"So he just made out with her because he was jealous?" Lauren asked.

Grace huffed, "He is the biggest jerk here! You know what it's okay Amy … you're going to call Simon and we're all going to this party on Saturday."

"Yeah that'll show him he can't boss you around and he can't control who you date." Madison said with an evil grin.

Amy looked back over to Ricky again and noticed he stopped in the middle of the hallway to once again make out with Becky, "Fine, whatever … I wasn't really certain I was going to the party anyway since he was oh so against it … but now I don't care what he thinks … I'm more than sure I'm going."

Grace handed the paper back to Amy, "Good then it's settled we're going to go and have a good time and he is just going to have to deal with that … now let's go before he spots you."

Grace, Madison, Lauren and Amy each headed for the front of the school and towards the student parking lot to leave for the day. Ricky was still very invested in his time with Becky and their make out sessions.

"I really have to go …" Ricky said seductively.

Becky placed her arms around Ricky, "Aw why? I'm enjoying making out with you in school hallways … it's so nice you know. Not having to worry about Adrian coming up and ruining everything for us …"

Ricky nodded and leaned in for another kiss, "yeah … so I'll see you Saturday night then right?"

"Yes sir and don't worry sometimes I like to go …" Becky leaned in towards Ricky's left ear, "commando"

Ricky smirked, "sounds interesting … well then …" Ricky leaned in for another kiss, "see you Saturday.

Becky unwrapped her hands from around Ricky's neck, "See you Saturday then … oh by the way … good job fooling everyone that you were so love struck on Amy Juregens you even had me fooled. I was pretty sure you two were secretly dating." Becky turned around and walked down the hall and Ricky slowly came to the realization that he had lost sight of Amy.

"Amy … OH SHIT AMY!" Ricky yelled looking around the hallway for Amy, he rushed towards the front of the school to see if he could spot her anywhere but she was nowhere to be found. He quickly made his way to the student parking lot to see if she might be waiting by his car, she wasn't there. Then he noticed Grace's Chevy Malibu and a few feet away he spotted Amy and Grace along with Amy's friends he ran over to meet up with them.

"Amy!" Ricky hollered from across the parking lot.

Grace turned towards Amy, "Amy get in the car I'll handle this."

Amy grunted and opened the passenger door to Grace's car and got in, Madison and Lauren stood behind Grace to support her; "What do you want?" Grace said coldly as Ricky ran up to her car.

"I'm supposed to be taking Amy home …" Ricky said casually.

Grace crossed her arms, "was that before or after you decided to make out with Becky Streinhard in front of her? God what is with you? You think that you can just go around messing with all these girls and not pay for it?"

Ricky winced at Grace's attitude, "what, she was talking to that Simon guy so what's wrong with me getting a little friendly with someone else?"

"Are you stupid or something?" Madison asked leaning back against the back of Grace's car.

"You can't just expect to make out with someone like that, in front of a girl; especially a girl that mind you, you made pretty obvious that you like!" Lauren said

Ricky's couldn't help but feel angered by Madison and Lauren's spite against him, "What the hell do you know, don't sit back there and judge me like you know me."

"Well you know it's not that hard to get to know someone with a reputation like yours." Grace said.

Ricky tried to get around Grace to see Amy but Grace stepped in front of him, "Just let me talk to Amy." Ricky said.

Grace softly pushed Ricky back, "She doesn't want to see you now get lost!"

Ricky held his hands up to restrain himself; "do not put your hands on me …"

Instead of backing away Grace stood up to Ricky, "then walk the other way."

Ricky looked around trying to find a way to get past Grace, he spotted Jack walking to his truck a few feet away and decided to call him over, "Yo Jack!"

Jack jerked his head around looking to see who called him; he spotted Ricky waving at him over by Grace's car; "Hey what's up?!"

"Come here for a second!" Ricky hollered.

Grace looked over at jack then back at Ricky and rolled her eyes, "what are you doing?"

Ricky looked back at Grace as Jack ran over from his truck, "I'm getting you out of my way."

"What's going on guys?" Jack asked as he walked up to Grace's car.

"Nothing much … aren't you going to invite Grace to go along with you to Damien's party?" Ricky asked.

Jack looked between Ricky and Grace noticing something was up, "Okay what's really going on here?"

Grace looked at Jack for a second trying to figure out how to answer his question and then she turned back to Ricky, "nothing Jack … and Ricky you should know I wouldn't go to a party with someone that would probably cheat on me the first chance he gets."

Jack rubbed the back of his head, "Come on Grace I thought we were past that … I told you I was drunk when it happened."

Grace took all of her attention off of Ricky and completely turned towards Jack, "were you drunk when you met up with Adrian the next weekend to?"

Ricky took the opportunity to move past Grace and head for the passenger side of Grace's car. Before he could get close Madison and Lauren stepped in his way, "just because you got past her doesn't mean you're going to get past us!" Madison said

"Yeah Amy is our best friend and we're not going to let a jerk like you hurt her." Lauren said with a stern look.

Ricky took a second to weigh his options on how to get passed the girls before he said anything, "hey you know I know those guys you were talking to earlier and I hear that they're pretty strung up on you …"

"Don't even think about tricking us buddy, I told you you're not getting past us." Madison said crossing her arms.

Ricky started to back away, "okay they really wanted to get to know you two but I guess you don't feel the same."

Madison jerked forward and grabbed Ricky's arm, "WAIT!"

Lauren stepped closer to Ricky, "You better be telling the truth because if you're not then I'm going to personally find you and hurt you."

Ricky squirmed to break free of Madison's grip "I'm telling the truth, look all you gotta do is let me by and I'll make sure you hear from them again."

Madison stepped back from Ricky and closer to Lauren, "how do we know you're not lying?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah how do we know you even know them?" Madison asked.

"Are you kidding me it's me, I know people. Look you either get outta the way or you'll never hear from those boys from earlier again." Ricky threatened.

Madison began to pout, "Oh alright, but if you hurt Amy I swear to god I will hurt you!"

"I'm already tempted to hurt you as is but I'll let you by but like Madison said if you hurt Amy I swear …" Lauren said holding her fist up to Ricky.

Ricky pushed past Madison and Lauren, "yeah whatever you're going to hurt me, thanks."

Amy opened up her door before Ricky could get to it, "I don't want to talk to you and I don't wanna ride home from you. You can leave now …" Amy said.

Ricky walked closer to Amy, "What the hell is your problem?"

"My problem is you, now go home or go with that girl you were with, just get away from me." Amy said.

Ricky started shaking his head, he was more than eager to just go into an all-out yelling match with Amy but he owed it to himself to contain his anger, "so that's really what this is about you being mad at me because I was with someone else? What about you huh? Weren't you getting all cozy with that Simon kid?"

Amy threw her bag in the back seat and got out of the car, "No I wasn't he was just being nice to me and making conversation!"

Ricky stepped closer to Amy, "So what, were you being nice to him and making plans for later?"

Amy flung her arms in the air, "What do you care? You're the one that went off and found a new friend to make out with so what's it to you!?"

Ricky started to snicker, "I wouldn't of found my new …" Ricky started to make quotations with his fingers, "friend if you hadn't of blown me off for that Simon guy!" Ricky started to raise his voice.

Amy flipped her hair out of her face, "Oh so that's it then you were jealous because I was talking to someone else and you decided that it was okay to just go and make out with someone? I was only talking to him, I don't even know him!" Amy responded slightly raising her voice.

"Oh bull shit Amy; you were putty in his hands the minute you heard him calling you!" Ricky yelled.

"You know what? SCREW YOU! I don't even know why I'm arguing with you about this … I just realized I don't really care. So-so why don't you take yourself back over to your car and go home because I'm done talking to you.

Ricky started shaking his head furiously, "No, no, no we're not done talking yet!"

Amy stepped back towards Grace's car, "Well I guess that sucks for you because I'm finished talking to you."

Amy had opened the passenger side door and got in the car she was ready to slam the door until Ricky came up and held the door open. "I said we aren't finished talking!"

Meanwhile Grace and Jack were continuing their argument behind the car and Madison and Lauren were stuck between the two watching both Amy and Ricky and Grace and Jack fight.

"Jack you're an ass hole! You cheated on me after I told you how I felt about cheaters!" Grace exclaimed.

Jack turned around and threw a quick punch in the air to relieve some of his frustration, "I made a mistake Grace what more do you want me to say, I'm sorry!"

Grace rubbed her hands through her head, "Oh you're sorry? You're sorry?! IN ORDER TO BE SORRY YOU HAVE TO HAVE FEELINGS AND LAST TIME I CHECKED CHEATERS DON'T HAVE FEELINGS!"


Grace shook her head, "No you don't because if you loved me you wouldn't have fucked Adrian!" Grace turned around, "lord forgive me for that awful word."

Jack walked around Grace so that she was once again facing him, "I screwed her the first time because I was drunk and the second time she told me that if I didn't sleep with her again she was going to tell you that I was willingly cheating on you with half the girls in school."

Grace shrugged, "Oh gee thanks for telling me that Jack but honestly I wouldn't find it hard to believe that you were cheating on me with half the girls in school. I mean you cheated on me so easily with Adrian so … I don't know Jack, this really isn't looking good for you."

"Oh … my … fucking god, what the hell is wrong with you?" Jack asked fed up with Grace's behavior.

Grace started stepping forward towards Jack, "What's wrong with me? What's wrong with me Jack, is you! I WAS PERFECTLY FINE UNTIL YOU WALTZED OVER HERE THINKING WE STILL HAVE SOMETHING GOING …" Grace started to slap Jack on his chest, "AND DON'T YOU FUCKING USE THE LORDS NAME IN VANE!"

Jack grabbed Grace's arms and held her in place, "I'm going to show you I'm in love with you and I'm going to make you believe me." Jack grabbed Grace's face and leaned in to kiss her.

Madison put her hand over her heart, "Oh … I hope my first boyfriend cares about me as much as he does her"

Lauren looked over at Madison and rolled her eyes, "Oh please …"

"OH COME ON AMY!" Ricky hollered at the top of his lungs stunning both Madison and Lauren.

Amy got out of Grace's car again and tried to walk away, only Ricky made sure she didn't go anywhere, "just go home Ricky! Grace, can we go now … please?"

Grace and Jack were so busy with their intimate kiss that they forgot they were out in public around people. Grace pulled back from the kiss and looked at Jack and then over to Amy remembering she was initially trying to keep Ricky away from Amy, "Oh … wait, Ricky get the hell away from my car!"

Jack looked over at both Amy and Ricky, "Woah he's pretty pissed … is something going on between those two?"

Grace looked between Jack and Ricky, "Look Jack … I'll call you later … or something um you know what hold on I'll be right back." Grace said running over to Ricky and Amy to try and help with their situation.

Madison and Lauren were both yelling at Ricky, "You need to get away from her now!" Madison said.

"Don't even think about coming near her again!" Lauren yelled.

"Fuck off!" Ricky yelled at Madison and Lauren

"Ricky please just go home and leave me alone", Amy said.

Grace walked up to Ricky, "Ricky you need to leave like now!"

Jack walked up behind Grace and moved her out the way, "come on bro, it's time to go." Jack said shoving Ricky back.

Ricky tried to fight Jack off and failed miserably, "No don't touch me I'm not done talking to her yet!"

Jack looked back towards Grace, "You guys may want to get outta here now …"

"Thanks Jack … I'll uh call you later okay …" Grace said.

Ricky continued to try and fight Jack off, "Get the hell off of me Jack!"

"No can do buddy …" Jack said, "Grace take your friends and leave now … and I'll talk to you later."

Amy, Madison, Lauren and Grace each piled into Grace's car and left the school.

Jack finally let go of Ricky, "What the fuck are you doing Jack?!"

Jack put both his hands in his pockets, "Saving you from possibly ruining a good future relationship that I know you want."

Ricky tried to take a swing at Jack, "Woah dude calm down man … it's over she's gone. Chill out!" Jack said backing away from Ricky.

"Don't ever get in my way again …" Ricky said

Jack took a step back, "alright dude sorry but you were acting a little crazy, you were freaking the girls out."

Ricky started to pace around the area where Grace's car used to be parked, "Amy makes me so damn crazy! How is she going to tell me that she wants me to give her a ride home and then talk to some other guy and then freak out on me when I'm … talking to another girl?!"

Jack shook his head and started snickering, "that's what this is all about? Amy talking to another guy made you freak out this much … look dude if you like her so much why don't you just ask her out?"

Ricky stopped and turned towards Jack, "it's not like that alright, stop assuming things …"

Jack began to snicker again, "yeah sure you keep telling yourself that."

Ricky stepped closer to Jack, "what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Dude don't act like you don't know what's going on here …" Jack waited for Ricky to react but Ricky stood motionless before him with a blank expression, "alright look we've been boys for a while and after all the time I've spent with you I have never seen you act so crazy because of a girl. Hell I don't even think I've ever seen you act like that towards Adrian and you and I both know you guys used to fight about the dumbest stuff all the time … but you always somehow managed to keep your cool. But after seeing that happen with that Amy girl, I don't know man either it's me or you're seriously falling … hard."

Ricky looked away from Jack, "you don't know what you're talking."

"Alright whatever you say, I'm just saying … there's nothing wrong with falling for someone." Jack said.

Ricky shook his head, "whatever dude I'm me and you're you, I don't fall for anyone I just … you know get to know them a little and move onto the next one; and you … you have Grace, you two have been a thing for like … ever!"

"So what … just because you sleep around you can't settle down?" Jack asked.

"You know my story besides I'm still young who has time to settle down … I'm going home … I'll catch you tomorrow right?" Ricky said heading back towards his car.

"Yeah tomorrow … don't be late!" Jack yelled as Ricky was walking away from him.

"How can I, Ben's taking me remember?" Ricky said he got into his car and drove off leaving school.

Amy, Madison, Lauren and Grace were still reeling from the huge argument they had with Ricky and Jack in the parking lot.

Grace was looking between both rearview mirrors, "Ugh god he is such a piece of shit!"

Amy sat next to Grace in the passenger seat; she was rubbing her forehead trying to relieve tension in her head, "yeah well now you see what I have to deal with every day."

Madison leaned over Amy's seat, "Amy if you've been dealing with this for the past two weeks, why haven't you said anything?

Amy turned around, "What was I supposed to say; oh hey you know Ricky is a bossy jerk every day and he's an overprotective psycho?"

"Amy we just wanna make sure you don't have to deal with that all the time." Lauren said.

Madison nodded agreeing with Lauren, "We just wanna make sure he doesn't hurt you."

"Don't worry guys he won't hurt her … if it's one thing I know about Ricky it's that he doesn't really get emotionally invested in things unless he really cares about them. He likes Amy; it's no secret, so he won't hurt her no matter what the circumstances are." Grace said.

"You really think he likes me? He treats me like crap sometimes … I don't think he really likes me. Either I'm blind or I'm completely missing what you and Mr. Clark are seeing." Amy said.

Grace looked over at Amy and back to the road, "Amy please, don't even try to play the clueless card. I know you know he likes you and I know something is definitely going on with you two because he NEVER acts like that with any girl … even Adrian!"

"There's nothing going on between me and Ricky …" Amy said a little unsure of her words.

Madison and Lauren both exchanged a look, "Amy … you're kind of a bad liar." Madison said.

"Come on Amy spill it what's going on with you and Ricky?" Grace asked.

Amy flipped her bangs, "it's nothing … what about you and Jack? I saw the two of you in the parking lot …"

Madison put her hand over her heart thinking about Grace and Jack's argument, "Oh Grace … even I could tell that he really cares about you … and I don't know a lot about boys or relationships … that was just so sweet." Madison said

"Yeah I have to agree with Madison Grace … Jack really does mean business." Lauren said.

"Whatever that was just … that was just … that was whatever! Don't change the subject, Amy what the heck happened?" Grace said.

Amy laid her head by the window, "he kissed me …"

Grace slammed on the brakes, "WHAT!?"

Madison and Lauren sat in the back seat stunned, "wait when!? How!? WHY!?" Madison and Lauren said simultaneously.

Amy covered part of her face with one of her hands to hide her embarrassment, "I don't know … it just kind of happened, he came over to my house one night … it was the day you first dropped me off at my house Grace … anyway he came over and he said he would start yelling if I didn't come outside and obviously if he starts yelling he's going to wake up my parents and they were going to freak out …" Amy took a deep breath, "so I went downstairs and we sort of talked … well actually he apologized about Adrian and then he said something stupid … I think and then I started going off about something and he just kind of walked up to me and kissed me …"

Madison had her hand over her heart again, "I think I'm going to have a heart attack …"

"You just let him kiss you like that?! Did you try to fight it? Was it good?" Lauren asked bombarding Amy with questions.

"I didn't know what to do, I didn't really see it coming … literally, I was about to walk back in my house because I was mad and I was going off on him and he just kind of came up behind me and he kissed me and I didn't fight it … well I mean I tried to fight it but … he was holding me and then he just kind of hugged me while he was kissing me and I couldn't help but calm down; I didn't know what to do …" Amy said.

Madison acted as if she were fainting in the back seat, Lauren couldn't help but look at her like she was crazy, "wait you said it was the same day I dropped you off right?" Grace asked.

Amy looked over at Grace, "yeah …"

Grace looked around to make sure no one was around her before she started driving again, "how did he know you went home?"

Amy never really took the time to think about Grace's question, she pondered for a second before she responded, "I never thought about that … well it was late so he probably assumed that I was home … or he probably followed you home to make sure you got me back okay and then waited a few hours and decided to come over..."

Lauren leaned back in her seat and looked out the window, "wow … that's actually pretty sweet of him."

Grace looked in her rearview mirror at both Madison and Lauren, "Amy … if everything we've just gone over hasn't made you realize that Ricky might actually like you then … I'm sorry hun but you're kind of naïve."

Amy looked out her window, "yeah well if he liked me so much then why would he make out with someone right in front of me?"

No one responded to Amy's question because they had no real answer for her, the ride home from then on was quiet; Grace dropped Madison and Lauren off first and was halfway to Amy's house before she said anything.

"So I guess the coast is clear now … so what's going on with the plan?" Grace asked.

Amy lifted her head up and looked at Grace and came to the realization that she needed to fill Grace in on what was going on, "Oh yeah, God I'm so sorry, I'm just so distracted you know … uh … um yeah anyway the plan. So Mr. Clark says that we will have meetings here and there during school and sometimes after school and before school. He says that the front desk woman, Deborah is going to leave notes in our lockers so that we know when to meet up. Um … if we have a meeting during school then we'll be given passes to get out of class … oh and if we go to this party we can't have too much fun, Mr. Clark and I think it's a good idea to find out some information on who's doing what in the school. Obviously Ricky is going but … you know him he might get carried away so yeah … I guess that's everything."

"Wow okay cool … um then I guess the party is the first real time we're working to better this place?" Grace asked.

Amy nodded, "yeah I guess so … it should be interesting … I'm actually really nervous."

Grace had pulled up at Amy's house, "yeah I'd be nervous too or … actually I was nervous the first time I showed up to one of these parties but … just keep a level head and stay above the influence and you'll be fine. So you know what we're going to do right?"

"We're all going to the party together?" Amy asked confused.

Grace smiled, "yeah we're all going to the party together of course but you're going to call Simon and have him as your date and …"

Amy caught onto what Grace was thinking and finished her sentence for her, "you're going to call Jack and have him as your date?"

"Yeah … only you and Simon are more of a ploy … to make Ricky jealous." Grace said grinning.

Amy started gathering her things, "um I don't think that's a good idea … it's bad enough I'm going to the party and I know he is going flip out about that."

Grace shrugged, "who cares he needs to realize what he's missing out on so we're going to show him."

"Wait … why are you trying to set me up with Ricky? I'm not even sure if I like him …" Amy admitted.

"Oh trust me Amy … I know this might sound crazy but I've seen this and when two people fight like an old married couple … it's usually because they really like each other. So you may not realize it but I think you really like Ricky." Grace said.

Amy rolled her eyes, "Alright … um I'm going to go now and I will see you tomorrow?"

Grace nodded, "yes you will … oh hey make sure you wear one of your new outfits and curl your hair again; I swear curls look amazing on you!"

Amy smiled, "Alright … I'll see you tomorrow."

Grace waved to Amy as she got out of her car, "bye Amy … oh yeah and call Simon … TODAY and make sure you tell him that he's going to be riding with us!"

Amy started walking back to her house, "alright I'll see you tomorrow"

Grace drove off with a huge smile on her face; Amy walked in and threw her stuff down on the couch and pulled out Simon's number and decided to give him a call. After brief conversation Simon was overjoyed Amy was accepting his request on taking her to the party although they were tagging along with Grace, Jack and her friends, he was more than thrilled to be going with Amy. Following their conversation Amy sent out a text to Grace letting her know that they were all set for the party tomorrow; she ran upstairs to pick out which outfit she would be wearing to the party. She decided that she would go with the black and grey stripe HACCI DLM shirt paired with black skinny jeans and for her shoes she chose her Distressed D ring booties.

Now that she was all set for tomorrow she couldn't help but worry about what Ricky might do when she gets there, "ugh … I'm not going to let him talk me out of being there if he says anything to me I'll just stand up to him and tell him to … I'll just … I'll just tell him to … ugh forget it." Amy said throwing her hands in the air.

She decided that for the rest of the day she was just going to take it easy and try not to think too much about the party tomorrow or Ricky for that matter.


The morning passed quickly, no matter how much Amy prayed for time to slow down it seemed to only go by faster. "Ugh it's already 6 … where did the time go?" Amy said to herself rubbing her head.

Amy's phone started buzzing; she checked her caller id and noticed it was Grace, "hello?" Amy said picking up the phone.

"Hello yourself … you haven't been answering any of my text!" Grace said.

Amy checked her phone to see if she had any new text messages to her surprise she had 14 new messages, "wow sorry … I wasn't really near my phone."

"For the whole day … God I thought you were ignoring me or something … you're not freaking out about going to the party tonight right?" Grace asked

Amy started rubbing her head again, "maybe …"

"… alright well snap out of it if you make yourself really nervous and go to the party like that … they'll eat you up and spit you out like it's nothing. You have to keep a level head … and show that you can't be wooed so easily. It's always the nervous girls that get drunk the quickest … trust me … I know." Grace said.

"Alright … alright … I'll try and psyche myself out or something … you know the funny thing is I'm not really worried about going to the party as much as I am worried about Ricky seeing me there." Amy said.

"Oh please he won't do anything if he knows what's good for him … anyway, have you started getting dressed yet?" Grace asked.

Amy looked around her room for her clothes, "yes and no?"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Grace asked.

Amy rolled her eye, "it means that I've got something picked out but I still have to take a shower and throw my clothes on."

Grace grunted into the phone, "Alright fine don't take too long though I'm gonna be at your house by 8! So be ready oh yeah and we're taking Jack's truck …"

"Um … okay …" Amy said unsure of what to say.

"When is Simon going to get there?" Grace asked.

"Uh … um I think he said he'll be here by 7:45 so … yeah I should probably go jump in the shower now, I still have to do my hair and that takes forever to dry." Amy said.

"Okay I'll see in a bit." Grace said.

"Alright … bye" Amy said hanging up the phone and running for the bathroom to start her shower.

"Where do you think you're going?" Anne asked peeking around Amy's bathroom door.

Amy jumped when her mother just randomly appeared from nowhere, "MOM! … um I-I'm going to a little get together tonight with some friends?"

Anne crossed her arms, "a little get together huh? Does this get together include dates?"

Amy looked around her bathroom, "I-I wouldn't say that … it's just something for friends"

"So why is there a boy coming over at 7:45?" Anne asked

Amy flipped her hair out of her face, "he's just coming over because Grace is coming over with her boyfriend Jack to take us …"

Anne felt like a skeptic, "oh really so then the boy that's coming over is your boyfriend? He wouldn't happen to be that Ricky boy you got in trouble with would he?"

"Mom NO, God no that will never happen … will you get out, I'm trying to get dressed!" Amy said closing her bathroom door in her mother's face.

Anne turned around and examined Amy's room, "it'll never happen huh? … Better tell George to expect Ricky around more often."

Amy got herself ready quicker than she had anticipated; she realized that Grace, Madison and Lauren were right about curling hair. The more you do it the easier it is and the less time you take doing it. She got her hair all finished up and threw on her shoes and ran downstairs.

"Are you going to that Damien guy's party?" Ashley asked walking up behind Amy.

"Uh … uh um yeah … but please don't tell mom." Amy begged.

Ashley crossed her arms, "You're not getting into drugs or anything, are you?"

"No Ashley I'm never stooping that low for as long as I live." Amy said taking on a very serious expression.

"Alright, alright I believe you … you're not going to drink or have sex either right because if you do you need to make sure someone is watching you and that you're safe." Ashley said.

Amy snickered, "I don't plan on drinking and I am definitely NOT having sex with anyone. I actually want to be married before I even think about doing … that."

"Well … what about you and Ricky?" Ashley asked.

Amy winced at Ashley's question, "What about me and Ricky?"

"I don't know … Griffin told me that he's been hearing around the school that you two are official or something … but then again there are other rumors about you two that seem ridiculous so … are you? Are you dating Ricky?" Ashley asked

Amy huffed, "no I'm not dating that stupid jerk Ricky and I never will … you're hearing it from me first Ashley and not many people know this … but I actually kind of hate him at the moment."

"Never say never young lady, it just makes it seem like you want it to happen. And I thought I told you no boyfriends … you're too young." George said walking around the corner.

"Dad … no … I don't want to date Ricky … why does everyone think that me and him are some kind of a stupid pair? And the guy I'm going out with isn't my boyfriend we're just friends …" Amy said

"I don't know maybe because every time Ricky gets brought up you always get really moody …" George said.

"No … no I don't get worked up when I talk about him … I-I mean yeah I get angry but that's only because I'm probably explaining something stupid he did …" Amy started to feel uncomfortable and crossed her arms in response, "I hardly ever talk about him …" Amy said.

"Oh really, you hardly ever talk about him? Ames you realize the past two weeks you've been eating dinner with us you've brought him up in some way?" George said.

"What, no I haven't … I-I'm more than sure that I have not talked about Ricky to you guys for the past two weeks … I mean yeah maybe I said something about him every other day but not every day!"

"Amy we could be talking about something that didn't pertain to school and you'd find a way to bring him up. Do I need to remind you about yesterday when I was talking about Donovan and Leon and their adoptive kids?" George said.

"So what about them?" Amy asked

"Really Amy, you don't remember saying how Ricky was adopted and how you thought it must be hard living as an adoptive child and not having the chance to get to know your real family?" Ashley asked.

Amy shook her head, "no-no I don't remember ever saying that …"

"Well you did and I think you say things about him without even realizing you're talking about him …" George said.

Amy flipped her hair out of her face, "well I'll try not get so … anxious when he's brought up or talk about him … but I'm letting both of you know now that me and Ricky are never going to happen and that's final!" As soon as Amy, finished the doorbell rang.

Anne was the first one to the door, "Oh hi … you're … not … Ricky. Um I'm Anne."

"MOM! I said that it's never going to happen!" Amy yelled from the other room.

George, Ashley and Amy made their way to the front door, "Hi not Ricky, I'm George and this is my other daughter Ashley … what do you plan on doing with my Amy and how late do you plan on keeping her out?" George asked getting straight to the point.

Simon felt a little awkward and tried to avoid eye contact with anyone, "um … hi I'm Simon and uh yeah I'm not Ricky and I only plan to keep her out as late as the people driving us stay out …"

George turned to look at Amy, "If you have any problems you call home … I'll come pick you up wherever you are…" George said as Amy walked out the front door. "Oh and Amy…"

Amy turned around to face her dad, "yeah dad?"

"Be a good girl …" George said.

Amy nodded and waved bye to her family, Simon also waved bye and both Amy and Simon made their way into Amy's driveway to wait for Grace and Jack to show up. "Sorry about that … they can be a little crazy sometimes …" Amy said.

"Yeah no problem … so uh before we get this night started … there's nothing going on between you and Ricky right because you know I've heard some things around school and … you know …." Simon said trying to keep a casual tone.

"No … no there is definitely nothing going on between me and him, so you don't need to worry about that …" Amy said keeping her head low.

"Good … good oh uh by the way you look absolutely beautiful." Simon said.

Amy smiled and hid her face, "thank you …" just then a White truck pulled up in front of Amy's house.

Grace rolled down the passenger window, "hey you two, you ready to party or what?"

Madison rolled down the back passenger window and waved hi to Amy, Lauren was bouncing up and down next to her, "Amy come on get in!" Madison yelled.

Amy looked back at Simon who ushered her to Jack's truck, "alright one of you can sit in the front; the other has to sit in the back." Jack said.

"Uh … I guess I'll sit in the front" Simon said.

Amy hadn't realized how nervous she was until now, "we-well I guess I'll sit in the back then"

Grace pulled out her phone and quickly sent Amy a text that read, "Remember keep cool, DO NOT BE NERVOUS!"

Amy pulled out her phone as she got in the truck and read Grace's text, she lifted her head to see Grace turned around and she smiled to acknowledge she understood. "Alright well uh … let's get this party rollin shall we!?" Jack asked.

"Wooooooooooooo, yeah let's do this!" Grace exclaimed, "Yeah let's go party!" Madison screamed from the back of the truck; Lauren started to squeal and Amy joined her. "BEER PONG!" Simon yelled, Jack looked over at Simon, "dude when we get there you and me …" Jack said.

Simon put his hand up for a high five, "sounds like a plan, LET'S GO!"; Jack high fived Simon and put his Truck in drive and headed for Damien's house.

The ride over was full of laughter and loud music, it didn't seem like it took that long to get to Damien's house but Amy noticed that it took them about a half hour to get to his house. "Wow he lives pretty far …" Amy said.

"Technically this isn't his house … it's more so a spare house that his parents own. They let him and his brothers use it all the time." Jack said.

"So wait are they like rich or something?" Lauren asked.

"Not rich but definitely not poor …" Jack said.

"Oh … okay makes sense." Madison said.

"Alright let's get in there." Simon said jumping out of the truck.

Jack helped Grace out, Madison helped Lauren out and Simon helped Amy out, "thanks for that." Amy said to Simon.

"No problem, we wouldn't want you to fall and mess up that pretty face of yours." Simon said.

Amy snickered a little, "yeah guess not." She looked up at the house that the party was in and all she could see were lights and a bunch of people screaming, laughing and having fun. It was like a chaotic fun zone from where she was standing. "Wow …" Amy said.

Grace looked over at Amy and nudged her, "hey don't worry it may look intimidating but once you get in there it's totally … mellow."

Amy lowered her head and smiled at the ground, "oh okay well I guess we better get in there."

"Hey wait Amy … um about Ricky … I just want to apologize on his behalf for earlier. He doesn't really act crazy like that … like ever." Jack said.

"Thanks Jack but um … I don't think you need to apologize to me for anything, it wasn't your fault … but thanks though." Amy said.

"No problem, I just want to make sure you know that he thinks a lot of you … even if you don't see it, he does; and if he happens to act crazy again tonight I'll handle it for you." Jack said.

Grace leaned against Jack, "Aw, Jack that's so sweet of you." Grace said she stood up on her tip toes and gave him a kiss. "Alright let's go" Grace said, they began walking towards the house.

"Hey uh is Ricky giving you any trouble because I can-" Simon started but Grace cut him off, "No Simon it was just a little mix up yesterday … Ricky would never do anything to hurt Amy … intentionally …" Grace said.

"Oh … okay then, that's settled." Simon said opening the front door to Damien's party house.

Amy looked in awe at all the people running wild and having fun, "wow this is kind of … intense." Amy said.

"Oh my god this is even better than the movies! Come on Lauren let's go strut our stuff!" Madison squealed, Lauren squealed along with her and they ran off disappearing in the crowd of people.

"Well I'm glad they're so confident …" Amy said softly.

Grace looked over at Amy and placed an arm around her, "don't worry Amy, you'll stick with me."

Jack looked over at Simon, "Yo Simon, let's get that game going shall we?"

Simon looked over at Jack and then back at Amy, "alright well … um you don't need me around or anything right?" Simon asked.

"No … no uh go … have fun." Amy said with a small smile.

Simon pulled Amy into a tight hug, Amy simply froze up; "make sure you don't get hurt or anything out there!" Simon said releasing Amy and running off with Jack to find a table to play beer pong.

Grace looked over at Amy a bit stunned, "wow um … that was random"

Amy turned back to look at Grace, "yeaah um that was weird."

"Was it weird when Ricky hugged you?" Grace asked out of curiosity.

Amy looked around and shrugged, "I-I don't know … no it was just … it was a hug, I guess I mean I don't really hug people but that one with Simon was definitely weird … I'm starting to think it was a bad idea calling him. I don't wanna give him the wrong idea."

"No it wasn't a bad idea, it was a good one I mean you only came with him so that Ricky could see you with someone else and get jealous." Grace said.

"Wait what? Are you still trying to set me up with Ricky? I told you I'm not even sure I like him!" Amy said loudly.

Grace started flailing her arms around, "AMY SHUSH! Don't say that out loud you don't want people talking about it!"

"Well I don't want people to get the wrong idea either!" Amy said.

Grace started looking around to see if anyone was paying attention to them, "look okay yeah it was a bad idea but why does it matter now anyway? Look around the plan is already a bust since Ricky probably didn't see you walk in with Si…" Grace stopped when she noticed Ricky at the top of the staircase. "Or … maybe he did see you." Grace said softly.

Amy looked at Grace with a confused expression, "what, what are you talking about?" Amy followed Grace's line of sight and spotted Ricky at the top of the stairwell starring down at her with a cold expression. "Well I guess he did … see me."

Grace looked over at Amy, "Quick wave hi to him and do it like you want to insult him."

"What?" Amy asked.

"Just do it!" Grace commanded.

Amy waved at Ricky as if she were mocking him, "was that good?"

"Oh that was perfect … tonight is going to be a good night." Grace said

Becky Streinhard walked up behind Ricky and spun him around and they began to go into yet another full on make out session only Ricky didn't seem very into it.

"God he is such a pig" Grace said.

Thanks to Becky Amy finally broke her concentration on Ricky, "Just don't forget why we're here … okay?"

"Oh don't worry about that I know the reason we came and I'm not going to forget, I've already done a small scope of this place and from what I can see from where we're standing, I can tell you that half of these people are high out of their minds on PCP or coke." Grace said.

Amy looked around not understanding how Grace could tell, "how can you tell?"

"Alright, you see those guys over there the ones that are acting like they're playing tag …" Grace pointed at a group of guys running around.

Amy looked over in the direction Grace was pointing, "oh yeah … I see them."

"Well they're not actually playing tag … the bigger guy chasing the smaller guy is actually trying to get his crack pipe back … and they're clothes are soaked but their shoes are not meaning they're sweating like pigs and that's a symptom of a PCP high." Grace said.

"You can see all of that from here?" Amy asked amazed by Grace's vision.

Grace shook her head, "oh no they ran by us just now … you were too busy looking at Ricky. Um … oh and those girls over there in the corner … you see how they're constantly leaning forward over the table? They're sniffing lines of coke and by the looks of the smoke coming from what looks like the kitchen there's probably a huge bong in there." Grace said.

"Woah … suddenly this doesn't so fun anymore …" Amy said.

"Yeah and while we were walking here I counted at least three fights going on … and when people are high off of PCP or cocaine sometimes their emotions get heightened and they get violent. On the outside it may look like nothing but fun and games but on the inside … it's kind of dangerous, I'm thinking that's why Ricky wanted to keep you away from here." Grace said.

Amy took a deep breath and released it, "it's going to be a long night …"

Grace put her arm around Amy again, "don't worry … remember what I told you keep a level head and make sure you stay above the influence."

Amy and Grace hadn't noticed Ricky had stopped making out with Becky and was back to starring at Amy, he decided against fooling around with Becky and made his decent downstairs towards Amy.

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