The girl walked along the dirty passage, grimacing at the dirt that surrounded her. It was a dark passage, but she could faintly see light at the far end - so she continued to walk along. Her footsteps echoed eerily and she shivered. Once she reached the end of the passage, she saw that she had entered a separate room that looked like a dungeon. Panic crossed her mind, but she ignored it and stepped forwards. Her heard stopped as she heard what sounded like a whimper in the corner. She slowly turned to face the direction of the noise - and there he was.

A figure was sitting against the moldy wall, staring at her with wide eyes. His hair was a mess of blond tied up and his skin was covered with dirt-filled cuts. Chains were around his wrists and ankles, but they looked tight. In fact, his whole existence scared the girl completely, yet she didn't back away. She looked at him with a look on her face of complete and utter confusion. Warning bells were ringing in her mind, yet, she couldn't run away from him. Not when he looked so weak. He gave her the same look, but it held more helplessness in it, it brought a tear to her eye.

"I'll help you." The girl whispered, "I'll help you get out."

Chapter One

A teenager woke up to silence. She turned her head to be greeted by the sight of a blood covered body, and it made her squirm. Turning the other way, she met her mothers eyes, dead ones. She shivered, blinking back tears before standing up to find a sea of dead bodies around herself. She couldn't remember any of this happening, all she could remember was shopping at the mall and having a good time. The girl could still see that she was in the mall, but only the just. Broken glass was everywhere and promotional posters littered the floor, but the girl didn't bother looking too closely, she knew that she had to get out.

The malls entrance was in sight, so she ran across the bodies, ignoring the crunching of bones as they broke underneath her. Once she was out of the disgusting scene, she sprinted away. Whatever had happened, she needed to get as far aways as possible. A few minutes into her run, she spotted a person, a police officer. He had shock written all over his face. He called her over, grabbing her arm as she came.

"How did you survive?" He asked, shaking, "The whole mall was killed in seconds!"

The girl brushed herself off, noticing the blood covering herself, with no source.

"My name is Rin Kagamine." The girl said calmly, "And the last thing I remember was shopping with my mother."

The policeman looked at her carefully, knowing that the young girl would have never been the cause of this mess. He held up his walkie talkie to his mouth with this trembling hands.

"We have a survivor." He stated, looking at Rin, "And a young one at that."

The man slid his communication device back into his pocket, giving the teenager a shaky smile. It was obvious that he was trying to comfort the girl, who looked close to tears.

"So, Miss - eh - Kagamine," He began, already walking off, "If you follow me back to the police station, we can get you cleaned up and find out what happened."

"Yes sir." Rin replied, using her red stained hands to brush some hair out of her face. She walked after the police man, the police station already in sight. She felt better, knowing that soon everything would be explained and she would find out the reason she had lost her mother, but not her own life.

Rin Kagamine was sitting in an uncomfortable wooden chair, with a blanket around her shoulders. Her dirty blonde hair was wet and dripping slightly, because she hadn't bothered to dry it. In her hands was a mug of lukewarm hot chocolate, which she occasionally sipped. The blonde girl was just thankful she was clean because being covered in blood didn't have many advantages. Her aqua eyes were dim, they showed how she felt.

On a chair opposite her was a police officer in his typical uniform. He had a look of concern on his face for the teenager but he knew that he would have to ask her personal questions if he was going to get anywhere with the investigation. He had the blondes file in his hands, but it wasn't going to explain the mall incident to him.

"So," He began nervously, his voice shaking a little, "Would you tell me about your life?"

"My life?" Rin asked in reply, looking downwards, "My life is a failure."

She knotted her fingers together, tapping her foot on the floor lightly. She was obviously recalling something in her mind, thinking hard about it. Her bangs spread hung over her face, making you unable to see her eyes. Her lips were turned down into a frown though, that much you could see.

"My father disowned me and my mother when I was eight. He kicked us out on to the streets." Rin began, her voice barely a whisper, "But somehow we managed to survive, and by the time I had turned nine, we were living middle class lives, which were perfect for us. My mother loved me, she was sweet and always cared for me, I was happy. We had to move away, though, for my mothers work. My school life went downhill. People were mean and bullied me, my grades were slipping and I could do nothing about it. My mother brought me shopping today, to relieve my stress...but after todays events, I'm afraid that hasn't happened."

"Ah." The other person said, "What is the last thing you remember before you awoke in the mall today?"

"My mother." Rin responded automatically, looking at the police man in the eyes, "She was talking to me about which shop we could go into next as we walked."

A clipboard was resting on the mans lap and he had been noting what Rin was saying down. As he glanced at it, he didn't see anything suspicious and pitied the girl. She had no parents now, so she was labeled as an 'orphan'.

"Did you see anything suspicious?" He asked again, knowing that it was an important question. If they could work out the cause of this tragedy, they could make sure it would never happen again. He wanted to see the girl smile, anyway. She was pretty and a frown didn't suit her features.

"No, it was just a regular shopping trip. Nothing out of the ordinary happened." Rin said in a monotone, looking back down at the mug of hot chocolate in her hands, "It was fun."

The girl looked on the verge of tears, so nobody would want to make her talk anymore. She shifted in her seat, still looking at her drink.

"You can go, I need to talk to the adoption office anyway." He said, leaving his own seat and walking towards a plain door at the far side of the room. The door had a small sign on it reading 'Office 27'. Rin stood up, deciding that she should find something to do to take her mind off of things. The blanket slid to the floor, but she wasn't bothered. It was starting to get a little too warm. She walked out of another door, into the police station's main foyer.

"Hi there, Miss Kagamine." A polite young woman said, sitting at the reception desk. She was a very pretty woman, with short brunette hair and brown eyes - also with a curvy figure. She wore a plain uniform; a top and a skirt. Pinned to her top was a name tag that said 'Meiko', "How're you doing?"

"Fine, thanks." Rin replied, walking towards the desk with a smile forming on her face. Meiko seemed like a very nice person, funny too, "But do you know if there's anything to do here?"

Meiko thought carefully, considering anything interesting at all in the police station. Honestly, she didn't think there was much. She pouted a little.

"I'm sorry, Miss Kagamine. I can't really think of anything you could do..." Meiko said, twiddling her thumbs, "But you could stay with me if you wanted to..?"

"Okay, and please just call me Rin." The younger girl replied as she walked behind the desk to sit in the chair beside the woman. It was a lot more comfortable than the chair she had been sitting on in the questioning room before. The whole foyer was very modern, it made Rin feel a little happier.

"Rin, I was going to get a drink before you came, so do you want one too?" Meiko asked, a smile lighting up her face. She seemed so calm and happy.

"If you don't mind, could you get me some - er - orange juice?" Rin said, thinking about her treasured food - the orange. Just the thought made her drool.

"I'll be back in a moment then." Meiko stated, standing up and carefully walking away in her high heels. They made a loud clicking noise as they hit the ground which slowly faded away.

A few moments later, a couple walked through the front door of the police station. They looked at Rin curiously. Rin stared back. The couple looked very well dress and Rin got a sense that they were very wealthy. The woman had sunny blonde hair, ivory skin and sapphire eyes, while the man had black hair, tanned skin and emerald eyes. They both looked a little too happy when entering the room. As soon as Rin started staring at them, they quickly walked past her and into the questioning room.

"We've already found you some adoptive parents, Rin." The same police officer Rin had been questioned by earlier said, he was smiling brightly, "You can go with them tonight, we want you to get away from here."

Rin looked at the two people beside the police man, the two people she had seen enter earlier. They looked friendly enough, but that didn't matter to Rin. She kicked an invisible stone on the floor, waiting for them to talk.

"Hello there, Rin...can I call you that?" The woman asked, smiling at Rin. Her tone of voice was sweet and caring, unlike the snobby tone that Rin had been expecting. So, Rin nodded as an answer to her question, "Great, thank you Rin. My name is Lola and my husband is Leon, we're the owners of the designer label; Vocaloid."

Vocaloid, everyone knew that clothing line. It was the most wild and wonderful designer line you could buy. If you didn't have something from Vocaloid, you were considered a nobody.

"We don't mind if you want to stay here for longer, but just tell us when you want to come to our home." Lola added.

"We should go now, but thank you police officer sir." Rin said, bowing to the police officer and smiling at her new parents.

Lola and Leon escorted her out of the building, leading her to a limousine parked outside. Rin got in and grinned, it was amazing. There were drinks on a table and calming music was playing. A TV was on in the background too.

"Thank you for adopting me." Rin muttered.

So here it is, my latest work... It kinda sucks... xD

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