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For the rest of the day Ziva busied herself in helping Gibbs with various household tasks. She did the washing up, dusted and hoovered the living room and painted

the fence. She found that she didn't mind as much as she thought she would, Gibbs was a very interesting man to talk to and she quite enjoyed painting. By dinner

time however, the jovial air that existed between them had given way to awkward, apprehensive tension.

Ziva looked up at Gibbs, a nervous look in her eyes.

"This is the last one right?"

"The last one," he assured her.

She nodded. "I'll do the dishes clean up here if you like."

Gibbs nodded back and gave her a light kiss on the head as he walked out.

"I'll see you in the living room when you're finished."

Ziva knew that she was stalling, she had washed up after dinner parties faster than she was washing now but it was hard to make herself leave the safety of the kitchen to face what she knew was awaiting her in the living room.

"Ziva!" Gibbs called when she was still cleaning the kitchen twenty minutes later. "You'd better be here in the next two minutes. You don't want me to come and get you."

Sighing, Ziva put down her wash cloth, wiped her hands on her jeans and walked slowly in.

As she stood in the doorway, reluctant to come any closer, Gibbs was struck again by how childlike she was and his heart ached for what he was about to do to her. He held his hand out and she came cautiously towards him and took it.

"What's this one for?" he asked

"It's for. . .it's for lying." Tears were already forming in her eyes as she knew how much Gibbs detested lying, and how much she hated it herself.

Seeing the sorrow in her eyes he decided that there was no need to say anything else. He gestured to his lap and she bent over it.

Compared to the other spankings that she had received in the last few days, this one was a walk in the park but all the guilt and pain of everything that had happened came rushing back right from the first swat and by the end the she was sobbing. He lifted her up and held her close.

"It's okay Ziver. It's all done now. You're fine."

"I'm sorry Gibbs."

"I know Zi, but it's over now. You're forgiven."

"Does that mean I'm not grounded anymore?" She asked, leaning back and looking at him with a hopeful smile.

He laughed and kissed her forehead. "Nice try Ziva, but I need someone to help me put up some shelves tomorrow."

" Drat," she sighed, but she was still smiling.

The shelves turned out to be for the room that Ziva and Abby shared when they stayed with Gibbs and the next day the two spent a rather pleasant morning cutting the ends into spirals and painting them.

When they were finished, Gibbs took Ziva out to eat at his favourite steakhouse and she found herself eating and laughing more than she had in a very long time. On their way back, after plenty of begging and pleading, Ziva managed to convince Gibbs to rent "The Sound Of Music" and she laughed even more when Gibbs began to sing along.

By the time Ziva went up to bed, she was exhausted but happy and after Gibbs had come up to tuck her in, kiss her forehead and reassure her of his love, she fell asleep with a big smile on her face. It had been a really good day.