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I can't remember…

I can't remember much of that time…

The time where everything went by so fast and I ended up where I am….

Forgive me. I'm getting ahead of myself. Allow me to start from the beginning.

Or what I remember from it…

All I can remember is running. Running away from what I can't remember. My mind seems to go blank every time I try and think back. It's like someone covering your eyes in a bad horror flick. You can't see much without looking through the cracks. And my crack was seeing a bright light before everything went black…

I woke up in the hospital. Far from the dark cold place I remember from. The only thing else I can remember. The nurse came into the room and smile sweetly at me. She said that I passed out on the highway, not far from here. The people who found me took me here and said they'll be back to check up on me. I nodded slowly and closed my eyes again. The nurse said she had to take my temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. She patted my hand and left me to sleep.

When I woke up a second time I saw that a vase full of flowers, all ranged in shades of colors, sizes, and type. A get well balloon swung freely as the AC blew down on it. I smiled and looked around the room I was in. It was a small hospital room but was painted a peach color to help those with stress. The window's curtains were open and allowed the bright sunlight to come through. The blankets and sheets were itchy but soft none the less. Everything seems to say, smile your safe. If only that were true.

"Glad your finally awake." The doctors' voice was soft and gruff. I turned my head to see him and the nurse in the door way. They walked over and stood over me, "How are you doing? You gave us quite a scare when the Witwickys brought you in." He said.

"Good." My voice sounded dry to my own ears. The nurse walked over to the sink and brought me a paper cup full of water, "Thank you." I said politely. She smiled and turned towards the doctor.

"Now that your wake, I would like to ask you a few questions." He sat down in the chair next to mine, "Do you know your name?"

I thought for a minute. I remember someone saying my name with numbers but there was something else, "Ap…April. My name is April." The doctor wrote something down in his clip board and continued.

"Do you know how old you are?" He asked.


"What's your favorite color?"

"Green and white."

"Favorite animal?"

"A wolf. Their pro…protective."

"Now I want you to think long and hard. Do you remember anything before you came here? Do you remember who gave you theses?" he held up my arms and showed me already healed cut that lined down my arms. Four purple bruises where on my fore arms. They looked like someone applied to much pressure to get the color or the message across.

"No, I don't remember." I answered. The doctor sighed and whispered something to the nurse. She nodded and walked out the door.

"April, the Witwickys who found you have been waiting to talk to you. Is it alright to let them in?" he asked. I smiled and nodded. He too, smiled and walked to the door. He called them in and three people walked in.

"How are you doing April?" the woman with red hair asked me. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

"I'm good." I answered.

"That's good. I'm Judy and this is my husband Ron. And this is my son Samuel, but we just call him Sam." She said pointing to them. Ron was a middle aged man with a big belly and a father like smile. Samuel, or Sam, was around my age but he looked like any average size boy. I smiled and waved at him. Sam waved back.

"Thank you for taking me here. I'm sure my mommy and daddy will be happy to meet you." I said but Ron's and Judy's smiles disappeared. Judy looked at her husband then looked back at me.

"I….we have something to tell you April. Your parents…they're dead sweetheart and your now listed as missing and a foster child." I allowed what she said to sink in. Dead? My parents that I don't remember are dead? Why don't I feel sad or lost? Maybe, I knew they were gone already and that I don't remember, "the doctor asked if we could adopt you and take you home with us. Would you like to come home with us?" I looked around at the people before me. The Witwickys were good people, I could tell. The doctor was nice and if I said no, maybe he can find me a new, better home but to me it seems unlikely.

"When can I go home?" I asked. Judy's smile came back and looked at her husband.

"The doctor wants you to stay a few more days, just to get the paperwork done and you're ok. This will also give us time to get your bedroom ready." Ron said. I smiled and looked at me soon to be mother.

"Thank you mommy!" I hugged her and she hugged back laughed that she was going to have a daughter.

Over the next year, Judy and Ron, my foster parents started to notice changes about me. When they first noticed, I was in the back yard holding a bird with a broken wing. Next thing they knew, the bird was flying away, unharmed. The second thing that occurred is when the little bots I had made came to life and started to take on their own personality. Third, my brain waves were off the charts. I was able to adapt to any situation and I was able to learn faster than others. They called me their special child. But they did tell me that I was only allowed to use my abilities when I'm at home. I knew why they asked this of me and I agreed.

By the time I turned 12, I had already built four mini bots. Each one with the personality and actions of my friends at school. They too, knew my secret.

Musia (A.K.A Joy): Musia never liked her name so she changed it to something that fitted her more. She's a dancer and singer at heart and she will astound you with her amazing talent. She's a 5' female with dyed blue hair that goes to her shoulders. Her eyes are like mine, a blazing blue color. Musia has abilities too and she can control sound waves and music notes.

Second comes Sarah: She's 5'2 female with chocolate brown hair that is always up in a long pony tail. When it's down it goes to her mid-back. Sarah's eyes are blazing blue as well. Her abilities allow her to read her opponent's moves and be stronger than the average human. Sarah is really protective of us and won't hesitate to step up for us. Not to mention she has a military father who teaches her self-defense and attacks.

Third comes Elexia and you say it with an E not an A. She's also a 5'2 female with red hair that goes past her shoulders. Her eyes are blazing blue too. Elexia's powers involve healing and she can read minds. She also has advanced knowledge in medical science. Elexia is also Anne's translator.

Last comes Anne: Anne is mute. She lost her ability to talk when she and her mother were in a car crash. The crash claimed her mother and without her, her father started to drink. When he got drunk, he would scare Anne so Elexia took Anne under her wing and asked her lawyer parents to adopt Anne. After court, Anne was now Elexia's adopted sister. They started to make their own language for Anne. Their own sign language. Anne is a 4'9 female with honey color hair. Blazing blue eyes and two low ponytails she always wear that go to her butt. Anne's ability is to see visions. Her agility and flexibility are more heightened than the average human is.

When we met, I wasn't surprised. We became fast friends and stuck close to each other. Elexia taught us Anne's language so we could commutate with her. The teachers think we're strange but we know it's true. So long as we do our work, they don't say much. However, some kids do pick on us (mostly Anne). Sarah tells them off and for that, Anne is thankful for. For a 13 year old, she's pretty tough.

However, one day, on our way from school, two white vans started follow us home. We thought it was nothing but they showed up repeatedly. We told our parents and they said that they will pick us up from school.

The vans stopped coming…

We didn't know what was going on that week but we always checked behind us, just in case, when we started to walked home again. Anne told us, she saw the vans in a vision but she didn't say anything. We told Anne to tell us everything she see's from now on. Anne agreed. For now, we continue our lives. Sarah is training to join her father in the army. Musia want to become an international star. Elexia wants to be a doctor and help those who can't. And Anne wants to become a teacher for kids who can't speak. And me, I don't know what but I'll find it.

I know I'm different. But deep down I can feel an energy running through me. I want to show people who I am. I want to know who my real parents were. I want to know the truth behind everything that I am now.

But how can I do that, when the dreams of war and a metal cube haunt my dreams?


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