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Wake up…..

Wake up April…

It's time we tell you about the war and why you were chosen….

I opened my eyes and so the metal city but this time there was no flames or screams in pain. Everything looked peaceful. Autobots and Decepticons were living there lives side by side. In peace.

"As you see, there was once peace on Cybertron." The voice I recognized as Primus. "But deep within, that peace would soon come undone." I watched as the planet changed.

"What happened?" I asked.

"For a time, we lived in harmony. The cubes gave life to us and our world. But like all great power, some wanted it for good, others for evil. Then the war began. It consumed everything in its path. My people suffered and all I could do was watch from the grave. I sent a vision to the protector to the cubes, telling her to send the cubes to earth." He told me.

"So, the cubes landing on earth wasn't mistake then. You wanted them to go there. But what does this have to do with me?" I asked.

"I watched the protector giver her life for the cubes but, then I saw you. For some reason you where there, watching. I knew that you would, at least, keep one of the All Sparks safe. I looked inside you and saw that you were things no one should ever go through. But, as I look at you now that you've come a long way. You've grown. You can help us." Primus said. I looked down and watched as I saw my younger self face against Megatron. So, the dreams from before….were memories.

"I won't let you take them!" my younger self yelled.

"Give me the cubes!" Megatron yelled back. My younger self stood up tall and looked Megatron in the eyes.

"I said NO!" white pulses came and Megatron yelled back in pain. The white pulses seem to put out the fires and make all the autobots bow on one knee. The decepticons yelled in pain as I watched my younger self wield so much power.

"The reason why the second All Spark chose you was because it sensed your power. Your pure and kind heart called out to it. It granted you nothing but courage. April….you were meant to bond with the All Spark." Primus said. There was another flash of light but this time I was in front of five autobots from before.

"We have something to give you and your friends little one." Primus said.

"For protecting the cube and accepting who and what we are, your gift will make you what we are." The voice was soft and female like.

"When you wake up, your brother will be there. Go with him and get the first All Spark. Megatron will reawake but you must stop him." Said a deep voice

"One of your friends suggests that you take it into the city. Listen to him. There you and the autobots, along with the humans will make their stand there." Another voice spoke.

"Once in the city touch the All Spark. Make sure your sisters do as well. Our gift will then be granted to five of you." Primus said.

"We'll become you guys? And what of my kids?" I asked.

"In a manner of speaking yes. As for your little ones, they will help you in a way that will benefit the both of you. Now go April. Thank you." I saw a smile come across Primus's face as everything grew brighter. I closed my eyes and welcomed the blackness…..


"April….." a muffled voice said my name. "April. Come on sis, wake up!" I slowly opened my eyes and Sam's faced blurred for a moment before I focused my vision.

"Sam?" I asked. My throat was dry and sore.

"Nice to see you too. Come on, we got to get Bee." Sam unstrapped my arms and legs that were bound and put my arm around his neck while he pulled me off the table. My body felt like a dead weight but Sam helped me walk quickly to where they held Bee. They were using fire extinguishers to freeze him but Bee's cries in pain made my heart clench.

"STOP!" I screamed as we ran in. Sam shoved them away as I moved closer to Bee. Bee was released but his mask and cannons appeared then he aimed them at everyone else.

"Listen to me. The cube is here and the decepticons are coming." Sam said. I looked at him and gave him a what-the-hell look. Bee swung his legs over but still aimed his cannons at the others. I would be doing the same thing. "No, no, don't worry about them. They're okay. Right?" Sam asked Bee. Which reminds me...

"Simmons?" I asked and faced him.

"What?" I pulled back my fist and let it fly. I heard a crunch and I bet I broke his nose.

"That's for knocking me out jackass." I spat at him.

"Come on you two. I'm gonna take you to the All Spark." Sam said. Bee nodded then we raced down the hallways. Once we got to the room where the All Spark was, Bee stood up and lightly touched the All Spark. I felt a light feeling in my chest and the best I could describe it as a happy feeling. Slowly the All Spark became smaller and smaller until it was the size of a box. Bee handed the All Spark to Sam.

"Message from Starfleet, Captain." Bee said through the radio. "Let's get to it."

"He's right. We stay here; we're screwed with Megatron in the nest hanger." Said an army person. "Mission City is 22 miles away. We're gonna sneak that cube out of here and we're gonna hide it somewhere in the city."

"Good. Right!" said a man in a suit.

"Sam, he's right. We have to go to Mission City." I told Sam. Sam gave me a look and I nodded.

"But we cannot make a stand without the air force." The army man said.

"This place must have some kind of radio link." The man in the suit asked Simmons.

"Yes, right." Simmons answered.

"Sir, you got to figure out some way to get word out to them. Let's move." We moved with the army men when the man yelled to Sam. "All right, Sam, get in the car!" Bee transformed and we got in. Sam sat in the driver seat while I sat in the back. Bumblebee took off at high speed.

"Ahh!" I screamed in pain. The cube next to me glowed a bright blue color.

"What wrong?" Sam asked in a worried voice.

"Megatron…..he's awake." I answered Sam. Bee took off even faster than before. The army men piled into their vehicles and took off with us. Two were in front of us while two were in the back. We drove at the fastest pace we could. I looked up at the sun and silently prayed to Primus that he was right.

"There's Optimus." I looked ahead to see Optimus and everyone else.

"Well, well, well. April, next time you pull a stunt like that I'm gonna kick your ass!"Musia's voice came over the radio. I laughed and asked Bee to send her a message.

"Everyone alright Musia? What about my kids?" I asked.

"We're fine. Been worried sick but we're good. How's your end?" she asked.

"We need to hide the All Spark in the city….Optimus, are you there too?" I asked to see if he was.

"I'm here April." His voice was music to my ears.

"It's good to hear from you but we got a problem." I told him.

"What's wrong?"

"Megatron's here and he's coming for us. He's alive and apparently cranky." I told him.

"Shit just hit the fan ladies." Sarah said causing Ironhide to chuckle.

"Don't worry. We'll protect you." Optimus said. He turned around and began to follow us and so did everyone else. I sighed and leaned back. Let's just hope everything goes well.

We raced into the city where everyone was spread out. I was trying to calm my heart when another pain shot through me.

"Sam! Behind us!" I shouted. Sam turned around and so did I. We watched as the formed a defensive wall around us. Optimus fell back while the other closed in on us. Just then, one of the decepticons transformed and started to attack. Optimus too, transformed and fought back. I saw then wrestle and fall out the highway. I wanted to scream Optimus's name but I had to stay strong. He would want me to.

Once fully inside the city we stopped when we saw a jet fly over us. One of the army men, Sam told me his name was Epps called to the jet.

"Air force has arrived. Pop smoke!" Lennox as the man was called shouted. The jet flew over us again but this time a wave of pain shot through me.

"April are you alright?" Elexia asked.

"It's not the air force." I said.

"It's Starscream!" Ironhide shouted. Knew it….. "Back up! Take cover! Bumblebee!" Ironhide called. Me and my kids and sisters watched as they lifted a truck to protect us. It wasn't going to be enough…..

"No, no, no, no, no!" Lennox shouted.

"Back up! Back up!"

"Retreat! Fall back!"

"IRONHIDE!" Sarah called. Everything went in slow motion. I saw the missile fire and head straight for the truck. It exploded and everyone flew everywhere. There was ringing in my ear and I felt small hand tug at my shirt. When I reopened my eyes everyone was scattered. I got to my feet slowly but surely.

"It is time…" the voice was crystal clear in my mind. It was time….

"Elexia, Musia, Sarah, Anne, girls! Come here!" I called them over as I went over to Sam. "Sam, let me see the cube."


"Let me see the cube. We have to do something." I said and tried to grab it. "Please." Sam looked at me then gave me it. I placed the cube on a piece of street that was blown up. My girls surrounded me as did my sisters.

"What's up?" Sarah asked.

"Do you guys trust me?" I rested my hand on the cube. I looked at them as they looked at each other. They nodded. "Touch the cube but there's no going back." Elexia rested her hand on it.

"I trust you." She said. Sarah and Musia placed their hands on it as well. My girls followed but Anne just stood there.

"Nothing bad?" she asked.

"Nothing bad." I answered. She nodded and rested her hand on the cube. The cube began to glow a strange rainbow color but a white beam shot up in the sky. My hand started to shake and soon we were surrounded in a white ball.

"One life ends…."my body began to burn and it felt like my skin was peeling off. "Another begins….."


The cube shot out from the white ball and landed in Sam's arms. Every human began to scramble as a tank fired on the autobots. Jazz, Ironhide, and Ratchet began to fire back. Just then, Megatron landed. They screamed of retreat while still firing. It was time to show the decepticons that you do not mess with our family.

"Time to rock and roll girls." My voice was alien to my own ears. "Musia, go save your man."

"Come on BeatBox. Let's show then what we can do." Musia said.

"Let's go!" she shouted. BeatBox formed into a pair of metal wings and attached to Musia's back. Musia then flew out of the white ball.

(Musia's POV)

I flew up and into the air. My new body felt lighter and yet tougher than ever. All around me I saw the battle raging. That's when I saw Jazz. Someone was holding him by the foot. I guess it was Megatron. This made me mad. Quickly I flew towards them with only one thing on my mind.

Save Jazz.

"Yo deceptia-freak!" Megatron looked up, giving me a good shot to kick him in the face. He staggered back and I let lose a high pitched scream. Megatron released my man and sent him falling. I flew downwards and grabbed his hand.

"What the-? Who are you?" he asked as I put him down.

"Who do you think Jazz baby?" I asked giving him my best smirk.

"Musia?" his eyes were ready to pop out.

"Like my new upgrade?" I asked.

"Hell yeah!" he picked me up and swung me around.

"Come on baby, we got freaks to fry." I said.

"Yes ma'am." He saluted and took off. I saw Starscream and took off in the air.

"Yo Starscream! Can't watch me!" I yelled at him. He growled and started to chase me. We flew past the buildings and I saw able to trick him, which meant him going face first into my fist.

Come on girls. Join the party.

(Sarah's POV)

"Sarah, Ironhide needs you." April didn't need to tell me twice.

"Hammer, let's show them what you get when you mess with us." I called over to her. Hammer jumped for joy and formed into a giant hammer.

"Let's go mama!" I stepped out with a smirk on my face. I noticed that Ironhide was facing one of the decepticons. He crouched down, breathing heavy with his cannons still active. I rushed over and flipped over him. I sung Hammer and hit the ground. The ground shook and I watched as Spikes shot from the ground and impaled the decepticon. He fell with a thud and I turned towards Ironhide.

"You're getting old, old man." I said as I stood in front of him. He looked up and I swear his eyes were almost out of its socket.

"Sarah?" he asked. I laughed and helped him to his feet.

"Couldn't let you have all the fun." I said and smiled at him.

"What? How?"

"We'll explain later. Right now we have a few decepticons to scrap." I said and rest Hammer on my shoulder.

"Let's see them try and get through us." He said with a smirk.

"If they get that far." Ironhide laughed as we raced into the fight.

(Elexia's POV)

"Elexia, Anne your next." April said and I nodded.

"Med-X, let's go help our friends." Med-X came over to me and formed into a giant staff. We stepped out and noticed that the whole entire street was a war zone. I looked over and found ratchet looking over Bumblebee. Anne stepped next to me with Honey as giant fans. We raced over and stood behind them.

"Elexia!" Anne shouted, which is surprising because Anne couldn't speak. I moved my staff and blocked each missile. I tapped the ground and sent a shock wave through the ground which shocked the decepticon. The humans finished them off and I knelt besides Ratchet.

"Elexia?" he asked.

"Hello Ratchet, Bumblebee. Surprised?" I asked.

"In a matter of speaking, yes. How….."

"Later. Right now, we have someone for fix and a battle to win." I said and took over to fix Bumblebee.

(April's POV)

"Ready Charm?" I asked. Charmed formed into a white glowing sword.

"Ready." She said. The ball of light vanished and I was left standing in the street. I looked around for Sam and saw him hugging a statue on top of a building. That's when I saw Megatron coming towards him. It's payback time. I ran forward towards the building and jumped high into the air. "Hey Megatron! Remember me?" I said as I landed on the edge.


"So you do remember? Good, this will make it all the sweeter then." I said and rushed at him. Megatron howled and rushed forward. I sung Charm and was able to hand a hit before Megatron knocked the statue where Sam was over. I screamed Sam's name and looked over the edge.

"I got you boy." Optimus said. I sighed in relief but Megatron shoved me aside and dived towards them.

"Optimus, watch out!" I yelled. Starscream shot at me and I jumped off. I landed on the ground with a thud and looked at the sky.

"Musia! Take that bastard out!" I yelled. I ran over to where Optimus, Sam, and Megatron landed. I couldn't see Sam anywhere but I knew he was alive.

"It's you and me, Megatron." Optimus said getting to his feet.

NO, it's just me, Prime." Megatron said.

"At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall." Optimus said and started to attack Optimus. I knelt down and told Charm to turn into a bow and arrow. I knocked the bow and aimed it for Megatron.

"You still fight for the weak! That's why you lose!" Megatron yelled as he flung Optimus.

"Megatron!" I called. He turned and faced me. "You fight only for power. That's why you lose!" I let loose the arrow and sent it flying towards him. He yelled in pain as he stumbled back. I raced over toward Optimus and get him to his feet.


"We fight together Optimus. I owe you that much." I said and looked into his eyes.

"No, you owe me nothing." He said. His gaze looked over then widened. "Look out!" he pushed me onto the ground and covered me with his body. He got up and started to fight Megatron again. I looked down the street and saw another decepticon coming down the street.

"Lennox, you still with us?" I asked over their comm.

"How am I hearing you?" he asked and by the sound of his voice he was shocked.

"Listen, I need you to distract the decepticon. I'll handle the rest." I told him.

"Okay. We're on it." He said. I watched as he got on a bike and went through his legs. I took this chance to run forward, ordering Charm to turn back into a sword. I jumped up and drove my sword through his chest. I pulled it back out and severed his head from his shoulders. I looked back and just caught a glimpse of Sam running towards Megatron.

"SAM!" I shouted and ran towards him. I was too late and watched as her shoved the All Spark into Megatron's chest. A shot pain shot through me but I was over quickly. I looked up to see Megatron's lifeless body. I went over to Optimus and helped him up.

"You left me no choice, brother." Optimus said, still holding my hand. He reached down and took a shard from the All Spark that was still in Megatron's chest. "Sam, I owe you my life. We are in you dept." I looked behind me and saw Musia, Sarah, Elexia, and Anne walked out to us with the boys behind them.

"You guys are alright!" I let go of Optimus's hand and ran to hug them.

"It takes more than a decepticon to stop us April. You should know that." Sarah said and I laughed with her.

"I figured as much." I said. We laughed and hugged each other close.

"Bumblebee!" Anne called and raced over to him.

"Anne can talk?" I asked Elexia.

"It seems so. Her new body probably made her with a voice. It's good to hear it again." Elexia said.

"Ladies?" we turned to see Optimus, Ratchet, Jazz, and Ironhide looking at us. We laughed and stood in front of them.

"I guess we owe you that explanation now, right?" I asked, looking up at Optimus.

"Now's a good time." He said. I sighed and rubbed the back of my metal head.

"You see, the All Spark picking me wasn't a mistake. Primus made sure that the cube would bond with me. He said that because I was pure and kind hearted, the cube would allow me to create life, which I guess is why I was able to create my kids." I told him.

"That still doesn't explain why you look like us?" Ratchet asked as he looked over Elexia. Elexia was now a Femme autobots. She had red, white, and blue stripes going down her arms and legs while a medical cross was on her left arm. She was also sliver color. She had a metal ponytail that went to her neck and was a foot shorter than Ratchet.

"Primus gave us our new bodies for accepting who and what you are. We became friends with you and he allowed us to fin in more. Having a human body with powers still tends to freak people out." I told them.

"I like them this way." Jazz commented. Musia giggled as Jazz circled her. Musia was the same size as Jazz but she had metal cat ears and a metal tail. She was a deep purple color with a white star on her right hip. Her wings were still in place and it made her look like a metal cat with wings.

"Every funny Jazz." Sarah spoke. Sarah was a few inches shorter than Ironhide and was painted the same black color. Her hair now looked like a metal pixy cut that sticked to her head. Hammer was still resting on her shoulders.

"I agree with Jazz. They would make excellent allies." Ironhide said. I looked over at Anne who was sitting next to Bee. She looked like a female version of Bee but had metal ponytails.

"So, can we stay with you?" I asked. I too noticed that I had changed. I was a foot smaller than Optimus but I only came to his chest. I was painted a light blue color with a white sun on my chest. My head looked almost like Optimus's but a bit smaller. I felt Optimus's eyes look me over and stop at my face.

"It would be an honor to have you girls stay with us." He said with a smile. Musia jumped for joy and tackled Jazz to the ground. We laughed at their nature and looked at our human friends.

"This battle might have come at a cost but we gained new comrades. Thank you, all of you. You honor us with your bravery." Optimus said to them.

"Permission to speak, sir?" Bumblebee asked.

"Permission granted, old friend."

"I wish to stay with the boy." Bee looked down at Sam.

"If that is his choice." I looked down at Sam.

"Yes." Sam smiled.

"Can I stay too Sam?" Anne asked.

"Ask your sister." Anne looked up at me but puppy dog eyes.

"Not with the face." I looked at her and sighed. "Fine. But you have to visit now and then. And Bee, you take good care of her." Anne jumped up and gave me the biggest hug.

"Thank you! Thank you!" she let go and went back to Bee.

"I will keep her safe." He answered.

"Good, I'll hold you too that." I stood next to Optimus. "What will we do now?" I asked him.

"We begin again. Just like before." He told me. Maybe….he's right.


"With the All Spark gone, we cannot return life to our planet. And fate has yielded its reward: a new world to call home. We live among its people now, hiding in plain sight, but watching over them in secret, waiting, protecting. I have witnessed their capacity for courage, and though we are worlds apart, like us, there's more to them than meets the eye. I am Optimus Prime, and I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars. We are here. We are waiting." Optimus said for the recording. When he was done I wrapped my arms around his waist as he did mine.

"Is this the end Optimus?" I asked him as the sun set in the distance.

"No, it's just the beginning." He told me. I smiled and hugged him close. He was right, this wasn't the end. It was the beginning. And like every story, a chapter ends and another is about to written.

For Then there was another chapter. Just waiting to be written…..and I couldn't wait for the Sun to Fall.


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