If there's one thing I've learned, it's that history repeats itself.

Listening to my new companion speak, as his memories slowly ebb and flow like the tides in this dark place, I can't help but think of the three young ones that are traveling out there, right now. It's been quite some time since I came to this place; from what my companion's told me, it's been at least ten years, maybe more. It's hard for me to pinpoint it exactly; it's something this place does to you, evidenced in the fact that I've remained the same, immune to the flows of time.

Three of them. Just like the three of us. And to think, I had sought to protect them from our fate. Yet they seem to have done fine on their own, saving the realm of light more than once from the forces of darkness.

No. As I look out across these dark waters, I realize that maybe it isn't just darkness that we have to be afraid of. It is evil, and greed. Evil is what destroyed us, shattered Ven's heart and twisted Terra to it's needs. Evil, not darkness, though it used darkness as it's tool.

There's a strange sort of peace, here in the emptiness of the realm of darkness, but that peace does nothing for the turmoil of my memories and thoughts. How is it that they escaped the turmoil that tore us apart? Is it simply time, a thing that they had more of than we did? Was it that they were stronger than us? I only know their names from guessing, but my guesswork is most likely accurate.

I wonder who they've grown up to be. Ven used to say that I always acted like a grown-up, even when I was much younger; well, maybe now I am a grown-up. I can't help but remember everything we said to each other, all the mistrust and hurtful words that passed between us. Every time I pull out my Wayfinder, I feel my heart wanting to break. It was the day after that night that we were wrenched apart by fate.

I can't help but think it was my fault.

Ven also used to say that I blame myself too much. I miss his cheerful personality, his wild antics. It hurts that even now, he still hasn't woken up. I also miss Terra; he and Ven seemed to have grown from the same tree, so different and yet so alike. All each of them ever wanted was approval. Terra's protective nature, his desire to be strong - those are what I miss about Terra.

Even as I write this, I feel the tears slipping down my face, tears for everything we could've been, tears for the three that ended up surpassing us.

That beautiful keyblade - I hope she eventually got it back. I always had the feeling that it was meant for her.

Those two boys - I supposed they were cursed with our destinies after all. Yet, I'm sure Sora took my words to heart. Even if his friend did wander down that dark path alone, I think he was the one who pulled him out.

Maybe it was Ven's keyblade that went to him, as I certainly didn't choose him, but I had decided to take him as my student before I saw that Terra had chosen the other himself. I'm glad that I can take pride in him, even though we never actually met again.

Sora... I believe in you. No one may ever read this journal that I've kept, but I'm writing this down anyway. I entrust the worlds to you. Somehow, I know they're in good hands.

Welcome to a small preview of what is to come! Even if my Reconnect project doesn't go through, I think this really expresses who Aqua is and how she feels abotu things. I hope you liked it too. ~Miri