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The darkness surrounded him as he cried in the silence as his glowing lime green eyes searched for any light. As he moved he could hear the chains that were wrapped around his body rattle as they felt much heavier than before. He could hear musical laughter fill the once silent area as he could see a small slim light flood the darkness. He tried to reach for the light but the chains that were wrapped around him wouldn't allow him to reach it.

No...please...don't leave me alone...! he cried out to no avail as the light disappeared along with the laughter. Crystal tears streaked down his pale Caucasian face as he became fustrated. Tell me why...whast did I do to diserve this fate? he shouted out. No answer came as he sat back down. His large jet black wings surrounded his body giving him some comfort. 'Its not like I asked to be born like this.' he thought to himself. Ever since he was born within Heavens, he was different from the other angels because he was a dark angel, the only angel born with black wings. Everything about him was different. Instead of having bright brilliant colored hair, his was snow white. Nobody had his color eyes as they glowed with power all the time, even brighter when he used his powers. He wore a black one piece long sleeve jumpsuit as part of the sleeves were cut up showing off his white skin as the sleeves also became fingerless gloves. Around his waist he wore a grey opened skirt held up by a large white belt as another black belt hung dangeling off his hip. He wore a pair of white boots with black rings surrounding them. Around his wrist he had the cuffs to a white shirt sleeve as he wore two crosses around his neck. One small silver cross on a silver chain and a long white cross on a green cord. Because of his look he had earned the name Phantom. Growing up in Heaven was rough as the other angels alienated and tortured him because he was a dark angel. Phantom didn't hate them because of how they treated him. Phantom had a large and loving heart even dispite being shown no love and/or effection. When Phantom was ten years old, Heaven turned its back on him locking Phanton up with chains outside of Heaven in the gates of Purgatory. Phantom couldn't understand why both Heaven and the other angels treated him this way just because he was a dark angel. His tears streaked down his face as he had spent the last five years like this. I didn't ask to be born a dark angel. Please let me back in! Don't shut me away in the darkness. he cried out. Nobody would hear his sorrowed filled cries.

Phantom awoke as he could feel someone nudging him in the side.

Wake up you dam abomination! hissed a voice as Phantom was kicked in the stomach. Phantom gasped sharply as he could feel someone grab his wings pulling out some of his feathers. Phantom screamed in pain as he opened his eyes to see five angels crowd over him. Wicked smiles were stretched across their faces. One of the angels held the chains that hung from his neck, wrists, and and feet tugging at the heavy chain on his neck. Phantom gasped as he struggled to get free from them.

Don't you understand freak. No one wants you around. No one will ever care or love an abomination like you. Why don't you just die? hissed an angel as they hit him hard.

No that's not true! I am not a monster, a freak, or an abomination. Just because I was born a little different doesn't give you the right to do this to me. Phantom gasped as he tried to stand up. His knees were kicked in as he was punched hard in the stomach and slapped across the face.

God doesn't even want you. Your kind will never be excepted within Heaven. We are God's chosen children. You are a freak, an abomination, and a monster. Nobody wants you! the angels laughed. Anger swelled within Phantom.

IT'S NOT TRUE! he shouted out as his powers activated teleporting him away from the mob of angels. Everything became blurry as Phantom could feel himself falling. The chains that were wrapped around him pulled him down hard as he couldn't free himself. Phantom hit the ground hard as he gasped when the air was knocked from out of his body. He could feel the darkness engulfing him as he reached out for the Heavens. Please...won't someone help me? Why should I have to suffer? Won't someone please tell me why I exist, what am I, and why am I like this? Please...help...me. Phantom cried out before he had lost consciousness. Unknown to Phantom is that he had falled down to Earth as a figure stood over him. Samantha Manson or Sam for short was on her way home from school when she saw a brilliant flash of white light. Black feathers came raining down from the sky as she could hear the sound of chains ratteling. When she looked up Sam could see Phantom come crashing down to Earth. At first she had thought that it was either a magic trick or a video stunt gone wrong. Sam ran to the sight where she saw Phantom crash to the ground. When she got close enough, she could see the dark angel reach out as if asking for help but the words that spilled from his lips sounded like no language that she had ever heard before. Sam blinked a few times as she thought that she was dreaming as she pinched herself.

'Nope this ain't no dream. He's real. A real life dark angel. But why is he here?' Sam asked herself. She knew that she couldn't leave him like this but there was no way that she would be able to carry him home with those chains on him. Sam snapped her fingers together as an idea came to her mind. Sam ran home as fast as her legs would carry her as she grabbed a bolt cutter and a trenchcoat. She emptied the contents of her bookbag onto her bed as she stuffed the items into her bookbag. Sam then ran out of her house back to where she had left the angel. Sam had laid some tree branches and bushes over Phantom carefully hiding him from view. When she got back she could see that Phantopm was still concscious. 'He might be unconscious for a while. He's beaten up pretty badly. I can't allow anyone else to find him as he maybe exploited because of what he is.' Sam thought to herself as she began to work cutting the chains. The collar chain and wrist chain she couldn't seem to cut completely off but she had managed to get almost all of the chains off of him leaving only a few chains dangeling off of the collar and wrist. "Well that's the best I am going to be able to get." Sam stated to herself as she sat the angel up placing the trenchcoat around him hiding his wings. Once she was pleased with her results she helped the angel up to his feet. Phantom was incredibly light as Sam dragged him back to her house.

Phantom's eyes slowly opened up as he stared up at the ceiling fan that hung above him. He knew that he wasn't in Purgatory anymore. Phantom sat up suddenly winsing in pain as he cursed sharply. He noticed that he felt much lighter as the chains that hung from his wrist jingled. He could still feel the chain collar that hung around his neck but he had noticed that the links had been cut. Phantom could hear as someone approached as they knocked on the door softly before it opened up. A young teen human female with shoulder length black hair and a small top of the head ponytail entered the room. Her violet purple eyes sparkeled when she noticed that the angel was consciousness as a smile stretched across her Caucasian face.

"Thank heavens your awake. You had me worried." stated Sam softly. Phantom stared at her as he couldn't understand a single word that she was saying. "You must be hungry. I had brought you something to eat. I would advise you from moving around so much until your fully healed." stated Sam as she walked over to the bed with a plate of food. Phantom tilted his head to one side as Sam placed the plate onto his lap. "By the way my name is Samantha Manson but call me Sam." added Sam as she sat down onto the side of the bed. Sam tired hard not to blush as the dark angel was incredibly handsom and beautiful. Phantom touched her hand gently as he had to use his powers to understand what Sam was saying. Sam turned a bright shade of red as Phantom had figured out that he must have landed on the human world. Phantom then pulled his hand away slowly as he noticed that Sam was avoiding looking at him directly.

"Thank you Sam for you help. Please call me Phantom." stated the angel. Sam blushed even brighter than before as she watched as Phantom picked at the food that she had brought.