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Once everyone had left, Phantom used his powers to make himself transparent to everyone else but his human friends. He was grateful that it was finally over with but a part of him also felt sad. He knew that his life mate Sam wouldn't willingly give up her life on Earth not when she still had her family and friends still here. Phantom could feel God's power flowing throughout the Earth alerting all the humans to what have happened.

*To all of humanity, I am sorry for everything that my own angels and the demons have put you through. I had not planned for some of my angels and demons to attack humanity in order to destroy them in order to gain control over the Earth. I had sent one of my soldiers to stop them while I was regaining my strength and power from the last great war that happened between the angels and the demons. Fortunately peace shall return as those whom had violated the laws have been dealt with. Please do not hold it against my angels, the demons, or me for what has happened. I hope that one day the three races can achieve peace and harmony so that we can all live side by side.* stated God before his voice dissipated.

"Hey Phantom do you and Sam really have to leave?" asked Valerie.

"That's not for me or Sam to decide." replied Phantom as he became visible in an abandoned alley taking on his human form.

"Phantom, I don't really want to leave. All of my family and friends are still here. Plus I haven't even graduated high school yet." stated Sam.

"I understand that Sam. I will see what I can do. But I can't guarantee that he will do as you ask." stated Phantom. Sam kissed Phantom on the cheek lightly making Phantom blush.

"Thanks Phantom, you are a doll." she stated as she held his hand in hers.

Finally everyone arrived at Sam's place as her parents were frantic. All of the parents including the Fenton's, Tucker's father, and Valerie's father were all there.

"You guys have some explaining to do." stated Jack Fenton.

"Start talking Samantha." stated Pamela Manson. Nobody was able to speak when suddenly Sam let out a terrible scream of pain as two large black feathered wings ripped out of her back. Everyone watched in concern as Sam collapsed onto her knees breathing heavily.

"What in the world is going on?" asked Mr. Gray.

"I can explain everything." replied Phantom as he stepped forward from the group as he took on his angelic form. The look of shock and surprise stretched across the older human faces. Phantom told them everything from beginning to the end about what had happened to him and how he fell to earth and how he ended up falling in love for Sam, his life mate. He told them everything without sparing any details of what has happened. Words erupted from his soul that where not his own. "Without balance no person is complete, without hope no one has a chance, without love no one can live, and without forgiveness no person will be able to find salvation. But without suffering no one would know to be any different, without jealousy no person would be able to find love, without rage no one would know peace, without punishment no person would know right from wrong, and without death no one would know how to cherish life. Everything and everyone has a balance as you just need to find it." (special thanks to Leo112 for this review in chapter 16 and allowing me to use it) Everyone looked at Phantom as he began to take on his true form.

"Phantom...what's wrong?" asked Sam in concern. Phantom looked at Sam as his face looked blank, lifeless.

"For a while we shall remain on Earth in order for you to complete the unfinished business that you have left on Earth. The only ones whom shall know the full truth about what Sam and I are, are the ones in this room. Special arrangements have been made to allow the identity of Angel Fenton to become a true one. When the day comes the dark angels shall arise back up to the Heavens where they belong." stated Phantom in a ghost-like voice as God had spoken through him. When God left him...Phantom returned back to normal collapsing back into his regular form. "Forgive me but it seems that my duty here on Earth is not yet complete. I hope that my being here will not inconvenience you as I have much to teach Sam in how to use her angelic powers." stated Phantom.

"Not at all Phantom, you are welcome to stay with us and become a member of our family." stated Maddie Fenton.

"If you are truly the one to be with Samantha for all eternity, then we have no problem with allowing you to be a member of our family as well." stated Jeremy Manson. Phantom simply bowed his head in silence crying.

Many years have passed as Sam laid her parents to rest. Both Sam and Phantom got married in a human wedding to make their bond even stronger as Sam was happy that her parents got to see it before their death as her parents died in a unfortunate car accident. Even Danny and Valerie got married and was expecting their first child. Sam and Phantom stood in a graveyard as Sam placed flowers on her parents grave. All of her friends were there to say their good byes to the two dark angels. Over the years that have passed while on Earth, Phantom taught Sam much about her powers. Even though Sam's powers were nothing compared to Phantom's they were at close second best seeing how she was once human. It was time for Sam and Phantom to journey back up to the Heaven where they belonged. Phantom had to use his powers to alter both his and Sam's appearance to make them look older. For angels like Phantom and Sam, they will be forever in the forms of teenagers. One at a time Danny, Valerie, Tucker, and Jazz hugged Phantom and Sam goodbye. The younger humans whom had started the journey with Sam and Phantom were closer to the two as they hated to say goodbye. The older humans stood by watching as they had silently said goodbye to the two.

"You guys better take care and come back to see us. You will always be a member of the family." stated Danny as he and Phantom shook hands as Phantom assumed his normal and true form dropping the spell that he had on both him and Sam.

"Thanks Danny that means a lot to me. Now that peace has been brought to the three worlds, it is only a matter of time before we can all live side by side as God intended. One day we shall return." stated Phantom as he spread open his wings as he took Sam by the hand.

"Take care guys, we will be watching over you." stated Sam as she and Phantom flew off into the Heaven.

Slowly their friends dispersed from the graveyard as their thoughts and prayers will always be able to reach both Sam and Phantom while they are in Heaven.

"Danny...I have finally decided on a name for our child. Whether it is a boy or a girl we shall name it Angel. This way we shall never forget him and what he has done and how he has changed our lives." stated Valerie.

"I think he would have been proud to hear you say that. We shall tell our children and our children's children about Sam and Phantom. We shall forever remember the dark angel Phantom in our hearts and in our thoughts." stated Danny.

"I don't think we have seen the last of those two as I have a feeling that they will return one day." stated Tucker.

"Until then we shall remember them fondly and pass on our memories to future generations." stated Jazz. Everyone agreed as they looked up to the sky before leaving for their homes!


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