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"It's tiny!"
"It's huge!"
These two gasps came at the same time by Shelby and Laura respectively. Wing simply quirked an eyebrow at them both, and grabbing Otto by the hand, pulled him over to the skates.
"They're going to argue for a while, so we might as well get started. Lucy?" he yelled to her, inclining his head to the shoes. She smiled, shook her head and returned her gaze back to her notepad.
"Suit yourself. What size are you? A five and a half?"
Otto narrowed his eyes at him.
"I've got a good eye," Wing stated negligently, tossing a pair of skates at him and pulled out a pair for himself. They pulled them on in companionable silence and wobbled their way over to the ice; Well Otto wobbled, Wing walked across the floor.
"Laura! LAURA!" He yelled at the two still arguing girls, "Just kiss and make up already!"

She let out an enraged scream and ran at him, but he gilded out onto the ice laughing mockingly at her as he did so. She snarled at him, but he ignored her with his laugh echoing around the rink. Otto gingerly stepped onto the ice. It was all physics: Forces and counter forces. And with that knowledge in mind he pushed off from the side. He skated gingerly, quickly evaluating each movement before he did it.
"Is this your first time skating Otto?" Wing called as he skated wildly past him, spinning faster as he did so yet again. Lucy skated elegantly past him and held out her gloved hand to Wing. He bowed and took her hand. They both skated faster and faster around the rink, spinning as they did so.
"Show off!" called Laura from the side where she stood with hot chocolate in her mittened hand. Shelby stood next to her, grinning wildly at him.
"Wing! Come here!"

He obliged, stopping slowly in front of her; leaning forward so Shelby could whisper in his ear. He pushed himself off from the side so suddenly, Otto jumped. Wing's hands were in the air and he was hissing at her. And she was giving as good as she got. Laura joined in as well. Wing sighed and skated back to Lucy. He spoke quietly with her for a moment and she smiled, nodded and placed a comforting hand on his arm. She skated back to where Shelby and Laura were watching, her every movement eerily graceful.

Wing's voice broke Otto's concentration, causing him to fall onto the cold ice. Except the impact never came. Otto opened his eyes and glanced up at Wing whose arms he was lying in.
"Shelby's right. You really do need help. Luckily I am here to help, and she's also bribing me with ice cream so," he shrugged as he righted Otto on his admittedly wobbly feet. He remained with a tight
grip on his hands; and Otto noticed for the first time a slim golden band on his left thumb.

Wing slowly started to skate backwards pulling Otto with him. Otto's brain tried desperately to think about exactly which forces was needed to skate, but all he could think about was how close Wing was to him.
"There we go! You're skating better already!"

Otto smiled at him and glanced towards were the girls were.
"They went in for hot chocolate and food," Wing answered his unspoken question. Otto glanced towards him and immediately wished he hadn't as he could feel his brain slowly stop working the way he wanted it to.
"Otto?" Wing asked noticing the slightly blank look in Otto's blue eyes. He blinked a few more times and smiled slightly at Wing.
"Was just thinking."
"Penny for them?"
Otto blinked as a penny appeared in front of his nose. He laughed as the idea set in his mind.
"How about I'll answer a question and you'll answer a question?"
"If I am able to answer then I shall. But you have to understand I have things that I would rather remain private."
Otto nodded. That seemed fair.
"Me first. Where are you from?" Otto asked.
"I was born in China. But I've lived all over the world. I came from Tokyo to here. What were you just thinking about?"
"Just that this is probably the most fun I've ever had. Why did you move about a lot?"
"My parent's jobs. Do you okay to let go of my hands yet?"
"Um." Otto glanced at their joined hands. He had been enjoying the close contact. "Okay."

Wing held for a bit longer though.
"What did your parents do?" Otto asked secretly relieved, yet not sure why.
"IT. What is-" The rest of the sentence was cut off by two yelps. Wing had let go of Otto's hands; Otto had slipped forwards and had reflexively grabbed onto Wing to steady himself; Wing, who wasn't
expecting it slipped backwards. His head connected with the hard ice, Otto's head connected with his. Otto could suddenly feel everything: the beat of Wing's heart under his hands; the humming of the generator through the ice and the sensation of Wing's scarred lips pressed against his. Otto's eyes widened even further and met Wing's equally wide ones. Otto pressed himself up and straddled Wing's legs as he stuttered an illegible apology.
"It's okay. Are you alright?" Wing asked sitting up slightly, his hands cupping Otto's face. "I heard a thunk. Did you hit your head?"
"That was you."
"It was?"
"Oh. OW!"

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