Author: Daggermouth
Message from the Author: The final chapter, sorry if it's slightly anti-climatic. Book Three will follow this one; you can look forward to it starting throughout the summer. Warning: towards the end of this chapter it becomes extremely dark.

Lion King 4
Chapter: XFinale Part II: Fate of the Full Circle

Kopa kicks the sand before finally drawing a circle in the golden coastal sand with his paw.
"The full circle of events which can never be stopped or changed," Kopa say to himself looking at the circle he drew. Kiara finally has the answers she wanted she rushes up to her brother and gives him an almighty nuzzle to reassure him that everything will be fine. As Kiara fills Kopa in of all the events that have past she is surprised to see that Kopa is willing to confront Zira once more. Kopa might finally be able to get his revenge on that most evil of lionesses.
"We'll stop Zira together," Kiara offers her paw to her brother, who sadly looks out across the large lake and down at the circle in the sand he drew before taking his sister's paw and the two of them rush off to the west towards Priderock. The circle Kopa marked into the golden sand slowly gets washed away by the waves of the Evenstar Beach; they flow majestically across the sand destroying the circle as brother and sister run towards the fabled Priderock. The Evenstar Beach becomes silent, only the shallow tides brush up against the coast of the lake as a rather silent purple snake with red stripes and a piecing voice slivers across the golden sand. It watches brother and sister rush away from the beach before the red eyes of the snake glance down at the destroyed and faded circle drawn into the sand realizes the end is near. The circle represents five tales of the past all reunited together: Kopa, Zira, Scar, Sarafina, Kivuli, A circle of events which began when Zira was born and lost, a circle of events which lead to Kopa's disappearance and to Sarafina's death and a circle of events which will finally end when Zira is ultimately stopped. The snake gazes out impassively towards the west watching brother and sister run alongside one another towards Priderock in the faraway distance before slivering unaccompanied towards the deathly Shadowland.

Priderock was a torn battlefield now. The area around Priderock was already scarred with ash and the grass was dead from the constant fighting. The majority of the hyenas were defeated but some still fought valiantly. They just needed one final push to defeat her once and for all. All the other lionesses fought valiantly but most of them had fallen, Simba and his old friend Chumvi stand back to back fighting anything what comes near them, both of them were exhausted but they carried on because they needed to win this fight. Vitani and Kula stand together fighting off any of all predators. Meanwhile Kopa and Kiara rush further and further towards Priderock, the monument was getting larger across the purple horizon. Nala was still in the lion's den, after her pain she suddenly becomes overcome with rage, the dark thoughts suddenly creep inside her and touch her heart and for once in her life Nala wanted revenge, she was going to kill Zira for everything she and Scar has done, they took away Kopa, Mheetu and now Sarafina, they have taken so much away from her. Nala cries in anger and rushes out the lion's den and into the field of battle crushing any hyenas in her path killing one as she slashes right across its face in anger. She was working her way towards Zira. Destroying the hyena's guarding Zira, Nala brushes past them like they were weightless. Nala's rage was keeping her fighting and finally she reaches Zira only to find her nuzzling with Kivuli. But Nala didn't care she shoves Kivuli out of the way and dives onto the evil lioness, scratching her face wildly Nala was still in tears. Kivuli falls the fall he was almost thrown away by Nala; he shakes his head and gets up. He is saddened to Zira has given up the will to fight and is just letting Nala attack her.
"Fight Back!" Nala growls loudly in rage as she smacks Zira across the face with her paw and claws. After just seeing her mother die Nala was holding nothing back as the queen scratches Zira's face clawing it straight across her eyes. Zira wails in pain and finally gets up to face her challenger. Nala dashes towards the lioness once more but Kivuli rushes forward to stop the queen Nala, crashing his full body into her and knocking Nala off her paws...

Down below in the battle, the lionesses were falling, it seemed the Hyena's were too great, Priderock was caught unprepared. Simba was worried, the fighting seemed to never stop, his legs were giving up and he was exhausted, Simba only wished that instead of staying awake all those nights that instead he had slept. Even Timon and Pumbaa were fighting now in their own comical ways, Pumbaa had a log locked into his tusks as was flailing his head about from side to side while Timon was riding on the back of a hyena and bopping it on the head with the smallest stick Simba had ever seen. But even now Simba worried. He was joined by his old friends Chumvi and Kula and still he couldn't find the assurance to keep going. As three very familiar hyenas approach him, Shenzi, Banzi and Ed, they were the ones who chased him away from the Pridelands throughout the Daggermouth Thorn Forest when Simba was just a cub. The four of them rush together; Simba jumps first, grabbing Banzi and rolling across with him all the time trying to strike the hyena. The hyenas were fast but Simba breaks off from Banzi and calls over to Timon and Pumbaa for some well-needed assistance. The sky was red as blood when they arrived and Simba grabbed the log on Pumbaa's tusk,
"Whoa Simba, don't be doing anything to hasty now, Ahh—" Thwack! Simba swung the log right into the three hyenas with little ease sending the three hyenas flying before they flee, rushing away from Priderock hopefully never to return again.

Meanwhile Vitani, impatient as ever was still fighting strong, she was one of the strongest lionesses in the Pridelands and she was never scared of hyenas even as a cub. She knew how to fight, but the hyenas always fought with little leadership. Vitani wondered what made her mother Zira stop barking orders from above on Priderock. It was strangely silent up there. The fearless lioness Vitani has no idea her mother was still alive, she saw her mother get swept away down the Daggermouth Gorge. Suddenly Vitani is knocked down by Shenzi, Banzi and Ed as they flee. They crashed right into the lioness catching her off guard. It's only at that moment Kula approaches her and helps her back up.
"Perhaps we can get to know eachother sometime!" Kula grins as she rushes off help her mate Chumvi. Together they were dragged into war; they were only visiting Priderock to hopefully find an answer to the strange icy mist back at their home in the far North. Kula was rather protective of her mate; they had never fought the vicious hyenas before. When the hyenas got chases away from the Elephant Graveyard Kula and Chumvi had already moved to their new home at the Dry Forest. But none of that mattered now as they stand back-to-back ready to take on the hyenas.

Across from the burning red sun after a long journey brother and sister finally return. Kopa is horrified to see the scene, Priderock was torn the grass was dead. Everyone; his friends and family were all fighting. Kiara parts ways with her brother, she rushes to help her mate Kovu as he was fighting alone. As Kiara fights with Kovu, the son of the Lion King makes his way up onto Priderock. It was time to end this. Kopa heads up onto Priderock to confront the mistress of evil behind all this: Zira.

"Enough!" Kivuli shouts at Nala. The queen wasn't giving up, she wanted Zira dead. But at every turn Kivuli was acting as a shield for Zira. Kivuli was battered and scratched from the queen's desperate onslaught. The elder lion falls to the ground defeated he cannot protect his love from Nala anymore, he was too weak. Zira herself was too shocked and upset to fight, after telling about her past to Kivuli everything to her was now different. But nothing could prepare her for the arrival of the forgotten prince Kopa. The prince marches up onto Priderock the blazing red sun behind him, the wind of the sunset blowing through his fur. Kopa stands with his mother. They were gathered for the end. Without their leader to guide them and bark orders at them the grey hyenas were laughing no more as they were quickly scattering across the Pridelands. Simba's Pride were finally getting the advantage. The fighting slowly comes to a halt as one more lioness makes her way up to Priderock. It was Doti. She had being fighting also and she had numerous small scratches across her dark fur. Doti was a previous Outlander and was once loyal to Zira, but not anymore. She was just as angry as everyone else but for her own reason:
"Do you remember your son Zira? How you treated Nuka like dirt? You forgot about him and all that time all he ever wanted was your love!" The dark dotted lioness growls furiously. When Doti was just an adolescent lioness she fell in love with Nuka under the burning Equinox Sunset many years ago, all that time they lived in the Outlands she was Nuka's mate. Everyone knows how badly she treated him it was all her fault that Nuka died and Doti wasn't going to let her get away
"Face it Zira, you can't fight us all," Suddenly Kopa, Nala and Doti advance towards their enemy, each one of them having their own reasons to want to end her life right now. Zira could see all the evil she has committed; it was laid out infront of her. Kivuli couldn't fight anymore, he was laid on the floor defeated he tried to get up but he couldn't muster the strength. Zira slowly backs up away from everyone she was getting dangerously close to the end of the Priderock, looking over her shoulder, she was trapped. Kopa, Nala and Doti encircle the malevolent lioness. But only Kivuli questions if Zira is in fact truly evil, he can only whimper and watch, powerless to do anything. Kopa who was attacked as a cub and left for dead, Nala who wanted revenge for the death of her mother Sarafina, and Doti who fell in love with Nuka and has always wanted revenge on Zira for driving her own son into the actions which lead to his death. But killing Zira would not be right. Kopa takes his first step towards being the next Lion King and decides to end everything not with violence but with words, and the Prince Kopa steps forward to deal Zira a punishment far worse than death:
"You have gone too far this time. You killed and you got others to kill for you. All we wanted to do was help you Zira. Look around you, all this fighting, all this betrayal, all of it has a source, you. Exile is no longer the right punishment for you. So you leave me no choice. You must journey into the abyss that is the Shadowland and there you will meet your end for all time." Listening to her old rival Zira sighs looking down the ground. She thinks back to when she was a cub with her parents and how disappointed they would be if they saw her now.
"No!" Kivuli shouts objecting to everything, his deep voice echoing across all of Priderock, "I know those Shadowlands Kopa. And I can assure you something much darker and stronger is growing there, you cannot send Zira to that place or everything will be made to suffer; they will make sure of it!" Kivuli growls and pushes himself up onto his paws until he roars in pain louder than any lion ever has before. But Zira cannot say a word, she is in shock, falling deeper and deeper into depression, she nuzzles Kivuli with a single crystal tear falling from her eye.
"I'm sorry my love," Zira says goodbye and squints her eyes; the tears burned her eyes she had not cried in so long. Kopa stands with a serious look of anger on his face as Zira runs for the very last time away from Priderock just before roaring the order for the hyenas to stop. And just like that, it was over. The hyenas fled to four borders of the Pridelands, hopefully never to be seen again, the colony was broken, the hyenas should never return. Everyone in Simba's Pride reunite down on the grass. Kopa nuzzles with Vitani once more, Kovu helps his father Kivuli up towards the lion's den where he can rest and the elder lion was distraught from seeing his mate's demise. Nala lies again with her mother's body, Sarafina's golden fur had already lost its colour, Nala glances over at the Black Scarab her mother was holding and smashes it into hundreds of pieces onto the rock floor of the lion's den...

After getting ordered by the once and future king Kopa, the destroyed lioness Zira makes walks defeated away from the glory of Priderock. She could only realise Kopa was right, she had gone too far. She could have taken your place in the Circle of Life but somehow she knew it wouldn't be the same. Vitani and her friend Doti hated Zira and she had sided with the hyenas that were to partly blame for Scar's death in the first. But before she leaves, the past malevolent queen makes her way to a cave and down a long dark tunnel into a large cavern. She walks into the cave with the waterfall. The cave with the family tree carved into the cavern wall. Sitting there, Zira looks at all the names on the wall. Her own name was placed next to that of Scar. Regretfully Zira uses her claws and scratches her own name from the family tree, her claws screech down the cave wall until her name was no longer visible, the scratching made her claws bleed she did it so desperately. It was time for her to leave. Zira walks off towards the entrance of the cave which nobody knows where it leads to. Nobody has ever gone this entrance, not even Vitani dared go when she was cub. But now Zira fearlessly walks into the dark tunnel through the mysterious entrance to the cave which no one has ever gone through. On the other side Zira is greeted with the Shadowland. A merciless land, the land was covered in old ancient stones; lightning constantly blasted down from the clouds and struck the stones. The land itself was twisted, the gorges were covered in deadly spikes and it seemed to go on for as far as the eye could see. There was hardly any light here, the Shadowland was black. Twister's curved down from the black clouds and spiraled across all of the Shadowland causing constant destruction. Zira makes her way towards a black spiky monument formed from the ground only to find it struck by a sudden flash a blue bright lightning. Zira gasps and runs in fear where she trips and falls into pile of ash hurling dust up around her, tainting her once golden fur to grey. She gets up and brushes herself off. It's only then a sound of quiet hissing could be heard around her. Behind her a purple snake with red stripes slivers up infront of her a blank expression on the snakes face. The snake was called Joka and it lean's upwards on its long rattling tail until its eyes match the level of Zira's.
"I set everything up for you; I manipulated Malka and then Kopa into returning home for you to get your vengeance. I made the deal with the hyenas so they'd serve you unwillingly. You had everything you needed to become queen but you let that dim imbecile Kivuli touch your heart. You could have of had it all. You could have broken the Circle of Life! But you have failed me for the last time Zira!" The snake hisses at her its piecing voice high-pitched voice throat with anger. The snake jolts away from Zira and silvers across the black ground before turning its head ever so slightly,
"Do you remember Kari and Uzuri? Your mother and father, what do you think happened to them once you'd left and never returned out of spite? While they were out searching for you Zira, they were murdered in cold blood. They were poisoned. Just think; if you hadn't of run away from home perhaps they might still be alive!" Joka hisses with a deceitful grin on its face and spit falling from mouth. The snake finished before finally revealing to Zira her father's grey scarf as the lioness in shock recognizes the grey scarf. "NO!" She screams and grabs the scarf as it slowly falls through the air, she hugs it in pain. The snake laughs knowing saying all this would be hurt her; it knew all her weak points. "Why are you doing this?" Zira manages to roar in pain under her many tears. Suddenly Zira fills with remorse and suddenly realizes all the evil she has committed, everything she has done, she killed Nuka, she hurt Kovu and Kopa, she was stubborn to realizes she could of had a second chance in the Pridelands to be happy. But now everyone would be happy without her...
The snake paces up and down slivering while leaned up high on its tail. It decides to continue to explain everything to this pawn of his:
"The circle of life is a delicate equilibrium between life and death, if either one gets knocked out of balance then it's not just the Pridelands which will fall. But the Pridelands, the Outlands, the Shadowlands and everything beyond that." Zira scowls at the snake before realizing she was just a pawn to this creature, she growls and is about to attack when the snake grabs her and squeezes her, wrapping it's coiling its long fat tail around her tightly. The snake looks right into the eye's of the scared lioness, her breathe was being stolen from her by the snakes tight grip. It squeezes her even tighter, Zira could feel herself fading away, but she manages to mumble her final few words:
"I-I'm sorry..." Before she can conclude her words she passes away, closing her tired eyes for the final time. Joka the snake uncoils itself and allows her body to fall to the ground lifelessly its gleaming red snake eyes light up in the dark Shadowland as it slivers away without remorse. A deafeningly loud thunder clap rages across the black clouds above as Zira's body is left cling onto the grey scarf which was once her fathers...

The fate of full circle was over. The events started long ago, when a lost female cub was separated from her parents. Washed up on the lonely shore of the Evenstar Beach, she descended into evil in the Pridelands and hurt the successor, the forgotten prince who she attacked and got exiled for. But an elder lion with grey fur named Kivuli saved her, she realized her true place in the Circle of Life. But too late, far too late. Did she get her just deserves? Or was she just a tool in a far bigger scheme... The pasts are now reunited, the malevolent queen is no more, but it was far from over, while the Fate of Full Circle may have ended...Something much darker and stronger is growing in the Shadowlands. And as Kivuli warned: 'Everything will be made to suffer; they will make sure of it'.

To Be Continued...

End of Episode X

End of Book Two