I've had a bout of inspiration recently (for those of you reading treason, I'm about half-way done with the next chapter) and it includes this story and another one which I'm going to publish. I won't tell you what it's about but here's a hint! It includes NaruHina and the retelling of a certain Disney classic.

Chapter 1: The Interruption

The sun was setting as people piled into the chapel. The ringing of the bells filled the air: the large heavy bells like thundering giants, the small bells becoming a choir. White flowers decorated the chapel, wedged into every nook and cranny. When all had settled down, the organ began to play its tearful sad-happy march. The bride walked down the aisle, smiling at the blond haired man she was about to marry. The priest's spiky white hair was about the only thing that could rival the brides dress in color. The bride reached her groom and with a quick smile, turned to the priest.

"We are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony." The priest's voice was muffled by the surgical mask he wore. The priest read from his book, a hushed silence claiming the church as he read. The priest shut his book and smiled at the couple now before him. "You may now kiss the bride."

The blond hair groom smiled and pulled the veil on his bride. He looked into her green eyes and admired her pink hair. The groom leaned closer, closing his eyes…

"Wait!" The church doors slammed open and all eyes turned to the black-haired woman in the doorway. "Naruto, I can't let you marry Sakura!"

"Hinata! B-but why?" Naruto exclaimed.

"You're marrying her for all the wrong reasons!"

"Hinata…I love Sakura, and nothing can change-"

"But I'm in love with you!" Hinata yelled, tears forming in her eyes.

Naruto was taken aback, not expecting one of his closest friends to say that. "I'm sorry Hinata but-"

"Why can't you see past her lies! Please, just leave her there and come with me!"

Naruto stood silently, not letting go of Sakura's hand.

Hinata lowered her head with tears streaming down her cheeks. "I understand…" Naruto gave a small smile and turned back to Sakura. "…that you give me no other choice." Hinata charged down the aisle and drew the blade she had hidden. Before anyone in the audience could react, Hinata had her weapon placed to Naruto's neck. Sakura gasped.

"If any of you follows us," Hinata said as she lead Naruto out the front door, "I'll kill him." Once outside Hinata whispered to Naruto, "I'm sorry about this." Hinata gave a swift hit to Naruto's gut and Naruto passed out. Hinata threw Naruto's limp body over her shoulder and disappeared into the night.

Hinata laid Naruto down on the bed in her small mountain home. Hinata bound his hands before giving him a longing look. Hinata left the room and locked the door behind her before walking outside her home. The area she had built her home was only known to a handful of close friends, Naruto included. The house was built in a small clearing on the mountains, about a two hour hike from the city. A stream gurgled from a nearby waterfall; the falling water always calmed Hinata. However the water seemed to fail to calm her nerves tonight.

Why did I do that! Why oh why! Hinata's brain melted and her face was flushed as she ran around in circles waving her arms wildly.

Inside, Naruto started to wake up. Where am I? He thought hazily. "Sakura?" Naruto sat up and noticed his hands were bound. Naruto looked around the room and realized where he was. Hinata… Naruto thought, his memories from his college days started coming back to him.

"You live here?" Naruto exclaimed.

"Yeah. There were some problems back home so I decided to live out here." Hinata said.

"Oh." Naruto said. He had only been friends with Hinata for a few weeks and didn't know much about her personal life. "So what do you do up here? It must get pretty boring when you're not in school."

"Well...I write and practice kendo."

"You practice kendo?" Naruto asked, surprised that a woman Hinata's size could be much of a threat. She was a whole head shorter than himself and very skinny. Naruto tried to imagine a muscular Hinata and started laughing.

Hinata looked slightly offended, "Why is that so funny? I'm really good!"

"No, I just tried to imagine you with giant muscles." Naruto said, still laughing. Hinata started laughing as well.

"Do you want something to eat?" Hinata offered after they had stopped laughing.

"Sure, but don't let me cook. The best I can do is instant ramen."

The house Hinata lived in was very small. There was a small couch and coffee table sat to the right of the door. There was a bookshelf against the wall filled with various novels, pictures, and knickknacks. In the other corner of the room was a mini kitchen. There was even a mini-fridge and stove-top. There was a door in the back which Naruto guessed lead to her bedroom.

Naruto took a seat on the couch while Hinata started their supper. Naruto was looking over the bookshelf and picked one out at random. Hinata brought their food over and noticed what Naruto was reading. Hinata quickly grabbed the book from Naruto.

"Eh, what was that for."

"Well…because I wrote it."

"You're published? But that's not your name on the book."

"I publish under a pen name. If I published with my real name, my family wouldn't approve."

"Why? Because it's a romance novel?"

"N-No." Hinata blushed.

"Well then, your family's full of idiots. It was a pretty good book, until you grabbed it away."

"Thanks." Hinata said and started eating. They ate in silence and when they finished, Naruto stood up to put the dishes away.

"Let me do it." Hinata stood up but her foot caught on the coffee table and she crashed into Naruto. The dishes shattered on the floor and Hinata was lying on top of Naruto.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah." Hinata answered. She pushed herself up and looked into Naruto's eyes. "Sorry."

"It's okay."

That was three years ago; exactly one week before he had meet Sakura. They had kept in touch and Naruto had even invited Hinata to the wedding. It wasn't until today that he had discovered her true feelings. Naruto looked around the room; its contents including the bed he was now on, a dresser, and the window.

Naruto stood up, which proved slightly difficult with his hands bound and tried opening the door. It was locked, to be expected, leaving Naruto with nothing to do but sit on the bed and wait.

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