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Chapter 3: Tragic

The bushes rustled and Hinata stepped out into the empty road. As she looked up at the moon, a cold breeze blew through the night, forcing Hinata to pull her coat closer around her. I know Naruto said to wait a few days, but… Hinata trailed off in her thoughts as a pair of headlights blinded her.

She couldn't see the car but she heard the car door open. "Hinata, is that you?"

Recognizing Kiba's voice, Hinata froze. "Kiba! About the thing at the church-"

"Don't worry about it," Kiba interrupted her, now coming in front of the headlights so she could see him. "Naruto already dropped by the police station and explained everything."

Hinata sighed a sigh of relief.

"Get in." Kiba offered, "It must be cold out here."

Hinata walked around and climbed into the passenger side of the police car. Instantly she felt better, the heat from the car warming her.

"So," Kiba said, pulling away, "Is there anywhere I can take you?"

Hinata was about to open her mouth when a voice came over the radio. "Kiba are you there?"

Kiba picked up the radio. "Just a sec Hinata." Pressing the radio button Kiba spoke into it, "Kiba here."

"Great, can you head for the apartment complex on 5th street? We're short on people."

"Yeah, no problem." Kiba said.

"Isn't that the apartment that Sakura lives at?" Hinata asked. She noticed that he tensed a little when she mentioned it.

"Yeah, I think it is."

Ten minutes later, Kiba pulled into the parking lot, which was filled with other emergency cars. Hinata got out first and the first thing she noticed was Sakura, sitting on the ground with a blank stare in her eyes. Several cops were trying to coax her into getting into the police car. Kiba also noticed and rushed over, Hinata followed but kept her distance; she knew that Naruto must have to Sakura what had happened between Naruto and herself.

"Sakura, it's me, Kiba." Sakura looked up, her green eyes starting to fill with tears. "What happened here?"

Sakura stared at him for a moment, and then opened her mouth. "Naruto..."

Hinata's whole body went rigid; a chill sent from hell crawled down her spine. Hinata turned to the apartment. Sakura's room was on the first floor. At full speed, Hinata ran straight towards the apartment building.

"Hinata!" Kiba cried, running after her. "Wait, you can't go in there!"

Hinata ignored him and the other police officers as she ducked under the yellow tape covering the front door. She rounded one corner, kicking an officer in the gut to get past, then another corner; Sakura's room was close. Ten doors down…five, Hinata knew she only had seconds before Kiba or one of the other officers caught her.…three…one. She stopped in the doorway and stared at the scene before her. Naruto was on the floor, a pool of blood soaking the carpet. Several people were walking around the room, numbering various things and taking photographs; they had all stopped to watch her.

Kiba now had a hold on Hinata's hand, "Hinata, you can't go in there."

Hinata didn't hear him; she couldn't take her eyes off of Naruto's body. She feared that if she did, he would be lost forever. "Naruto!" Hinata tried to run into the room but Kiba pulled her back. Every fiber of her very being was being pulled towards the man she loved, even though Hinata's heart knew it was too late. After a more failed attempts, Hinata finally gave up and turned into Kiba, sobbing into her best friend's chest.

Meanwhile, Sakura was dimly aware of what was passing by outside the window. She was sitting in the back of a police car, traveling to the station. Shifting in her seat she felt the cold metal of the knife down the side of her shirt, and all she could think of was how to get rid of it.

One Week Later

"Why is she being released!" Kiba demanded to his boss. Sakura had been released from police custody only moments before. Kiba had come to the realization that one of his friends had been driven to kill another friend, and was now out to find justice.

"Because," Kiba's boss said, "We can't find any evidence linking Sakura Haruno to the death of Naruto Uzumaki. Plus theirs no motive."

"Hinata and I told you the motive!" Kiba yelled, slamming his fists into the desk his boss sat at. His boss sat there stared at Kiba.

Finally, he stood and spoke to Kiba. "Officer Inuzuka, it's about time for you to take a vacation." Kiba opened his mouth to speak but his boss went on. "I know the death of one of your friends may have taken a toll on you, so I recommend you visit one of our therapist's." The boss opened a drawer on the desk and pulled out a broche. "We have one in Hawaii if you're interested."

Kiba took it was a snort and stormed out of the office, scaring even his k-9 partner Akamaru. Kiba pushed open the front doors of the station and saw Hinata standing there, a blank look in her eyes. "Hinata?" Kiba asked. Akamaru had followed him out and was now standing near Hinata, trying to lick her hand.

"W-Was that Sakura?" Hinata said, on the verge of tears. It was then that Kiba noticed that she was wearing all black; Naruto's funeral was in an hour.

"Yeah, they released her due to a lack of evidence and motive." Kiba said reluctantly.

"But we know the motive!"

"Yeah, I know, justice sucks right now. They said due to your recent…er, event and because I meet Naruto unofficially, there's no evidence to say that he was able to tell Sakura what happened between you two." Hinata looked shocked and Kiba couldn't blame her. "Come on," Kiba said, putting his hand on her shoulder. "The least we can do is seeing Naruto off."

Hinata never thought her tears could flow so much. She was standing over Naruto's coffin, looking down of his handsome face a final time. His lips were parted slightly, his blond hair was in its usual mess, and his hands were folded over his chest. If it wasn't for the dress clothing he was in, he could have been sleeping, and this would just all be some cruel joke to her. Eventually, Kiba lead Hinata away from the coffin and they closed the lid, getting it ready for burial. She had been the last one to see his, and that was how she knew he would want it. The carriers were all of their male friends from college; Choji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Neji, Shino, Sai, Lee, and even Sasuke who left to travel the world came back. Tenten and Ino were walking with Hinata, both also tearful.

As the friends left the church and headed for the graveyard, Hinata heard snippets of other conversations from others that Naruto had known.

"…that Sakura killed him…"

"…she didn't even come to the funeral…"

"…heard she was cheating…"

"…Hinata is right?"

"…who's right in this…"

"…I'm not sure but…"

"…Hinata submitted all those photos, didn't she?"

"…how could they let her…"

Hinata shook her head and focused on the coffin, which was now being lowered into the ground in front of her. She closed her eyes and let herself sink back into her college days; to be specific, the best day of her life.

An eagle cried overhead as the group of Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Neji, Kiba, and Akamaru climbed over a giant group of rocks. They had gone on a trip to the mountains for spring break to save money. Naruto pulled Sakura over, who purposely tripped over nothing to land on top of him.

"Sorry, Naruto." She said. They started dating only last week. Jiraiya died two weeks ago.

"It's okay, accidents happen."

"Get a room you two!" Kiba mocked.

Hinata choose to look away as the couple blushed and awkwardly got up. She instead looked watched the clouds move slowly across the sky. They had climbed quiet the distance and the air was starting to get cold. Neji stood ahead of the group, reading his map in hand. "There's a difficult trail up ahead then we should make camp in a clearing past that."

Once the two lovebirds finally got up, the group headed in the direction Neji referred to earlier. The 'trail' was nothing more than a few inches of rock next to a sheer cliff face. Below, far below, was a small lake after a few pointy rocks and several trees. Nothing to be nervous about.

"We have to pass this!" Sakura demanded.

"If it helps, Naruto can hold your hand." Neji said, already halfway out. "Kiba, you're going to have to carry Akamaru across. After you, Sakura, Naruto, and then Hinata can follow." Neji had gotten across and now Kiba was walking dangerously across the small death-trail. After Sakura and Naruto had crossed, it was finally Hinata's turn.

Hinata had almost reached the other side when Sakura turn to Naruto and kissed him saying, "You're so brave."

Hinata turned away as Naruto blushed, but as she did, her footing slipped. As she fell, the last thing she saw was Naruto jumping after her.

Hinata woke up, felling cut, battered, and slightly wet, but not too bad overall. A pair of arms was wrapped around her and she discovered Naruto, in and even worse condition. "Na-Naruto! Are you alright?"

Naruto smiled painfully. "I'm still in one piece."

Hinata sat up, leaving Naruto's arms. They had landed in the shallows of the lake. The sun was now completely set and the moon offered little light. Naruto attempted to do the same as Hinata, but when he put down his arm to help himself up, he cried out in pain. Hinata instantly bent over to observe his arm. "It's broken," Hinata said quickly, "Here, I'll help you up."

"Thanks." Naruto grunted. Hinata placed herself under Naruto's opposite arm and helped him stand up. Only then did she realize how much pain she herself was in. I have to pull through, for Naruto's sake.

"Hinata." Naruto said.

"Y-Yeah?" She replied.

"We need to find somewhere to shelter for the night. Our friends should have a rescue team out searching for us by now."

Hinata nodded and they started walking towards the mountain. After an eternity, they found a small clearing to stop in. Hinata lowered Naruto down carefully, and then spoke. "Naruto, we have to take off your jacket."

"Why?" If Hinata could have seen, Naruto was blushing.

"I could feel you shivering as we walked. I need to use my body to regulate your body temperature." Hinata was starting to blush now too.

"Fine." Naruto said, and they both started undressing him. Once the jacket was off, Hinata sat down between Naruto's legs and draped the jacket over the two of them as a blanket. "Thanks, Hinata. I feel better already."

"Well I am studying to become a doctor."

"Let's hope you never get a criminal record then." Naruto joked.

The earth was pushed over the coffin, burying Naruto in his final resting place. They had been found the next morning by park rangers and brought to a hospital. It was one of Hinata's favorite memories, and that's all it was going to be now. Memories from the past, no more new ones to add the brain; no more new photographs, only old ones that would rot in photo albums.

People began to leave; only Hinata remained. "Hinata?" Kiba asked, "Are you ready to go?"

Hinata shook her head. "Go ahead and leave. I'm…going to be here for a while."

Kiba looked hesitant at first, but finally left, leaving Hinata all alone in the graveyard.

Hinata lost track of how many hours past, only aware that rain had started to fall lightly. She turned and left, her mind made up before she even left the cemetery. If the law won't punish Sakura, then I will.

Sakura steeped out of her apartment building at midnight, planning on leaving town as soon as possible. It was still raining slightly so she opened her umbrella and quickly ran to her car, her suitcase behind her. She was about to unlock her car when a voice spoke behind her. "I didn't see you at the funeral."

Sakura whipped around, searching for the voice when Hinata stepped out into a street light. A curved short sword in her hand. "Hinata. What are you doing here?"

"Where were you during the funeral?" Hinata ignored Sakura.

Sakura dropped her keys, now afraid. "I-I had something to do."

"Or do you mean, someone?"

"No! Of course not!"

Hinata was silent. "I know you were cheating on Naruto the whole time."

Now Sakura froze. "I also know that you were the one who killed Naruto. And since the justice system won't punish you," Hinata took a stance, "I will."

Hinata lunged forward and slashed.

Sakura didn't even have time to scream.

Sakura's body lay on the ground in a bloody heap. Hinata looked up at a surveillance camera, and the next few days passed as a blur. Only a few images could make it to her brain. First she was clasped in handcuffs sitting in the back of a police car. Next her lawyer cousin, Neji, stepping into the police office and saying, "We'll get through this, I know you couldn't have done it." She was in another car now, her father driving it. Hinata picked up only a few words, something about family honor and disinherit.

A week had passed, and Hinata was called into court for a hearing. She was dressed in her orange prison outfit.

"We are here today," The judge started, "to discuss the matter of Hinata vs. the state, in the murder of Sakura Haruno. The accused, Hinata Hyuga, please rise." Hinata stood. She looked around the courtroom; behind her were her father and sister. Hiashi's expression was as unreadable as ever and Hanabi had tears in her eyes. Kiba was also there, sitting towards the back. Everyone else was just a blank face to Hinata's mind.

"Ms. Hyuga, how do you plead?"

Hinata opened her mouth but no sound came out. Tears welled up in her eyes and images of Naruto played in the back of her mind. A single tear ran down her face and she opened her mouth again, this time generating sound.


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