Her breaths came out shaky and almost audible as his teeth grazed up and down her neck. She knew it was wrong, but lust took over and she couldn't control it anymore, she wanted her English teacher.

She gasped lightly as his hips began an erratic pace, grinding against hers harshly. She pulled and tugged on his silky locks, earning herself a few groans. He stopped his dry humping and started to ghost his hand down her side. He stopped at the hem of her thin tank top that tightly wrapped around her flawless figure. He let his cold fingers slowly intrude up into her top. She gave a soft throaty moan as his hand roamed freely over her warm skin sending tingles up her spine.

He buried his face in the nape of her neck secretly taking in her sweet seducing scent. He flicked his tongue out so badly wanting to taste her as he licked and sucked on her neck, "Elijah…" She let his name escape her mouth through a moan. He lifted his head and smirked down at her as he let his erection gently graze the exposed skin of her inner thigh. Her skirt was hiked up exposing her thin panties as she was hoisted up against the chalkboard with her legs wrapped around his waist, "I love it when you say my full name, Clare." He whispered in her ear huskily as he leaned into her more and more as if they were becoming one, "Someone's excited." She purred as she reached down and started to rub him through his intimidating tight skinny jeans.

He groaned and let his head fall back into the crook of her neck once again, "How 'bout you let me fix it?" She questioned as she started to undo his belt, "Not yet." He replied quickly as he stopped her hand, "How about I pleasure you first." He murmured against her skin, "I think that could work." She said nervously. He turned around while holding her and took one hand bringing it across the desk causing all the contents to pile onto the classroom floor. He gently laid her down on the desk and towered over her. He bent down and captured her lips in a kiss. He broke away and removed her shirt and groped her breast through her lacy pink bra. He smirked as he felt her nipple harden under his palm while he massaged her breast. He reached around her back and swiftly unclasped her bra and threw it on the floor along with her tank top.

He brought his lips to the valley between her breasts and placed wet kisses here and there. He gently teased her nipple with his thumb and index finger earning him a small whimper. He pulled his fingers away and replaced them with his mouth. He sucked on her hardening flesh and flicked his tongue out, moving it in a circular swirling motion. He soon placed kisses all the down her stomach and stopped at the waistband of her floral print skirt. He slid it down revealing black panties. He slid them down as well.

He brought his mouth directly in front of her center. He gently played with her folds with his tongue earning a small gasp. Without warning he plunged his tongue into her drenched hole. He rested his arms over her stomach. Through half lidded eyes she watched her English teacher pleasure her. She let out moan after moan as he thrust his tongue in and out of her. He inserted his middle finger into the mix earning a louder moan and began a steady rhythm. He tore his mouth away and placed two more fingers inside her feeling her tight walls around his fingers. She let out another loud moan as he curled his fingers inside her. She grabbed his hair roughly pulling on it. He groaned, she took that as a sign that he liked her tugging his hair. She roughly tugged on it again liking the sound of his groan. He groaned once again and started to feel her walls clench and unclench around his fingers. She let out a hoarse moan as she came. He watched her juices spill out as he licked what was on his fingers, "You taste so good." He said as he towered over her once again. She pulled him close so her lips were right next to her ear, "I want you inside me…now." She whispered in an almost pleading tone.

His breath hitched as she pulled away, "Are you sure?" He questioned with raised eyebrows, "Yes, I know what I want, and it's you, inside me, make love to me, right here, and right now, please." She whispered as she looked into his eyes. He nodded not needing to be told twice. He unzipped his pants and pulled off his jeans and boxers as she helped remove his shirt. He placed a few soft kisses on her neck and then looked at her, "It's going to hurt, are you sure?" He asked once again. She nodded in response. He grabbed her hips and slowly thrust inside her. She whimpered as tears weld in her eyes. He stopped and looked at her again, "I can stop if you want me to." He said with concern, "No, I don't want you to, go harder, please." She replied and he obeyed. He gave one hard thrust while whispering soothing words to her. She let out a piercing scream. He continued a steady rhythm as she adjusted letting out a soft moan, "Ohh, faster!" She yelped as he picked up pace.

All that could be heard in the classroom were her moans and pleas, his groans, and skin slapping against skin.

He wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her up and soon she was sitting on his lap. She moved her hips forward meeting his thrust every time. Each thrust up he was rewarded with a loud sexy moan as he hit her g-spot. He felt her walls tighten and untighten around his cock as he continued his hard fast thrusts. She gasped as she felt a ball of heat forming in her stomach, "Cum for me Clare." He breathed trying to catch his breath. Soon enough she reached her climax and he continued his harsh movements trying to get himself to cum as well. He let out a groan as he pulled out of her, both their juices landing in Clare's hand. She licked her hands clean right before they lay down next to each other on the desk. They looked at each other, breathing heavy, sweat coated their bodies, and smiles plastered on both their faces. Clare brought her hand into view and looked at the ring on her finger. She took it off and read the words embedded on the inside rim, True Love Waits. She sighed and he snatched it out of her hand. He reached around his neck and unclasped the chain that he wore. He slipped the ring on and put back on his neck. Clare Edwards never thought she'd be lying on a desk in a classroom naked and next to her older English teacher. She was definitely not Saint Clare anymore. He smiled at her before placing a tender kiss on her lips.

Reviews would be awesome! I felt like being dirty, haha. So basically Eli is the handsome new English teacher and Clare gets a little crush or is it more? He for some reason can't stop looking forward to seeing her during class. They start up a complicated student teacher relationship, can it work out? I also have a goal of at least 25 chapters. This was they prologue and so the 25th chapter will be the Epilogue unless I decide to make the story longer.

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