Okay for those who haven't read the first 2 books this prologue in the rundown of everything also here's the main characters since I skip the description most of the time.

Yami-15 year old girl with fair skin and long blond hair, sister to Kalina and can see ghosts.

Lucifer-15 year old boy, short brown hair and chocolate colored eyes, extremely pale, use to be a vampire.

Gabriella- 19 year old, fiery tempered, short girl with short dark brown hair that has white tips and dark eyes, use to be a vampire too and is currently pregnant.

Gallen-about 22 married to Gabriella, Alyx's brother, sandy blond hair that nearly touches shoulders and emerald green eyes.


I never asked to be abnormal; in fact if I could be anything it would be normal. My name is Yami, about 2 years ago I graduated from high school in Texas, and after my twin sister went missing we decided she was dead. I drove all the way to Washington just to get away from all the pain I felt there. I got a job as a maid for the only notable family. It wasn't long before things started getting weird and I found myself and my employer's grandson, Lucifer, part of a world domination plot for a power crazed vampire, which also tried to marry me.

We managed to kill him, but he had sent everyone back in time and when everybody got thrown back into the future some people stayed, including Gabriella's lost love Gallen, Lucifer step mom and Gabriella's sister Amy, and Gabriella's pet dragon Golly Gosh, though we didn't find out about the dragon until 6 months ago. Not to mention Lucifer and me switched ages with his Aunt Gabriella, while she got to be 18 we had to be 14, even though Lucifer and Gabriella lost their . . . vampirism? So maybe it was a fair trade.

Then 6 months ago after surviving freshman year my ability to see ghosts got me send to hell, or the underworld, I'm still not sure. I thought I was doing good by helping an insane cannibal ghost apologize to his younger sister for killing her, but instead when she went to the "underworld" to join him he crossed threw, nearly killed my new family, and tried to rape and kill me. That's when Gabriella's new baby dragon sprung into action and ended up eating him, fitting for how he lived his life. We cleaned out the attic and buried his sister, whose body he had stuffed. Insane or not he did love her and didn't want to lose her.

While I was in the "underworld" though I saw my sister, Kalina, the one that went missing, that for these past couple years I had believed was dead. She told me she found out we were adopted from Alexandria, Egypt and told me to come visit her there, but I was having these horrible screams about a snake telling me go to Egypt to fulfill my destiny. I was scared but after nighttime threats and attacks I finally decided to tell Lucifer I wanted to go. Well time for another adventure, let's hope I don't get hurt in this one.