Chapter 92

I looked at Alyx and kissed his cheek, then walked over to Khepri.

"Khepri, I want to give up being Isis," I said and he looked down at me.

"Why?" he simply asked.

"I've caused too much trouble as it is," I said, Ma'at walking over.

"You're going to leave just because you caused some trouble and almost helped destroy Egypt?" she asked.

"Well yeah, that a pretty big deal to me," I replied with a shrug.

"Gods you really are an idiot," she said rolling her eyes. "Isis we all make mistake at the beginning. Noted yours were more serious than most but, you took responsibility and fixed it. That's a lot more than the rest of us can say," she explained, Nephthys running over.

"She's right Isis. You fixed it, you belong her. We're all family, your family," she said and hugged me. I placed my hands on her back and looked around.

"Really?" I asked, almost everyone nodding, making me smile. "I'm staying then," I said, Nephthys releasing me, only to have Alyx pull me away.

"There's one last thing you have to do before joining," he said.

"What?" I asked quickly.

"Give me an answer," he whispered before kneeling down, my eyes widening. "Yami, will you marry me?" he asked and I tackle hugged him, knocking to the ground with me on top of him.

"Yes," I answered and kissed him. And you know; it was the best kiss ever.

The End

*Well that's the end. I've been working on this story for barely over a year, I'm surprised it ended so soon. This is the last story in the Yami and Lucifer series, for the people who've stuck around this long and always kept up with this story thank you and I hoped you enjoy it. I guess I'm going to work on my Dawn of the Vampire series, fixing it up. If you liked this story hopefully in a couple weeks you guys will check that story out, until then au revoir and leave me one last review while you're at it