The blood oozed from the helpless victim. His body twisted in horrific angles. Face a mask of utter horror, mouth gawping, eyes wide with terror. He could do nothing. He didn't obey their command, and now he was paying.

The shadow in front of him leant down to eye level. There was no mercy, no sadness, nothing. Just deep black holes that captured and sucked everything in, every small detail, every microscopic atom. He tried to untangle his limbs in a means of escape, knowing that there was no escaping those eyes. Even if he did somehow untangle himself, how would he get away? They would watch him helplessly try to get to freedom while finding amusement in it and laugh at him in his clumsy escape for freedom.

The shadow was crouched down in front of him at eye level. Leaning forward slightly on his tip toes, arms lazily slumped over his knees. His mouth opened a slight fraction and a frustrated sigh escaped.

"Listen, last time I'm saying this you here?" his voice held slight amusement in it. "Where's the money?" still the man in a tangle of his own limbs shook his head refusing to say a word.

"Right, I see..." the man on the floor searched the man's eyes looking for a small hint of mercy. He snapped his fingers and raised his voice a little fraction "Yo, Gaara! You wanna do the honours?" a smirk appeared on his thin lips as he rose from his crouching position to a tall stance in the darkness.

A dark chuckle could be heard from the shadows of the nearby wall. A tall figure stepped out in to the dim light of a street lamp a few feet away. He cracked his knuckles and tilted his head to the side, making his blood red hair fall into his face. A wide smile spread across his features showing his teeth, and making his face crinkle up a little bit. His sea green eyes rimmed in black stood out more than anything else.

"With pleasure" The red head whispered in a menacing tone, loud enough for everyone to hear. Slowly he began to make his way to the terrified human that lay on the floor.