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*Change POV*

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*Hinata's POV*

I awoke with a splitting headache and a burning sensation on my lower back. I tried to remember what happened, nothing seemed to be clear in my head. It was all a blurry mess of images that made absolutely no sense what so ever. My eyes opened slowly as they tried to adjust to the dim light that cast shadows upon the walls. There were people in the room; I could hear their voices fading into each other. The T.V that was in front of me with bright moving images on it and loud engine sounds coming from it. Once I had adjusted to the lighting I saw that the people who were with me in the small living room. Sasuke sat on the floor leaning against the couch that I was on. His hair looked messy and stuck out in odd places. He had a controller in his hands as he stared in concentration at the screen in front of him. Shikamaru sat on the couch by the window and stared lazily up at the ceiling while taking long drags of his cigarette that stuck out from his lips; it looked as though it was going to drop out of his mouth at any moment. I could hear the two brothers, Kankuro and Gaara, arguing over who was going to cook their dinner. Kiba sat close to the television holding another controller in his hands and making over-the-top movements every time his character on the screen came to a corner.

"Aww man! It's not fair; you beat my ass at this every damn time!" Kiba sighed as he put the controller for the Play-Station down on the glass table top. He turned around and looked at Sasuke who had a smirk on his face.

"Well, what can I say? You just need to face the very simple fact that you just suck at this game." He chuckled at the look Kiba gave him.

"Sha'dup." Kiba said in a sulky voice. He crossed his arms like a child and turned away from Sasuke with a pout on his face. That was when he realised I had woken up. His expression was, to say the least, very shocked.

"Hinata," he breathed out, "you're awake?"

The room was silent, everyone turned to look at me. It was then that I had a rush of memories that just burst out from the far corners of my mind. I could remember why my back was burning now and the reason behind it all. I could see the clear expression on Sakura's face as she went through her speech. I could remember everything clearly now.

'It's not your fault.' A voice whispered out to me. 'It's not your fault you were the one who got hurt… it's his fault.'

It was true, it wasn't my fault that Sakura did that, it was because of him. If he never stopped walking none of this would have ever happened. I wouldn't have been hurt! It was all because of his stupid point making. If he never stopped walking I wouldn't have been in this whole mess and none of this crap would have happened!

Tears began to fall yet again as I thought of the entire situation. The burn on my back was stinging now and kept reminding me of how it got there. Kiba raced over to me and started to ask me questions.

"Hinata! What's wrong? Talk to me! Is it hurting you? " his voice was panicked and everything was said in one big rush. "Gaara! Get your ass in here!" he shouted out in the direction of the kitchen.

Gaara came out holding a small white tub in his pale hands and kneeled down before me. He touched my back just above the burn, it was only then that I realised that my top had been cut open and my back was on display for the entire world to see. I closed my eyes and brought my hands up to my face. My right hand was placed under my head and my left hand was bunched up against my chest and cheek. I bit down on my thumb to stop from crying out.

His hands were soft as they glided across the burnt flesh and applied a freezing cold crème on it. Immediately the stinging pain went away and was replaced by a weird dull sensation. He moved away and disappeared through the arch-way that connected to the kitchen. I felt a hand on my shoulder and opened my eyes. It was Kiba, he looked angry now.

"I swear to God I'm gonna kill that bitch that did this to you." He growled from deep within his throat, in that moment he looked like a wild animal that was ready to attack anything that moved.

"Not if I beat you to it…" I heard a deep rich voice coming from the side of Kiba. Sasuke was looking at the burnt flesh on my back and he had a distant look in his eyes. His deep, dark eyes roamed over my back and slowly crawled their way up to my eyes. They were mesmerizing when you looked into them; so dark and yet so light at the same time.

'It's his fault!' my mind screamed to me.

The tears fell like a rain storm now. How the hell could I have thought that running away from home and living with Neji would sort everything out? If anything it made it worse. Now everything was going down the drain. My life was beginning to fall apart. I saw how he looked deeply into my eyes and he showed concern for me.

Something snapped inside of me. I had had enough of this! My whole life I was looked at as a failure and someone who could not stand up for herself. For once I wanted to scream all of my frustrations out and hit something with brutal force over and over again.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I let my leg swing out and hit Sasuke in the side of his shoulder. It hurt a little bit but I could stand the very minor injury. I sat up as everyone stared at me in shock. My hands came up to my chest to stop my top from opening up. I turned to Sasuke and screamed at him in anger. I hit him on his shoulder and shouted at him again.

"It's your fault!" I let the tears spill out of my eyes and continued to hit and shout at him. "It's your damn fault that this happened! It's your fault!" he backed away from me while shuffling on the floor and holding a strong muscular arm up in front of his face to block my attacks. I stood up from the couch and kicked him in his leg which caused him to fall over onto his back. "You planned this didn't you? You knew she would act like that! You knew didn't you?" another hit landed on his chest. I slammed my foot down where I had hit him.

"Ahhgh!" he shouted out. He grabbed my foot that was still placed on his chest. His hold was firm and he wouldn't let me take it away.

"It's your damn fault!" I shouted again at him.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" he asked through gritted teeth. I couldn't stop myself with what I shouted next.

"It's your damn fault! If you never tried to prove your point none of this would have happened!" my hands covered my face as I cried out.

He took hold of my leg and yanked me down on top of him. He held me in his arms trying to calm me down. I could feel how strong he was now. His muscles bulged against my shoulders as he firmly held me. His chest was soft and comfortable and yet, just like his arms I could feel the strong muscles underneath. He must have trained everyday to get this strong and have muscles like that. I struggled against his grip and eventually he gave in and let me go. I stood up on shaky legs and turned around to face three shocked faces. Shikamaru was still lounging on the couch without a care in the world and had just put out his cigarette. I grabbed my shoes that were neatly put at the end of the couch and pushed past Kiba who was standing in the door-way. My bag that should have been in my locker was now lying by a bunch of shoes that were messily placed and surrounded by a few other bags. I scooped the bag up and shoved it over my shoulder as I slammed the front door shut. I pulled out my top from P.E and placed it over my head to get it on over my cut top.

I was surprised with myself. I could still remember the way home from here. Neji was going to kill me if he ever found out what happened. 'I better not tell him anything, he would freak out and send me home at once.' I thought while walking down a street filled with shops and cars racing down the road. I turned another corner and carried on walking.

*Sasuke's POV*

"For fuck sake!" I shouted as I climbed up from the floor. How fucking awkward is this? Now they all think I'm the one who caused all of this! It wasn't my fault. "What?" I spat out at them with a menacing glare to match.

"What the hell did you do?" Kiba screamed at me. He was getting ready to attack; his legs slightly bent with his hands flexing at his side. He snarled at me then turned away towards the front door.

Great, just fucking great. Now I was left with the sleaze bag and Hinata's very new older brothers, and one was holding a butchers knife (I think you could guess which one was holding it). I took a couple of hesitant steps towards the door.

"She said it was your fault." Kankuro stated as he whipped the tea towel he had over his shoulder. His eyes turned to slits, his hands bunched up into fists.

"You know Sasuke," Gaara began. He had the usual blank look on his face while he took out a knife sharpening tool from his back pocket. It was a new one that they had, solid steel with a sandy type of layer on the top. It looked like a knife if you took one glance at it. Gaara slid the knife slowly over the top of the thing. The sound screeched in the air and made a flick at the end.

"I really do like you," he carried on, now he was looking at the sharpening knife with a lot of interest. He kept repeating the motion over and over. "You remind me a lot of myself in certain ways. You know the feeling of pain and you know how to take your pain and cast it upon someone else so they can bare that burden instead of you." He looked at me with narrowed eyes, "That is what I like about you. However, that can also be a negative thing in this situation." He took a step forward and tucked the knife sharpening tool in his baggy jeans.

"I will let you in on a little secret," he examined the knife for a second and then ran his tongue over the blade. He didn't cut himself as I thought he would. He let the knife rest against his lip as he spoke, "Now Hinata is my baby sister Sasuke and anything she says I will believe her because I know that she won't lie to her big bro. So if she says that it was your fault for all of this then I will believe her." He jabbed the knife in my direction and I felt the sharp tip rest against my neck.

"Sasuke, if she comes to me, Temari or Kankuro and tells anyone of us that she is sad or unhappy, I will make it my mission to hunt the person who made her sad and kill them. Now she said that it was your fault that all of this happened. You know what that means right Sasuke?" he asked in a happy voice that really did not match his personality and only made me cringe more. "But, ohh I'm gonna have fun with this! Not only did she say that it was your fault but you also made her cry, you got her hurt and most of all, you made her Sakura's number one target. You know how much I hate that slut don't you? So now you probably have an idea of what I'm going to do not only to her but also to you… right?" he smiled at me showing off his clear white teeth and then struck.

The knife made a thud in the wall and I almost screamed like a girl. Yes Gaara was scary when he went into his psycho killer mode and yes he was creepy but when he made threats like that it made you never want to sleep ever again and kill yourself before the red head got to you first. You see, Gaara had this very unique way of dealing with things like this. He would threaten you first and then if it's a kid at school he was targeting then he would kind of stalk the kid and when the kid noticed him, Gaara would smile and take out his pocket knife and then start carving things in either the table he was sitting at, or a tree he was leaning on. Then he would make sure to get the kids attention and lure the kid to his little master piece. Yes the carving would be something outlandish like an image of a head or a word that would scare the kid half to death. And then, nothing. Gaara would either give the kid a heart attack or make him move to another school. That was how he would deal with things in a sort of weird fashion but then again Gaara was weird. He would make sure to never get caught so he would never get in trouble with the teachers. It was pretty scary because most of the teachers thought he was just another emotionally unstable person with a lot of issues but he never brought those issues into school. Therefore they never took notice of him. He was a 'good boy' in their eyes.

He growled at me and added, "So if I ever hear that she is anything but happy, I will assume that it is because of you and I will make sure to cut off your balls and make you watch as Shukaku eats them… That is if you even have any." That statement made me angry and very scared at the same time. Shukaku was Gaara's pet; a vicious little fucker he was too. He was a Tanuki which was also called a Raccoon Dog. The little bugger never let anyone close to him except for Gaara and would bite your finger off if you tried to feed him. The two, Gaara and Shukaku, would do everything together. The little rat would sit on Gaara's shoulder or head while the red-head walked around doing whatever the hell he wanted. Gaara would often let the monster out of his room and let him roam the streets until he wanted to come back home. Shukaku lived in Gaara's filthy room and didn't even have a cage! I almost got eaten alive when I went in his room looking for the little fucking emo!

He pulled the knife out of the wall and his expression changed to a happy one. His smile was a bit creepy but he looked like a little child as he said, "So, who wants cookies?"

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