2004 - Part 1 A Well Digger's Ass

"It's colder'n a well digger's ass out here," Jack fussed, "and you pick tonight to get all romantic on me."

"Get that glove off and give me your hand, li'l darlin," Ennis demanded, "I'll warm ya up. See how warm my hand is?"

"Yeah, warm hands, cold heart!"

"And look at that full moon," continued Ennis as if he hadn't been interrupted by his sullen lover, "you ain't gonna deprive me of my Friday night stroll with my honey, are ya?"

If there was anything that would get Jack Twist out of a hissy fit, it was hearin sweet nothins from Ennis Del Mar. Over the years, they were harder to come by than a snowstorm in July, but by 'n by, Ennis had learned to loosen his tongue and to let Jack know how much he loved him and how he valued their time together.

The first twenty years had been rocky; they could find no way to settle things between them. Both had been unhappy with the amount and quality of time they got to spend together but there seemed no way to fix it. They were each filled with longing, couldn't communicate how they felt and saw no solution to their dilemma.

Jack turned his back to the wind and nuzzled Ennis' neck. His poor nose felt like an icicle already, but his man didn't seem to notice or care. "Don't mean to be so grouchy, Cowboy. It's just that I've got a lot on my mind and this blizzard ain't helpin' none."

"I know ya do, babe, thought I could distract you for a few minutes. Will ya let me try?" Ennis didn't voice his other thought 'a few inches of snow does not a blizzard make!', but he let that slide for the sake of peace.

Jack simply rubbed his thumb across Ennis' hand and showed his agreement with silence and a soft shoulder bump.

As they strolled hand in hand, they could not see the ground in front of them; nothing but white clumps as far as the eye could see, but they knew the way.

Long ago they'd set Friday evenings as Date Night. No matter what they had to do to arrange it, they'd share the final hours of the work week together; kicking back or kicking up their heels - didn't matter, as long as they were together.

"I thought we should do something special for Valentine's Day this year. Whadda ya think, Jack? Are ya up for a trip, or somethin?"

"You know we barely got enough money to keep our own place goin, and now we're supporting mama and daddy on their place, Ennis. How ya figure we could up and go somewhere?"

"Are ya suggestin we sell the Lightning Flat ranch and move your folks in with us, Jack, so's we could have a bit of extra cash?"

"No! Hell No, and Fuck No! I was just sayin how I don't see any way around that situation, and where would the money come from for a trip together? We work so many hours in the day, we hardly can find the time for our Date Nights lately."

"I don't mind the time to keep your folks place up, and our own too. We're lucky you have folks to take care of, it's not like I have anyone left in the world."

"Oh, I know, but . . ."

"I mean that, Jack. I love your mama as if she were my own dear mother. Even your curmudgeonly pop - I'm grateful to have him too."

"You're crazy."

"Crazy about you."

They got to their favorite spot, right where the creek dropped down over the boulders and made that rippling, gurgling sound. No matter the season, that creek sang it's song for them. In winter, the ice slowed the cascade, and lowered the tone. It was comforting to their ears all the year around.

Carefully, Ennis removed the tarp from the log seat. He shook the snow from it and placed it wet side down in front of their log. "Come on, sit here with me."

"You want my ass to freeze to that log?"

"If your ass freezes, Jack, you can bet I'm here to thaw it out for you. Have I ever let you freeze yet?"

"Only about a hundred times!"

Ennis forced his hand down the back of Jack's levi's and jockey shorts, grabbing a healthy handful of butt. "Feels chilly, but not frozen. Seems like you'll live, bud."

"You better check the other cheek, you don't want to miss any signs of frostbite or worse," smiled Jack as he unbuttoned and unzipped to allow Ennis greater acces to his "problem area".

Ennis decided the job called for both his hands, and he was so engrossed in this adventure that he completely forgot to look at the night sky and the other heavenly bodies. He moved one hand around to the front of Jack and guided that hot, growing part of him into his own warm waiting mouth. The taste of Jack always sent Ennis into pleasure mode; he couldn't get enough of him. He lost all sense of time or place, he didn't even feel the cold.

After Jack reached his shattering climax, his whole body was warm but he felt weak as a kitten. In a minute or two he was stronger and while still purring, he knelt in front of Ennis and repaid the favor. Once again they were both transported. No wonder it was their special place.

Tired and sweaty, they sat on the log to recuperate and look at the moon filling the winter sky. Each season presented a new tableau for their watching pleasure. The North Star, Big Dipper, Little Dipper, The Bear, The Archer, always moving, rotating around them.

Ennis had told Jack over the years all the stories his mother had told him as he gazed at his childhood sky. He knew he might not have all the facts right, but he recalled the stories as best he could, and shared them with his man. Jack especially loved hearing stories Ennis' mother told him. That was the only way Ennis could be a boy again, in his memory, sitting in his mother's lap listening to her voice tell the tales. Of course, by the time he was 12 or 13 he was too big he thought, to sit on his mother's knee, so he lay on the ground with his head in her lap. In their summers together, Ennis lay with his head in Jack's lap while he shared the stories.

It was getting late. They shook out the tarp and draped it over the log seat once again. They'd be back when they had time. Tomorrow would be a long day, and it was now time for bed.

The next morning, they made sweet love at first light and then shared a shower where they enjoyed just a few minutes to play. Never enough time.

Their breakfast was eaten on the fly. They packed a thermos of coffee, several egg sandwiches with tiny bits of bacon and a handful of apples. That would hold them till they reached Lightning Flat where the old folks awaited their arrival.