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Title: The bond between us

Released: Sunday, February 20th, 2011. 9:26 PM; GMT +2.

Status: Just married… uh wait, I mean… Just started =3

Author: My perverted side

Genres: Romance, School life, Smu(not porn, just small erotic situations 3), Shoujo, Twincest.

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Chapter name: Prologue

Summary: When she was little, Amu made a big bet with her older twin brother. After their parents divorced the two of them split, will they remember the bet? Or, simply keep the usual bro-sis relationship?

It was a simple sunny day, with lots of amazing flowers, butterflies that seemed to dace around people, it was like a ritual, to thank God, thank them for sending other two shining stars on earth, and those stars were none but Amu and Ikuto Tsukiyomi.

Twins, born in the same year, same month, same day, same hour, the only thing that parted them were the 2 minutes age difference which was barely noticeable, unlike their looks and behavior.

Ikuto was a little boy with midnight-blue hair and matching eyes, that wre like wirpools, once you get caught in it, you can never go back, even if at an early age, his hobby was listening to his dad's violin while hugging his little sister Amu.

Amu, even thought she was his twin she looked nothing like him, but you could say she was a chibi version of her mother, while Ikuto resembled his father more than enough. Amu would always look for the warm arms of her older brother, she'd burry her head in his chest inhaling the sweet chocolate scent. Her hobby? Nothing but being with her brother, anywhere and anytime.

This pair of twins is something more than you expect, one for another, always together. Even after reaching the age of 10 they would sleep together, everymorning waking up and seeing the mesmerizing eyes of their twin, their hands locked together like lovers and a simple smile on their faces would always welcome eachother and say " Good morning, I love you!".

I know, it's short [ unlike my usual 1st chapters] but it's just a small introduction, i hope you enjoyed! Review to give me more courage to write the next chapter!