Amu froze for a minute.

'Marry… what… I…?' The footsteps from the other side of the door woke her up and feeling guilty of eavesdropping, she stomped down the stairs and right into the kitchen.

Ikuto closed the office's door and looked down the stairs , a bit of pink flashed before his eyes.

"Amu…" The pinkette which seemed to rob the fridge dropped her milk bottle on the floor, startled by the sudden noise in the background.

"Wha—you surprised me there" She explained and picked her – happily, not opened—bottle of milk before gulping it all down.

"Sorry" A simple apology came up.

"Nah. So… what were you saying?" She questioned and closed the fridge's door, the room suddenly turning dark.

"Well, you know, my friends will be coming over soon and I just wanted to inform you." He stated awkwardly.

"Okay. If you want my approval then that's totally fine with me." Amu replied

"No, it really was just a 'For your information' moment" He corrected cheekily, making his sister puff.

Ikuto clapped twice and lights turned on, somehow blinding them both, he chuckled at the pained look on Amu's face and took a few steps closer, the pink haired girl finally recovering from the temporary blindness stared in horror at the man whose face seemed to invade her privacy a little bit more than it should.

"What?" She asked and tried to back away, but the fridge, as if mad at her for wasting it's resources, stood firmly right behind her.

Contrary to Amu's hopes, the blue head seemed to be getting closer and closer by the moment and according to the look on his face it didn't look like he was up to any good, at all.

"Ikuto…? Hey-!" She shrieked and closed her eyes as his hand, popping out of nowhere brushed against her lips .

"Milk mustache" the boy explained and backed away. Amu opened one eye just to make sure he was gone and relaxed.

"That was not funny!" She commented stubbornly.

"Huh? What did you think I was going to do? Pervert." He teased smirking.

"No…Nothing!" She mumbled and stomped back into her room.

'Yet another lost argument, good job Amu, you're improving.' She blamed herself and dropped dead onto the soft bed.

"Just… what on earth were they talking back then about…?" She whispered and hugged a pillow tightly, her heart thumping quietly before falling asleep.

Amu woke up to different noises, her eyes forcefully tried to open themselves but failed, finally getting her fingers high enough to part her eyelids, the pinkette looked at her cellphone.

"Four 'a' fucking 'm' " She started with a curse. Amu pulled her partly lifeless body off the bed and opening the door, heard Ikuto's muffled voice, she headed straight to it.

Ikuto couldn't believe the sight in front of him, two of his friends stood like idiots in his living room, their hands loaded with luggage.

"Just what the… What are you two doing here?" He questioned glaring at them one at a time.

"We're here for the summer sleep-over" Kairi explained seriously while pushing his glasses up with one finger. Nagihiko just stood there and smiled awkwardly, not feeling very comfortable with the situation they put Ikuto in.

"I know I said you could crash over anytime these days, but i didn't fucking mean at four in the morning!" He hissed at the same time trying to keep his voice low, his father had surprisingly left the country right after their conversation , but Amu still needed her sleep.

"It was Kuukai's idea, we were actually at a party in the neighborhood" Nagi explained .

"Really? You don't look wasted to me" Ikuto questioned his statement.

"Well… that's yet to come." The purple haired boy said and scratched his head.


Iuto's eyes widened.

"Now that I think about it, where the hell is Kuukai?!"

"Viva la boobies!" The man at fault shouted from his lungs, wasted as fuck , carrying his luggage in one hand and a bottle of rum in the other.

"Where's the music?! Louder bitches! Louder!" He yelled like a mad man and stepped inside, he seemed confused at first , especially since the party he hoped he got in had only three people. It didn't last long though until his disappointed look turned into pure bliss as if he'd joined heaven.

"Holy… shit." He whispered while looking wide eyed, mouth opened at the stairs. The three other guys stared confused at him before turning around and looking in the same direction.

A tall, curvy woman, walked down the stairs while rubbing one eye off sleep with a hand and pulling a pillow along with the other, dressed in a large white male undershirt and pink shorts , her nipples slightly perky from the cool air.

"Huh…?" She looked confused and angry at the same time at the four men in front of her.

"I must be dreaming…"

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