Chapter 4: Inside the Center of the Pyramid

It was quite the obvious cat and mouse race between Jack and Cad as each of them were trying to head toward the center of the pyramid. Cad had setup a few more traps on his way there, but that obvious bided more time for the samurai to reach toward his goals. When the samurai finally reached the center of the pyramid, he was surprised to see a large submarine-like vehicle in the center of the pyramid.

"This must be the time machine they were talking about" said Jack as he was looking over the time machine, and inspecting it, Cad Bane came into the scene with his blaster ready in his hand.

"Not so fast samurai" said Cad as he pointed his blaster at Jack, "you will not be venturing through time on that hunk of junk."

"You'll never stop me" said Jack.

"Want to bet?" asked Cad.

Cad then charged toward the samurai and pummeled his head right against the time machine, to which the samurai had to hold his head in pain as he couldn't believe how fast Cad was.

"Pity, my employer blathered about what a pest you were to him and his goals" said Cad who was rather disappointed with Jack's lack of fighting spirit to which he then took out an electric shock from his inventory, "perhaps this will get you up and running!"

Cad used his taser on Jack which shocked the samurai by obvious surprise, although it was quite painful for Jack, he had managed to recover and managed to kick Cad right in the face sending him flying backward a bit.

"You shouldn't have done that samurai" said Cad who then charged up his taser and began to charge right toward Jack.

Cad tried his best to taser Jack again with his taser, but the samurai was able to dodge the attacks with ease this time. When the time was right, Jack took out his sword and chopped Cad's taser in half.

"Now you have no one else to harm with that device" said Jack.

"I got a few tricks up my sleeve samurai!" replied Cad who then pummeled Jack with several punches, and then gave Jack a good uppercut sending Jack flying right on top of the time machine itself.

"I have to get in, and get back to my own time!" cried Jack who then was trying to open up the hatch.

But as the same time the samurai was doing just that, Cad took out his blaster and began to fire at Jack who then had no other choice but to run away and hide.

"Come out, come out wherever you are samurai!" roared Cad, "you won't escape from me!"

As Cad continued to walk closer, and closer to Jack, the samurai saw the opportunity to leap out and attack Cad with his sword. Jack did just that, as he sliced Cad's favorite blaster in half, and gave Cad a good kick right in the face.

"Bah, you'll pay for that dearly!" roared Cad as he then began to fight the samurai with his bear fists.

In spite of losing his two most prized hi-tech devices in his inventory, Cad was quite the skilled in martial arts to which he managed to give Jack a good pummeling of his own.

"This ends now samurai!" roared Cad as he had the detonator's device, "I've laid several explosives throughout this here pyramid that'll be set off, your precious time machine will be destroyed along with it, and even as an added bonus hopefully burying you alive!"

"You're mad!" roared Jack.

"Am I really?" laughed Cad, "I will be paid a hefty reward for crushing a bug like you."

Cad immediately presses the button, and a chain of explosions rang out in the pyramid, Jack had two choices, either find a way into the time machine and head back to his own time period or escape the temple to save himself, only leaving the opportunity for Cad Bane to capture Jack for Aku. Jack had to make his typical sacrifice in finding another way back to his own time, and began to escape the collapsing pyramid, yet the samurai and Cad were not the only ones witnessing the end of the pyramid, the tribal chief that Cad had captured earlier had gathered his members of his tribe, and also the priest whom were witnessing with shock what was happening to their beloved pyramid.

"The sacred place!" cried the priest who wanted to rush toward it but was stopped by his tribal members.

"I think I know who is behind this" said the chief referring to Cad Bane.

It was just then that Cad Bane himself had arrived to try to capture Jack and leave with him on his ship when he was approached by the entire tribe.

"You!" roared the chief, "You destroyed our sacred place!"

"Sacred, you call that sacred?" laughed Cad.

Suddenly a large tribal member held Cad by his neck, which it was just then that a disappointed Samurai Jack exited from the crumbling pyramid in one piece.

"And here be our witness to the one who destroyed our sacred place" continued the chief referring to Jack who was rather quite disappointed once again.

"He was sent obviously to hunt me down, wasn't he?" asked Jack.

"Yes, and don't you worry, our tribal system of justice will take care of this cretin" replied the chief, "as for you, you are free to go about your quest with ease."

"Thank you, your kindness will not be forgotten" said Jack as he then left the scene.

It was just then back in Aku's lair, the Shape Shifting Wizard was quite displeased with how Cad Bane could have failed.

"Bah, I don't understand!" cried Aku as he was witnessing Cad Bane's trial, "He said was the best, and yet he still failed!"

The dark Shape Shifting Wizard continued to glare at the image of Jack continuing his journey.

"You may have won this round samurai, but you will not win the war" laughed Aku as he continued his evil laughter, the scene fades to black.