Happiness of a Quiet Sort
By WhiteWings9

The sun was out and the virgin snow glittered like a thousand little gems. Yao's steps were hesitant, stumbling, his blistered hand hanging limp in Ivan's grasp. It was deathly cold in spite of the sun, and their breaths came out in puffs of white.

Ivan stopped suddenly. He turned to Yao, who stood lifeless, gazing blankly, and gently he lifted his chin so their eyes meet. Yao's face was streaked with dirt and caked in dried blood, his once lustrous hair matted with grime. But looking into his eyes, Ivan could see the steely resolve that had seen the old nation through countless wars in the past. There was fight in him yet.

Slowly, Ivan leaned in to kiss Yao lightly on the mouth. It seemed to have stirred some life as Yao brought his hands to Ivan's face and returned the kiss. In that moment nothing mattered but that they were together and that they were able to touch, to kiss, to share their heat and have their breath mix and mingle, parting every so often for gulps of icy air and sealing their lips again for another taste.

When their lips parted for the final time they remained stationary, foreheads pressed together, basking in the glow that had formed. It was happiness of a quiet sort.

A/n: This is a little ficlet I wrote for the fanfiction writers' meme on DA. It's supposed to be set in China at the tail end of the Second World War. I was partially inspired by this beautiful AMV: www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=G_U6obt4Q4M

Ivan Braginski (Russia) and Wang Yao (China) from Axis Powers Hetalia are the creations of Himaruya Hidekaz and rightfully belongs to him.