Author's Note: Watching 'Somebody's Watching' again and inspiration struck. I realized I never wrote about their 'first' time together and figured I might as well tackle that. A few people had requested seeing what happened next after 'Surprise Visitor', so consider this what happened the night before she left to go back to CA. My first official reallllllllll smut. Like, really. Not sure it came out right.. REVIEW PLEASE!



"Remember that time you told me that my stalker was either going to kill himself or me? Yeah, I'm still mad at you for that. First off, it wasn't a he, it was a she and secondly, uh, hello? I was already really upset and then you bring in my death! Where did you learn to comfort people like that, Spencer?"

A sheepish grin appeared on the lips Lila had just been kissing and she giggled, pressing a finger to his lips to trace the swollen buds.

"I..I wasn't thinking straight. I was just. I don't know, Lila, I'm not good when it comes to smooth talk and admittedly, the whole team was wrong. We weren't expecting a female unsub.. And you said there was nothing to forgive so I don't feel the need to apologize again. Is this what you really want to talk about your last night here?" Without a conscious thought towards his actions, his hands ran up her shoulders, pushing some loose strands of hair out of the way. At some point during the night, her ponytail had come undone and now her blonde waves were distracting him.

"No. That isn't what I want to talk about. But then again, I don't want to do much talking either." With her words, she drew out a little sigh from her own swollen lips and she bit her lower one gently, pulling him flush against her. It wasn't hard for either of them to see what she was initiating.

"Are you s..Sure about this, Lila?" Spencer, always the voice of reason, stuttered on his words. Nothing new, but the reason for it was. This beautiful woman was rubbing her hands down his neck, under his shirt, staring at him like he was what she needed right now.

"I need something to keep me going until I see you the next time." Lila responded hoarsely, her eyes filled with desire for him. She put one hand on his cheek, caressing it gently. "Besides, I think you want this just as much as I do." Her other hand went down to the zipper of his pants where he was already responding to her words. Once her fingers touched the fabric, he grew increasingly hard. A moan blew some of her hair out of her face and she smiled.

Lila stepped away and Spencer was just about to protest when she slid her hands along her own shoulders, sliding the dress slowly off to expose her tan skin. A pale pink lacy bra was exposed and he swallowed with some difficultly as her dress hit the floor of the hotel room in silence. Her bottom was encased in matching barely there panties and he could already tell she was eager to be rid of them. His hands fumbled as he started to undress himself, not able to tear his eyes away from her body.

Much to his relief, Lila turned her attention from her own disrobing to help him get rid of his restrictive clothing, first unbuttoning the vest with steady fingers, the shirt, and lastly undoing his belt and pulling his pants down. Once they were both in their underwear, their bodies crashed back together, hands gripping each other tight as if drowning. Spencer started to push Lila in the direction of the bed, not stopping till she was lying down and he was on top. For a few minutes, they simply looked at each other, drawing in each other's breath.

She took one of his hands and placed it above her breast, allowing him to begin exploring her body. She sighed softly as he slipped a finger beneath the bra, touching her warm skin with his cool touch. He was slow and methodical about his touches, something that was starting to drive Lila wild. She shoved him off of her and unhooked her bra while he started to protest. He stopped when she slid on top of him, her legs going to either side of his, her hands resting on his chest. All he could do was stare at her chest, willing him to touch her. So, he did, enjoying every second of it until she shifted her hips and moaned.

His eyes quickly met his and she climbed off of him, pulling her underwear down as he pulled his boxers off. "Protection." He managed to say but she shook her head.

"I'm on the pill." She whispered back.

"Maybe we should still use a condom, you still have about a 2 percent chance of getting pregnant, Lila."

"Spencer, shut the fuck up and just kiss me." Her tone was harsh, but her eyes were dancing with laughter as she rolled onto her back and pulled his body to hers. She spread her legs and offered herself to him, trying hard not to force him into rushing anything. Lila watched as he slid his hand down her stomach, down her leg and back up the other until finally settling right where she wanted him. A slender finger entered her and she inhaled sharply as he started moving it, watching her face intently to make sure nothing he was doing was wrong.

A few minutes later, Lila was close to reaching her climax and she couldn't take it anymore. "Spencer." Her voice nearly broke and he looked up at her with concern in his eyes. "If you don't fuck me in the next few minutes, so help me, God."

With a grin, Spencer slid back on top of her, his member pushing into her warm, wet folds. Their eyes met as he entered her and he paused to let her get comfortable while he got used to the feeling of being inside her. She was so tight. So warm. So…

"Did you know it's scientifically impossible for two beings to occupy the same space at the same time?" Lila groaned, pressing an eager kiss against his lips to get him to continue moving his hips.

"Yes, I saw that Bones episode." She retorted, her eyes closing as he started to thrust into her. He was slow at first, but her little mews and sighs of contentment encouraged him to go faster, go deeper. Spencer gripped her hips, rocking them back and forth, struggling to keep going.

Suddenly, her walls around him started to clench and she started to chant his name over and over again. Never had his name sounded so good coming from someone's lips. As she screamed out a long list of profanities, he too felt himself lose control and spilled himself into her, gasping at the feeling of it.

Neither one moved, holding each other in different places. His hands were still gripping her hips, probably going to leave a mark, he noted. Her fingers were splayed out on his back. Both were panting, drawing stale air into their lungs, neither wanting to break their physical connection.

"Spence, I have to pee." Lila giggled from underneath his shoulder, where her lips were currently residing. She gave him a quick kiss before wiggling out from under him.

He watched her walk away from him, feeling instantly colder, but happy to see the view. The word beautiful didn't do this girl justice. Everything she did was beyond that. For the first time in his life, he understood what some poets referred to as eternal happiness. Spencer could die right now, at this very instant, and he'd die a happy man.

He got up and started to clean up their clothing that was thrown about on the floor. He pulled his boxers back on and sighed softly as he waited for her to return to bed.

"You know," Spencer turned to the direction of her voice, watching as she walked back to him, her hands on her bare hips. "I don't believe it's impossible. You were certainly inside of me and I felt you so explain to me, Doctor Reid, how that's possible."

It took him a few seconds to remember the conversation they had had about two beings in one space. He shrugged, putting a hand out to her to take. She eagerly returned to the bed and sat next to him on the edge of it.

"Let's not talk about science and what is and isn't possible. What just happened was nothing short of a miracle that you so deeply believe in, so I'm just going to chalk it up to that."

Lila giggled, biting his shoulder lightly before she leaned her forehead against his shoulder. "Your O face is really cute, Spencer. It's like this." She mimicked him, her lips opened wide, her eyes went cross eyed. She wrinkled her nose before laughing harder.

"Well… I can't even make fun of your facial expression because it was one of pure beauty." The silly expression was wiped from Lila's face as she opened her eyes to stare at him.

"You're going to make it so hard to walk away tomorrow morning. To get on that plane." She whispered softly, her eyes filling with tears.

Spencer placed his hand on her cheek and wiped away a few shed tears with his thumb. "Don't think about that yet." He glanced at the clock. "We still have about six hours before we have to say goodbye. Anything you want to do?"

"I can think of a few things." Lila answered, before pulling him to her again, capturing his lips with hers in a slow kiss.

"Funny. I was just thinking the same thing."

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