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Everyone calls Kurogane, Kuro-puppy. They're close, but if you ask me he more closely resembles a wolf. A lone wolf who had been alone for so long he figured he didn't need anyone but himself. Self-reliant. Independent. He knew no other way of living. Furthermore he was alone and we all know howling at the moon isn't very fun on your own. Then, something wonderful happened. He found a family, one to call his own. One he could protect and provide for, one he would not fail.

Everyone's favorite mage Fai is true to his nature. A cat's that is. Evasive, mischievous, clever, alone. Solitude fits him; it's all he believes he deserves. Others beg to differ of course, but nothing changed his mind. He was bound and determined to stay alone for the sake of everyone involved, and their hearts. But then he found, he had a family. He'd finally found a family to love and be loved by. A dream so deeply buried inside of him, he'd almost forgotten about it, but now, now he had one.

Syaoran is a dog abused and abandoned. His "father" picked him up off the street and shined him up, and found he had a boy with a heart of gold on his hands. Loyal, outgoing, dependable. Sakura took care of the rest, loving, and teaching him. He's a fierce protector of his family, now that he has one. Everyone is envious of the life of a dog, rightfully so in this case.

Sakura, a sparrow fluttering around in worried flustered way. When their journey began she was a bird without wings, but now, now she's one of the most beautiful birds on this side of heaven. She truly was the princess of the family. Everyone's favorite, not that that wasn't uncommon. She was also strong like her bird, able to survive.

Over the worlds these four became a family, bonded over blood and smiles, saw each other's deepest secrets and still loved them. The four finally had their deepest wish a family.

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