A/N: ...Yeah, this is totally not getting out before midnight. XD Oh well. Anyway, this is the end... today is a big day for endings! I'm finishing this story and I beat Pokemon White, reaching my goal of beating it in less than a week. :) So, you've all been wondering what the surprise ending is... I'm still not telling you! You'll just have to wait until she gets sorted to find out who it is. And since this is not someone who would actually be sorted (aka a Muggle... and not just any ordinary Muggle!) this is not going to take place in the Great Hall.

Here we go!

This is simply unbelievable... I suppose I'll have to believe in magic now, won't I?

Yes, indeed you will.

I always did, deep inside of me, in a way. I had just never imagined that my own creation could come to life...

Magic is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

It sure is! Now I can truly experience the joy felt by Harry, Hermione, Ron, and all the others. I am much too old to be attending Hogwarts, but to be able to experience such a thing is phenomonal.

Truly, it is. But we seem to be just repeating ourselves.

Oh, goodness, you're right! Well, since I made you, I already know where I'll be sorted.

Where, then?

Hufflepuff, of course.

Oh, I don't know. I see great potential for Slytherin as well. You can be quite cunning when you want to be...

Really? You think so?

Yes, I do.

Hm... but I couldn't be a Slytherin. I portrayed them as evil, since of course it was from Harry's perspective. In my mind, after all that writing, it's hard not to think of them as evil gits.

I suppose so. Maybe you should meet a few Slytherins.

I'm sure I have, they're a quarter of the world after all.

According to Pottermore, it's a smaller fraction than that.

True, true.

Well, I suppose we'd best get this over with, unless you have something else to say.

No, not really.

Well, although it's not necessary to yell since we aren't in the Great Hall, just for the authenticity...


A/N: Yep, it was J.K. Rowling! :) Totally AU, but most of you never would have guessed! Oh, and I'm aware that this probably breaks ff's rules, but whatever. The only other options for an ending were a normal character or... I don't even know what else.

Anyway. I've said this a hundred times in the form of 'I can't believe this is ending!' but... I can't believe this is over! What am I going to do now? (Okay, that was a rhetorical question.) And the song I'm listening to says 'I don't want this moment to ever end." How fitting! :) (It's With Me by Sum 41, by the way.)

Well, now that this is over... I probably won't be writing for Harry Potter for a while. It's pretty much all I've ever written for minus some Total Drama oneshots, so I guess it is what I'm known for, it's just that I don't have much inspiration left. I have plenty of ideas, sure, but I don't want to write them anytime soon because they all involve various retellings of the books or too many characters or something like that. But trust me, if I ever get ideas, I'll write them. Maybe I'll try to write a bunch of oneshots instead of picking up another multichapter...

Those of you who read Who Would Win in a Duel or Who is Your Favorite are probably expecting me to say 'I'll probably update this someday in the future'... but I'm not going to say that. I feel that this is a great ending, and adding another random character to the end would ruin the effect. Plus, 174 chapters is probably enough. I've never seen a fanfic besides mine longer than 110 chapters...

So, yeah, this is it. And I know I'm really dragging this ending out, but I have been writing this for over a year, you know. I started it back in February 2011, when I didn't even know how to write! (In my opinion, anyway...)

I guess this is the time to come up with a witty parting word!