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Oh and I am considerably sure that Harry would be 24 or 25 in this movie, being as how the last HP book he was 18, and this movie was filmed in 2006 or 2005.

"Is it always going to be her over me?" Harry shouted in a rage, referring to the return of Jean Grey. Harry, using his magic and telepathy, had shut down the Phoenix as she had kissed Logan, his mind had pushed the levels of any known mutant, even the said woman's. The rage had consumed his mind, gnawing on his stomach with a fire that was white hot, making the corner of his vision go red. Logan pushed him against the wall roughly, looking him in the eyes, the green pools that haunted him. The emerald coated jealousy, hurt, and anger did nothing to appease his conscience. Both men didn't notice the sobbing Jean in the room, being consoled by Xavier.

"I said I was sorry dammit, it was a slip of control. You know I love you more than anything…." He stroked Harry's cheek and Harry turned his face away from the rugged man,

"I would never trade you for her…"

"You seem so certain of that" Harry whispered, Logan let his head fall to the crook of Harry's neck, taking a deep breath of the sweet scent he found there. He felt Harry's warm tears fall onto his head and his petite hands fall onto Logan's back as he took a deep shuddering breath.

"We have a messed up relationship…" Harry said around his sobs,

"Yes, but I wouldn't have it any other way…" Logan whispered huskily, fighting the sting of tears himself…

"Tell me you love me more!" Harry shouted as he scratched his nails down Logan's back, digging his heels into the man's thighs, and poising his mouth to bite into the elder's shoulder.

"I love you." Logan thrust into him again,

"I need you", Harry screamed as Logan hit his sweet spot again, sending a burning spark up his spine,

"You have my heart, it was never hers" He mumbled as he sent spirals of pleasure and pain through Harry's smaller figure over and over,

"I love you Harry" Logan bared his teeth into Harry's shoulder as both men reached the edge violently. Harry stroked Logan's back, soothing the disappearing fingernail marks, twisting random patterns on the tanned skin.

"I love you too Logan" Logan smiled and kissed his younger lover's temple, then pulling the mop of raven hair towards his so their lips could clash in a heavenly kiss.

"He's changed you, you know" Jean whispered as she stared out the window, Logan growled defensively. Gripping his Canadian beer can tighter; the man gave her a hard stare as the aluminum crunched in protest to the harsh treatment.

"What do you mean?"

"You know what I mean Logan…" Jean turned to look at him, she had been depressed as of recent, her killing of Scott weighing heavily on her mind.

"I… I will not…and can not, play a back up plan to Scott. You should very well know that…the only thing Harry did was help me see that." Jean shook her head, sticking to her previous thought,

"Harry has changed you. You aren't the same" Logan just shook his head and walked out of the sitting room.

"Sigh no more, no more…. My heart was never pure. You know me, you know me" - Sigh No More, Mumford and Sons