Chapter 37 – A Deep Dark Space

The next thing they knew, Will and Kara were standing on the comet, looking out into space toward a bright, green planet.

"What's happened to the comet?" Kara asked. "That glowing green planet?"

The spirit of Olman appeared in front of them. "The comet's power has disappeared. The evil star has flown off to the other side of the universe. Will, do you know what planet that is, glowing in the darkness?" he asked.

"Our Earth?" Will answered.

"That's right, our Earth." Olman replied. "Doesn't it look like a desert oasis?"

"It's never looked so beautiful." Kara said. "But, it looks lonely shining in the dark."

At this moment they heard another voice. "Yes, the world is awakened." Another spirit came down and moved in next to Olman. "Mother?" Will asked.

Shira continued. "The Earth, a mother with millions of children. I'm sure you think of us sometimes, and I'm sure Kara often thinks about her parents. The Earth is the same way. She gets lonely if her children don't think about her."

Olman interjected. "How is it, you two? Looking at the world you live in from the outside."

"It's as if we'd become spirits too." Kara said.

"I want to show all of our group…no, I want to show everyone in the world." Will said.

"Someday, people will build ships to travel the universe. Then they will see this green earth with their own eyes." Olman said. "They'll see how lonely the earth looks, just like the two of you."

He paused, then spoke again. "Look carefully at your map of the world."

Will pulled out his map. Instantly he noticed something unusual. "Ah! The map has started to change!" he bellowed. Indeed, the continents and landmasses began to move and change shape. Laurasia split apart, and West Gondwanaland moved to the center. A new landmass rose from the northeast and yet another split from East Gondwanaland and moved north. The shapes became more rounded and a third big continent sprung up in the south. Finally, the map stopped whirring, and the land settled, two big continents in the west, and one in the center. There was a gigantic continent in the upper east and a small one in the lower east. One final landmass sat at the very bottom of the map, near the South Pole. There was no evidence of the old lands to be recognized.

"Somehow, the land has taken on a strange shape." Will said.

"That's the new world." Olman said.

"The new world?" Kara asked.

"The path of evolution, changed by the comet, has continued until now." Olman said. "The Earth too, has a life. It too has changed its shape. Now that the comet has no influence on world, it has returned to its original condition."

Will looked up from his map. "Why do you two know the future?"

"When I lost my body, I started seeing everything." Olman said. "The past, the future, humanity's progress. Maybe people would call this kind of body a spirit."

Shira interjected. "Now you and Kara can become ordinary children again. Don't be afraid."

With this sentence, a horrifying thought crossed Kara's mind. "When we return to Earth, will we be separated?" Kara asked.

"Yes." Olman replied. "The world is changing. Humanity and history have started down a new path. You two thought nothing of it when you first met in South Cape. But when the Earth needed the Light and Dark Knights, you met again unexpectedly. And then you spent nearly one hundred days together, helping to save humanity itself."

Kara looked as though she was going to cry. Olman paused for a moment, then changed his tone. "Let's look at the world before the power of the comet is extinguished."

Shira provided the closing. "We know you two have a bright future." She said as she and Olman flew off into the distance. Kara and Will watched them fly away. There was a long moment of silence, then Kara turned to Will. "Will, come me your face." She said.

Will moved in close to Kara. "I want to burn you into my memory. Your eyes, your nose, your mouth, your hair, your voice, the warmth of your hand…"

Will hugged her. "Don't worry. I will search you out. No matter how long it takes, hundreds of years…thousands of years. I promise with all my heart, I will come to you." Will gave Kara a kiss and the two victorious adventures let their heartfelt emotions pour out.

Epilogue: Birth of the New World

The Earth's look had changed, but glowing in the sky, it was as beautiful as ever. Buildings replaced the forests, rivers became roads, but the villages held only smiling faces. But the earth was the only one that looked sad. Tomorrow, Kara and I will start our new lives. After such a long journey, I anxiously await this new beginning. ~ Will

The school day was winding down. Will was already standing by the doorway leading out to the bus ramp, with his pack slung over his broad shoulders. A loud bell sounded six times from the school's rooftop tower. "Class is over," the teacher said. "Please be careful crossing the street. We have had a lot of traffic accidents lately."

Lance, Erik, and Seth raced out of the room toward Will. They were about to hit the Seashore Cave, just like old times.