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Chapter One: Family Ties~

The war is over, finally, though many had packed up and left, left to their homes, to their families, wherever that was. But where is home to someone who's home betrayed him? Where is home to someone who's home always meant the ties of family bonds? Where is home when the fires of war took all that away? Nowhere I suppose, except maybe a rickety old castle that I have built from the ground up, where the laughter and fun is now gone, only filled with remnants of what used to be, what was once here. Some stayed behind though, Viktor, Flik, Shu. They know I'm leaving, getting out, and they promised that they would take care of things while I'm away, as long as I don't go alone. "Your enemies, Riou, will never forget you. You can be in the depths of happiness, but they will never go away." They said. "Bring those, who won't betray you, those closest to you." I know who those people are, but how could I ask such a thing of them, such a thing that is so much.

A familiar hand brushed against my back, the warmth of her fingertips let me know who it was, but yet, couldn't bring myself to look up to her.

"Riou…?" Whispered the calm and soothing voice, "It's me. Eilie... Shu told me that you were leaving, that you wanted to go, but could you grant me the gratitude of coming along? The circus acts, they were fun, but I… You're my best friend, all I've known for years has been war and violence, I can't go back to that now. Please, all that have stayed, are waiting on your decisions on who to take with you on your last adventure."

I still couldn't raise my head, for tears of happiness ran down my face, leave it to Shu to find those closest to me, and tell them of my troubles.

"Eilie?" I dried my tears and looked up to her smiling down, "Have you gotten word from Kinnison or Kasumi?"

Her smile became wide and was obviously excited for what she was about to say. "They're all packed, my lord, Viktor told them last night. They are happy to embark with you… Does this mean you want me to come along?" She shyly asked, her excitement gone down.

"I wouldn't trade you for the world." I stood up and threw my arms around her.

Eilie, she's been here since Ryube, before I got my hands entangled in the path fate had chosen for me, the path of Kings, and she was my first companion, when we went to my hometown in search of Nanami…We departed then, but not for long, I found her again, she hadn't found what she was searching for in Highland territory and again found herself in the grasp of my reach and came along with me, never leaving my side.

And then Kinnison, when I lost Jowy and Nanami, he stepped up, he told me things would be alright, he is my closest friend…I found him in Ryube forest, when I was helping Millie find Bonaparte. He and Shiro gladly left behind everything they had and came along with me to help. Before I was a king, they had known to the greatness I was to become, and they stayed, their forest gone to ruin, they also, have no where left to go. He had always told me that one day, he would go back and rebuild his forest, back to what it once was, in all of its glory.

Kasumi, my guardian and teacher. She is a friend I consider family. She always has something wise to say, and whenever I'm feeling stressed, she takes me out on walks and tells me about her past and her home village. She always knows what to say to keep me happy.

"Eilie, if you are all ready, I'd like to get two more people to take with me, is that alright?" I said, almost startling myself in my sudden change of mood. I was once again happy, and feeling as if all was right with the world, smiling.

She glanced at me with the utmost curiosity and laughed. "Whatever you say Riou, just meet with Shu in the morning for final preparations." She quickly returned the hug and skipped out of the room, gracefully, it seemed as though her happiness lit up the entire room.

When she was out of sight, I put my shoes on and ran out of the room and down many flights of stairs until I got to the main floor and walked. I don't get it, I'm leaving on my own, leaving for myself, and I can't help but feel so utterly saddened. I stopped and looked around at the place that had been my life for many, many years and smiled. I will have fun, I promised myself and continued walking down the rock path towards the door.

I was outside in the bright afternoon sunlight before I knew it and I began to run as fast as I could towards the little library down the winding paths of my castle.

I got there and pushed open the wooden doors and walked in to the small but spacious library and glanced around. I looked and looked before I caught sight of his hat in the very back. He was holding up his map up to the window, he and Amelia were talking.

"Templeton…?" She asked, "What's wrong..?" She sounded so sincere. He looked over to her with sadness in his face, his eyes were drooped.

"This map, is all I've ever known. Since I was little, I've been working on it. But I've been everywhere in this country and I-"

"Templeton," I interrupted, "I'm leaving tomorrow, you have a map of everywhere in this country, and I'd be honored if you would come with me, and" He didn't let me finish before he packed up his map.

"I would be the honored one to accompany you my king." He bowed, and I felt a little uncomfortable still, with the 'King' comments.

"Preparations will be tomorrow at dawn, please be there." I thanked him and left looking for my final recruit. I left the little place that held all of my company's books and walked into the slowly setting sunshine. Covering my eyes I walked into an unknown direction without knowing where I was going.

I realized that I was walking around aimlessly, searching to no prevail. For hours and what seemed like eternity, I still could not find him. So I headed back to my room, hoping to get out of bed early enough to find him in the morning.

I reached the top of the stairs and saw a tall, slender figure standing by my doorway. I saw her smiling in the faintest of lights and she ran over to me, embracing me in a warm hug. "Riou!" She yelled a little too loudly.

I smiled at her. "Kasumi, it's late, shouldn't you be asleep? She dropped her hug and pouted.

"Shouldn't YOU be asleep...? Besides, I'm worried about you…"She whispered.

We walked into my room and sat at my extremely messy desk, I laughed and pushed everything off to the side and looked into her face. She glanced away, "You are the only person I care about in this castle, like truly care about, Riou."

I looked at her confused. "I'm not talking about going with you, which I am going to, I wouldn't leave my little brother behind, but I am talking about your mental health… Together we defeated Highland, and all along I have guided you to the best of my ability, but with Nanami back in Kyaro, and Jowy a fugitive, I know you are thinking on a lot. So I ask you as a sister, and a friend, are you sure you want to go through with this…?"

I looked at her and smiled. She was right, ever since Nanami left, she has tried to fill the void that could never replace my sister, but she was pretty damn close. "Kas, I do, I need to know what the war has done to my people…You of all people, should know that."

She smiled as if she knew I would say that. "Good answer." She teased and I threw a pen at her. We stayed up all night talking and by the time she left and I got some sleep, it was morning.

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