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Tsukuyomi Clan





Chapter One: Chuunin Selection Examinations! The Tail.

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A pair of black ninja boots hit the ground, a steel sharpened heel dripping with fresh, dripping blood as a body hit the ground beside them, more of the dark liquid pooling around them.

"Well," Muttered a metallic and hard voice, "That was much more… Vicious than I would have liked it to be." The speaker raised a pair of smoky gray eyes to stare across the familiar lit up village of Konohagakure. His silver ponytail flipped back him as a gust of spring wind curled through the air, ruffling his short-sleeved black shirt, the tall collar partially opened. A pair of navy pants were stuffed into his tall, armored boots, an Amegakure headband on a dark sash over his shoulder where weapons were lined up and ready for more attacks.

A magenta-haired woman came to step up beside him, the only two long strands near her face billowing as a white Amegakure headband went over her eyes. A deep violet, skintight off-the-shoulder elbow-length top with a snow white cloth tied around her waist, the ends hanging before her long legs, matching a pair of white shorts that led to bandages then to a pair of purple ninja shoes made up her attire.

"Daiki-sama," She murmured, her tone dull, "You should do well to clean up your mess, unless you wish to send the staff of Konohagakure a message that you are here." Said man felt a smirk curl the corners of his lips into an almost devious smile.

"That's the idea," He responded, earning a sideways turn from the woman, "What's the fun in infiltrating if you don't have a little chase going on?"

"You're making this harder on those of us who do not want to fight." The woman responded, just as calmly as she cocked her head. Daiki chuckled.

"Miyuki, I'm sure Botan will do your share of the fighting if you wish to conserve energy… Isn't that right, Botan? … Botan." Daiki and Miyuki turned partially around to see a man bent over one of the corpses. His plum colored hood was pulled up over his head, the long aqua colored sleeves of said hoodie pulled up to his elbows, his black pants with the odd purple designs swirled onto them stained with blood.

The sound of bones crunching and cracking followed along with an almost animalistic growling. Daiki rolled his eyes, putting a fist on his hip and whistling sharply so the man immediately squeaked and scrambled, whirling around and standing up right, a dismembered arm in his hands as his abnormally long sleeves fell back over his hands.

"Idiot," Daiki muttered, walking over and smacking the limb from Botan's hands, making the man whine softly in his throat, his snow-white eyes following the arm to the ground, "You don't know where that's been!" Botan brought his sleeves up to hide his bloodied mouth, squeezing his eyes shut in apology. Daiki rolled his eyes and turned to face Miyuki, who was facing the situation with a bored expression.

"Come, we don't have much time before the midnight patrol comes around to check on things… Our guests will also be arriving soon as well…"



Gotta move faster! He's catching up! A thirteen-year-old female Genin shot through the trees, her raven, waist-length ponytail flipping behind her as her pale lavender eyes narrowed in concentration as she moved, a kunai tightly gripped in her gloved hand as she pushed off another tree branch. Her orchid skort swirled around her thighs over a pair of tight knee-length black shorts as she ducked a tree branch as well as a kunai that was flying at her from behind.

She whipped around and swung the kunai forward, doing a flip and landing quickly on a tree branch as she began to weave a stream of rapid hand signs, thrusting a hand outwards to create a large spider-web of electrical bolts. They screeched through the air, shooting through tree trunks and knocking branches through the air.

She paused, her eyes scanning as she slowly lowered her smoking hand. She stood up straight, putting a hand on her hip. She closed her eyes and was about ready to do a flip to land on the ground when she felt something that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, her eyes widening now. A hot breath that sent chills up and down her spine, goose bumps flying over her skin. However, instead of reacting in alarm, she twitched and her expression became a comical look of annoyance, a vein pounding in her forehead.

"You pervert!" She declared and whirled around, hoping to aim her fist into the gut of the boy behind her, but he easily leapt a couple feet away, a rakish smirk spreading across his face. His cool gray hair seemed to ruffle lightly with the spring breeze, his aqua green eyes almost glowing with pleasure.

He wore a black cloak with a maroon fringe with sleeves that were short and shredded, matching gray pants with dark purple flames creeping up the legs. Bandages wrapped all around his right arm to the elbow and on the opposite arm was a chain decorate; two black cuffs, one on his elbow and one on his wrist with a chain link in between. Maroon ninja shoes finished off his clothes and an unmistakably heavy maul was strapped to his back.

"I couldn't resist. You were occupied, so it was the best chance, but you turned around too soon." He added with a dramatic sigh, averting his eyes.

"We're training here, dunderhead! You can do your peeping when we get to the- Wait… If you're here, who did I…? Oh crap." The Genin whipped around and shot toward the area where her jutsu had basically slaughtered the forest. She looked around quickly and spotted her second teammate, also her brother.

The older boy was lying on his back, twitching rather comically so his periwinkle eyes were lined with tears, his raven ponytail crooked now while his headband was even more crooked than before. His gray hooded sweatshirt with short sleeves, that hung off his shoulders, was torn as well as his khaki shorts. The only thing that seemed unharmed was the fishnet shirt under his sweatshirt and the black glove things that came to about the middle of his palms, having no actual finger portions.

"Jeez, Ruriko! You could've killed me!" He whined at last and threw himself up into a sitting position, adjusting his headband only slightly, strands of hair sticking up behind his headband and over to hang in front of it.

"Well, blame it on, Nero! He basically used you to get to me…" Ruriko muttered dryly, folding her arms over her chest and turning her face away, her nose in the air. Nero didn't seem at all disturbed by this fact and merely looked at Ruriko with a flat expression, then turned to his male teammate, holding a hand out.

"Come on, get up, Akira. Sensei's probably wondering where we are. We were supposed to meet him, like, ten minutes ago at that ramen shop." He stated. Akira blinked and took Nero's hand, pulling himself up to his feet. He brushed himself off and sighed."All right then. Oh well! I'm hungry anyway! You think he'll treat us this time?" He asked eagerly, clenching his fists and pumping them excitedly. Nero sweat dropped and Ruriko unfolded her arms to turn to them.

"Probably. If we told him we were training hard." She added with a lazy shrug. Nero rolled his eyes as the statement was most certainly a lie. For the two hours their sensei had given them to train, they only trained half the time. The other half of the time was getting Ruriko off her butt to do it.

The trio turned and shot off out of the forest at the training grounds, emerging into the field that was nestled between the forest and a crystal blue river, a large black stone erected near a flag pole that stood high above it. However, walking out onto the field, the trio wasn't the only ones taking time to train in the village. Another trio was sitting near the river's edge.

The first boy, he definitely looked more like a leader than a follower, was rather short and thin with slicked back, midnight hair, a few loose locks hanging into his face between his pinkish red eyes that seemed to be watching the other team closely. He only wore a pair of loose, baggy black jeans with belts hanging off the sides. His chest was tattooed dramatically with a large spider web, a black widow tattoo creeping across.

The other two were twins, no doubt, with fire red hair and mismatched blue and green eyes. One was a female, wearing a simple blue tube top with gold bands around her biceps and one around her neck along with black trousers to match her shoes. Her twin, a boy, wore a black, low-cut t-shirt with a fishnet sleeves and dark red pants.

"Oi," The first boy called, making Akira jump and Ruriko scowl at him for it, "You three entering the Chuunin Exams?" Ruriko frowned, folding her arms over her chest and Akira merely beamed.

"What's it to you?" Ruriko demanded. Akira sweat dropped, looking down at her.

"Ruriko, you don't have to be rude."

"He was rude for asking." Ruriko responded flatly, then looked over to see the team stand up from their lunch. The first one, most certainly very short and probably looked like he was ten and not twelve or thirteen, walked over, smirking rather cockily.

"What a bite you have. That's cute. What're your names?" He asked. Ruriko felt her body grow tense with annoyance. She hated that. Why would someone call a shinobi cute? It was completely idiotic!

"It's common courtesy to introduce yourselves first, jerk." She retorted.

"Ruriko!" Akira whined, but he didn't bother trying to stop her as Nero gave him a warning look. Ruriko stood her ground, her lavender eyes watching this new team intently. Judging by their headbands, they were definitely from Amegakure. However, the think that was making Ruriko's heart pound was the disgusting spider tattoos. She could just feel the hairs on her arms standing up.

"Hajin, doll face. These are my teammates, Ayano and Zoki." He responded, completely unfazed by the insult as he gestured to his teammates, giving his fingers an odd flicks. His teammates merely nodded their heads, but they're facial expressions remained stony and blank. Ruriko blinked, then twitched as she clenched a fist.

"My name's Tsukuyomi Ruriko, not doll face!" She snapped. Akira quickly put a hand on her shoulder, laughing nervously as he wave a hand at Hajin and his team.

"Ahaaa, she's kind of cranky, forgive the attitude. My name's Tsukuyomi Akira, by the way! Mr. Silent's name is Nero." He added, pointing a finger in a gun-shape at Nero, who merely looked in the complete opposite direction with a bored look. Hajin just smirked at them, then looked at Ruriko, who was glaring at Akira and waving his hand away from her.

"Interesting. You're from Sunagakure," He added, glancing at their heads before looking back at their female teammate, "This is going to be fun. I should hope you guys are ready for a big battle because if we run into you during the exams, we won't hesitate to squish you like bugs." Akira sweat dropped, averting his eyes in an expression of sarcastic thanks.

"Jeez, is everyone entertaining these exams this friendly?" He wondered along. Nero snorted indigenously, but kept silent, fishing into his pocket. Ruriko stared at Hajin for a moment, her eyes narrowed.

Akira's got a point. A lot of Genin are joining these exams and they're all dead set on achieving their goal. They'd probably kill us to do it too… Jeez, this is gonna be a bigger hassle than I thought it would be. Akira definitely isn't ready to go around lopping heads off to become Chuunin, but I can't say the same for Nero… Of course, I'm probably the same as Akira, but for different reasons… I just don't want to waste my time. She thought before her mouth took over.

"We'll just see about that, shrimp, because we're gonna be the ones stepping on you, so say your prayers. Come on, guys." She muttered and grabbed Akira's and Nero's arm, dragging them after her as she led the way back into the town. Hajin watched them go with his arms folded, a smirk on his face.

"Wow, Ruriko," Akira exclaimed in awe as he walked up beside his sister, who was scowling, "I didn't know you were that eager to begin Chuunin. The way you complained about it back at the village totally had me thinking you were against taking the exams."

"I am against it!" Ruriko protested. Nero cocked a brow, coming up on Ruriko's other side and making her snap her head to glare at his suspicious look.

"You sounded pretty motivated back there. If you acted like that more often, you wouldn't be nagged at as often." He pointed out as he dug something out of his cloak pocket. Ruriko opened her mouth to argue, but stopped as she recognized the cigarette Nero was placing into his mouth, lighting his lighter. She scowled.

"I thought you quit! You totally lied to sensei." She scolded. Nero shrugged as he tucked his lighter away, taking in some smoke before blowing it out into a stream, removing the cigarette from his lips to glance at her.

"If I hadn't of told him, he'd of nagged at me some more. I know how you feel now." He answered before placing the cigarette back in his mouth. Ruriko reached out and snatched it away, making Nero wince and glare at her, making a grab back for it. However, Ruriko easily held it out of his reach and smirked, about ready to throw it on the ground, but the cigarette vanished from her hand. She blinked and whipped around, ready to yell, but stopped and smirked.

"Ha!" She declared. Nero turned and as soon as he did, he was bopped rather harshly upon the head with a gloved fist. He yelped and clasped his hands onto his head tightly, cringing. Standing before the trio was a Suna Jounin wearing a chocolate brown jumpsuit under a Sand Village vest with black, heel-less ninja sandals; a shiny headband over his forehead, where deep black, with hints of bluish purple, hair hung slightly spiked toward the right, save for a single long strand to the left.

"I had a feeling you wouldn't keep your word, Nero." The Jounin sighed, folding his arms over his chest and closing his dark lavender eyes in disappointment as he dropped the cigarette to the ground.

"Kazuya!" Akira exclaimed, beaming happily at the sight of their sensei, also the eldest Tsukuyomi brother. Ruriko put a hand on her hip, gesturing a hand to Nero as she glanced at him out the corner of his eye.

"Ne, see what happens? Kazuya knows everything, Nero. You can't get away with that." She said, only earning herself a wincing glare from Nero, who removed his hands from his head to clench them as fists at his sides. Kazuya frowned down at him.

"Nero, what did I tell you about that? If you lied to me about the cigarettes, are you lying about the alcohol too? You know, those things are really bad for your health! All that crap in the cigarettes is going to turn your lungs black and that alcohol will damage your liver too-"

"And you only have one liver, so don't do that kind of sick shit," Nero finished under his breath, "You've lectured me enough."

"Obviously not if you're still doing it," Kazuya scolded, then looked at them with a raised eyebrow as he put his fists on his hips, "Where were you guys? I waited at the shop, but you didn't show up."

"We got carried away with training." Ruriko replied innocently. Kazuya laughed.

"And I'm the Kazekage," He said sarcastically, making the Genin sweat drop as they looked up at him, "Out with the truth."

"We ran into some stupid Genin," Nero began before Akira or Ruriko could say anything, "Ruriko snapped at them and she didn't use her manners by introducing herself first either." Ruriko glared at him, clenching a fist, but Kazuya dropped a hand on her head, ruffling her ponytail a little and making her grumble.

"Oh jeez," He sighed, "What the heck am I going to do with you? You've obviously been hanging out with Hioshi more than you should. You're starting to pick up that cocky attitude." Ruriko merely huffed, folding her arms over her chest stubbornly.

"Well, well, well! Tsukuyomi Kazuya, is that you?" A female's voice exclaimed in surprise, making Kazuya blink and look over. Ruriko, Akira, and Nero stood behind Kazuya, peeking around him to see a Konohagakure Jounin approach, a smile spread across her face.

Her hair was a brilliant salmon color, held up with a firefly hairclip, matching her light green eyes. She wore a thin green flak jacket with a large brown circle on the back with the kanji for luck in crème. She wore a light and tight purple top that touched her elbows, a metal plate across the front of her top bearing Konoha's symbol. Her pants were navy blue, touching her knees where black ninja sandals started.

Kazuya actually knows an attractive girl? The Genin wondered with wide curious eyes as Kazuya beamed, his cheeks coloring a light pink rather evidently, giving a wave as he seemed to recognize her immediately.

"Kotori! It's been so long since I've visited. I'm surprise you recognized me." He admitted with a little shrug. The Jounin smirked, placing a hand on her hip.

"I recognized that voice anywhere, and you're right, you haven't visited in so long! You should probably make up for that." She stated. Kazuya smiled warmly.

"Then, I'll gladly treat you to Ichiraku ramen. I've heard it's very well made here."

"Sure is," Kotori answered, flashing a rather flirtatious grin, however, she finally caught sight of the three Genin taking up a line behind Kazuya, like ducklings, and it made her smirk twist a little in an almost taunting form, "Sooo, that's why you're here. You've become a sensei, hm?" Kazuya blinked, then laughed, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Oh, right! Sorry. This my Genin team," He introduced, pointing to each one as he said their names, "This is Nero, Akira, and Ruriko. These two are my siblings, Nero's a childhood friend of theirs." Kotori blinked, stooping over a little and taking her chin between her thumb and forefinger to scan them curiously.

"Well, well. Interesting team. I can see you've waited a bit to enter them into the exams. I pretty much did the same… Speaking of your siblings, eh," She made a face and stood up, folding her arms over her chest, giving Kazuya a sour look, "Where's the other one? The one who gave me this?" She pointed to a marred scar in the shape of a bite near her collarbone. Ruriko's eyes widened and she easily pushed past Akira and Nero to peer up at it.

"Oi, that's interesting, where'd you get that?"

"Hioshi," Kazuya filled in with a sweat drop, making Ruriko lean back and looking at him in obvious confusion, making Kazuya sigh and look back at Kotori with a weak smile, "Uh, Hioshi's not so much… Of a people person anymore."

"He was a people person?" Kotori asked with a cocked brow. Akira laughed, then clapped his hands over his mouth after Ruriko glared at him. Nero hid a smirk behind a cough. Kazuya smiled lightly.

"Wrong choice of words. Ever since the exams, Hioshi hasn't left our home. He took his loss hard." He answered. Kotori seemed to be biting back a confident grin and instead cocked her head.

"That so? Hm, too bad… So how about that ramen?" She asked with a wink and Kazuya beamed.

"Excellent! Lead the way. I haven't been here in so long and some things have really changed. There's definitely more people than I remember." He added as he walked along side the Jounin, who chuckled and began to go on about the village's recent events. The Genin team trailed behind.

"I can't believe she's the one who beat Hioshi," Ruriko muttered a bit stubbornly, her arms folded, "She's just a Jounin."

"So is Hioshi." Nero replied. Ruriko scowled at him.

"Hioshi's a special Jounin. That's a rank above the regulars."

"Oh, big whoop. So he gets an extra word onto his rank."

"You know, sometimes I wonder why I even bother talking to you! You were so much cuter when you were little!" Ruriko retorted and turned her head away. Nero smirked.

"You thought I was cute when I was little?"

"Thought, as in, past tense."

"That's not very nice."

"Well, neither are you!"

"You guys argue too much," Akira huffed, waving his hands at them as he came up between them as he wore an expression of relaxed pacifism, "Calm down! You're being biased, Ruriko… And, Nero, you still are cute. Let Kazuya enjoy catching up without having you two argue in the background."

"I am not biased!" Ruriko protested. Nero sweat dropped, his eye twitching as he blushed.

"You're really good at making things awkward." He muttered and hid his face by looking down. Akira merely grinned.

"So, it wouldn't help if I said that Kotori-sensei is, like, really attractive?"

"No!" They yelled in unison and brought their fists down on Akira's head, making him yelp and hit the ground before scrambling back to his feet to catch up with the group.

"Wow," Kazuya murmured as he walked, completely ignoring the scene his Genin were making behind them, "A whole Anbu squad? When did this happen exactly?" Kotori folded one arm under the other, holding up two fingers.

"Two nights ago. The creepy part is that several bodies were basically mauled, like an animal did it. Whoever it is wasn't trying to be stealthy, they were trying to let us know that they're here and they're not messing around."

"That sounds dangerous. Does anyone else know?"

"A handful of Jounin and the Anbu Black Ops know. We're supposed to warn the sensei that come in for the exams with their students, just in case. We're also doing checks of each team that comes in. That's probably why it took you so long to get past the gates."

"It's dangerous. I'm surprised they didn't cancel the exams."

"You must be new to this whole thing, huh?"

"What do you mean?"

"You can't cancel the exams because a bunch of misfits came on a killing spree. The other villages would throw hissy fits and there'd be a huge fight. I don't think the world can take another argument over something stupid… Although, personally, I'd be more alert about the situation. We don't even know who these guys are."

"Really? Wow, you're smart, Kotori." Kazuya beamed. Kotori grinned back and gave her hair a little flip in response as they approached the ramen shop. They took a seat at the counter, taking their orders as Kazuya prepared to pay beforehand. Akira immediately dove into his bowl, slurping up his noodles while Nero ate his most slowly. Ruriko was almost finished two seconds after she got it, gobbling the noodles and gulping down the juice. Kazuya sweat dropped and looked at Kotori, who was blinking with a 'what the heck' look on her face.

"Do you starve them?" She asked. Kazuya blushed and laughed a little, averting his eyes.

"It's crossed my mind," He mumbled, then cleared his throat and looked at Kotori, who smirked, "So, uh, what about you? Do you have a team?" Kotori nodded confidently, holding up a fist to emphasis her point.

"Yup. Saki Osamu and Kishi, then Akiyama Eiji. They're entering the exams this year too." She replied. Kazuya beamed.

"Really? That's great! I'd be happy to meet them sometime!" He exclaimed. Ruriko glanced at him out the corner of her eye before huffing and looking back into her bowl as Akira smiled, cocking his head from side to side good-naturedly.

"Ne, cool! Hopefully Kotori-sensei's team is nicer than that Amegakure one. It'd be nice to make friends from another village." He stated. Ruriko finished licking her bowl clean, setting it down and resting her elbows on the counter, folding her hands together and resting her cheek on them sideways to give Akira a disgusted look.

"You're such a freak sometimes." She muttered. Nero nodded in agreement, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, shoving his half eaten bowl of ramen at Ruriko, whose eyes twinkled as she snatched the bowl and dug her chopsticks into the mass of noodles.

"Don't make friends with people you might have to fight. It'll make you weaker." He retorted. Akira pouted, then whined.

"Heyyy, are you saying I'm weak?" He complained. Nero sweat dropped.

"Akira, don't make that kind of face or I'll grab your bowl and shove your face in it." He answered in a casual voice that made Akira twitch and flail rather comically as Ruriko licked the ramen juice off her lips, turning in her seat and leaning back on the counter, looking at Kazuya, who was laughing as Kotori grinned.

"Ne, sensei, we're gonna go train! Catch ya later!" She waved and hopped off her seat with Akira and Nero sharing quick looks before hopping off their stools and moving after her, leaving Kazuya to blink in surprise at the thought of Ruriko training willingly.

"That was a lie, wasn't it?" Akira asked with a pout as he followed Ruriko quickly down the street. Ruriko smirked and stuck her tongue out, making a face. Nero sighed.

"Well, isn't that cute? He can't tell when Ruriko's lying, but he can tell when I'm lying? I sense some bias in sensei's logic."

"I think Ruriko just moved too fast is all." Akira offered and Nero snorted indigenously, shaking his head, then looking up as Ruriko walked right into a trio of shinobi that was coming down the street. Akira yelped and winced in surprise, grabbing Ruriko's arm and pulling her back. Nero jumped, his eyes widening.

"I'm sorry, are you all right?" The man said with a smile, tilting his head as he reached a hand out to Ruriko, who stared at him before nodding, then putting a hand on her hip, pointing her finger toward him.

"Yea, sure, sir, but you should watch where you're going." She responded smartly.

"Ruriko," Akira scolded, then clamped a hand over Ruriko's mouth, making her flail a little with an annoyed expression on her face, "I'm sorry, sir. I mean, uhm, we're sorry!"

"It's perfectly fine. As she's stated, it is my fault for not looking out for you three." The man mused, his smoky eyes watching them closely. Akira blinked, staring up at the man as he held Ruriko close to him, still covering her mouth as she squirmed.

That's, like, super creepy… Something about the way he looks… It's so familiar… He thought quizzically as he couldn't help but stare with wide, curious eyes. Ruriko merely ignored the staring adults to squirm away from her brother. The man smirked.

"We need to go." Nero heard himself saying, grabbing Ruriko's arm as soon as she got free of Akira's grasp. Ruriko blinked and looked at him in confusion, but Nero was already giving her arm a pull, but a strong grip caught the back of his cloak, making him gasp. Ruriko even emitted a small squeak of surprise, whipping around in time to see the second man with the trio pull Nero close.

"Ohh! Aren't you cute!" He exclaimed while beaming accompanied with an eerie, hyena-like laugh. Akira stiffened and Ruriko clenched a fist as the man seemed to paw in a cat-like manner at Nero's sleeve as he basically held onto him.

"You're so cute! Botan really likes pets like you~" He crooned and Nero gave a small gasp of surprise as Botan leaned down to cuddle closer, but the first man grabbed Botan's arm, giving it a sharp tug and making Botan yip like a kicked puppy, immediately releasing his hold on Nero, who stumbled forward and almost lost his balance if Ruriko hadn't of caught him.

"Botan, don't hassle the children… You'll cause a scene." He scolded in a dangerously calm tone, turning his smoky eyes back to the three Genin. Ruriko glared.

"What the hell is your problem, huh?" She demanded. The man smiled warmly, however, making Ruriko give him a weird look.

"I apologize for my teammate's behavior. He tends to be a bit too friendly… My name is Daiki, by the way. This is Botan and Miyuki. We're here for the Chuunin Exams, well, to view them." He explained casually. Ruriko frowned, then blinked and looked at Nero, who was still staring at Botan, who seemed to take on a rather whipped-dog appearance with his sleeves drawn up near his chin, however, the occasional hungry gaze of those piercing snow-white eyes were driving Nero crazy. It was obvious by the way tiny tremors seemed to course through his body.

"Uhm, we should probably go…" Ruriko mumbled, giving Nero's arm a little shake to bring him back to reality. Nero blinked and looked at her, his distress obvious by the strained look. Ruriko nodded and glanced over her shoulder after turning away from the group.

"See you later." Daiki smiled.

"Yup, bye!" Ruriko bolted with Nero's arm linked with hers and Akira rushing on Nero's other side. Daiki watched them go as his smile seemed to melt off his face, his expression slowly becoming darker and darker. Miyuki's lips tipped into a disappointed frown and Botan cringed, averting his eyes, then yelped as Daiki grabbed the back of his neck.

"Didn't I tell you to contain yourself, you damned animal?" He snarled in a low voice, making Botan whimper pitifully, his hands having reached around and clasping over Daiki's in an attempt to free himself. Daiki narrowed his eyes, then gave Botan a little shove, releasing him and looking back down the street to see the trio vanishing in the afternoon crowds.

"Hnn… Well, now that we've identified the targets, you two know what to do and I should hope you do your jobs correctly." He muttered gravely.

"Yes, sir." Miyuki and Botan murmured in unison.

That Night…

"All right," Kazuya smiled as he faced his Genin in the hallway of their motel, holding their room cards, "I had just enough money to get myself a room, Ruriko a room, and you two will have to share, but that shouldn't be a problem, right?" Akira beamed and Nero merely looked at his feet. Kazuya blinked, giving them a concerned look before forcing a smile and handing them each their cards.

Ruriko beamed as she headed toward her room, throwing up her arms in a stretch as Akira and Nero followed her, as their room was right across from hers.

"Ahh, finally! Now I can take a nice, long hot bubble bath~ I've been looking forward to this all day!" She exclaimed, then glanced out the corner of her eye to see Nero still looking at his feet. She tried not to show surprised she was that he made no perverted comment about how he wanted to join or anything of the sort. Akira grimaced.

"Ruriko, aren't you still freaked out? That guy basically molested Nero and that one, Daiki, he looks really familiar… In fact, his name is familiar too." He murmured thoughtfully, folding his arms over his chest tightly. Ruriko rolled her eyes, bringing her arms around behind her head, leaning back a bit.

"Oh, please. They were just a couple of old people… One of them just happened to be a pedophile and the other just happened to look like a criminal, so what?" She asked. Akira scowled.

"You can't possibly tell me you're not bothered by this." He demanded. Ruriko paused outside her door, lowering her arms and averting her eyes with a serious, obviously bothered look on her face.

"Of course it's unnerving," She muttered, making Akira look at her in confusion while Nero glanced up, "It was totally weird, but come on, we've run into weirder characters before. Just forget about it. It's a hassle to worry about something so stupid." She unlocked her door and walked in, slamming it shut behind her. Nero and Akira shared frowns before heading into their room.

As the team got settled in, they went off doing their own thing for the rest of the night; Kazuya heading out with some old friends, Ruriko bathing, Akira going for dinner, and Nero sitting in his room with his thoughts.

That was completely unnatural! It felt so weird. You don't go hugging random strangers like that… And… Maybe I was imagining things, but when I looked up at him, past his hood… I could've sworn I saw- No, no way. I'm just seeing things. He's just some freakish clown. He thought and buried his face in his hands as he sat on his bed with his legs folded.


Nero jumped and jerked his head up toward the window, staring as a crack began to grow across the window with an evident mark through the center. He frowned and slowly slid off the bed, reaching under his pillow for his kunai. He withdrew it, holding it in front of himself as he inched toward the window, eyes narrowed. He stopped, his eyes widening.


It was obvious a rock had hit the window, causing the crack that had slowed its path in a spidery formation across the window. Nero lowered his kunai and peered out and over the small balcony before he opened the panes and peeked out, holding up his kunai again.

Weird… He thought, although, his heart was still pounding wildly in his ribcage.

On the roof above, a thumb was bitten into, drawing blood and hand signs were being made. A hand touched the rooftop shingles and smoke puffed into the air, billowing away to reveal a small white egg about the size of the tip of a pin. The egg was flicked off the shingles and swirled through the air, sailing down, down, down until it hit the blade of the kunai below.

The egg shuttered, but remained unharmed as it stuck to the blade.

Nero scanned the trees outside the balcony, turned, glanced up at the rooftop, but only saw the moon glaring down at him almost critically. He winced and went inside, closing the windows behind him, averting his eyes.

He walked over to the bed and flopped down, placing the kunai beside his pillow, but refusing to let go of the handle as he closed his eyes and fell asleep at long last.

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