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1 new message: from Mac Taylor

Stell, come to Central Park, bring your sunglasses and dress appropriately for sunny weather. Come alone (; . –Mac.

The couple had gotten iPhones; pretty much changing their life to a more complicated yet simpler life. The two weren't the most tech-savvy, despite all of the technologically advanced equipment they had back at the lab. The detectives would be texting each other during work, constantly. Also, the Facebook app had become quite popular between the two. So, when Stella got a message from Mac from Facebook; it was no surprise. But the content of the message was.

The "come alone" was definitely quite suspicious, and Stella didn't know what to think of that. But Mac wanted her at Central Park and it was a gorgeous day in the city of New York. There was absolutely no reason not to go.

The curly haired brunette looked through her whole closet finding the perfect little green and white sundress and adorable sandals to go with it. She was definitely dressing appropriately for sunny weather. Grabbed her purse and new sunglasses and out the door she went.

After the cabbie dropped her off at Central Park, Stella went straight to Bethesda Fountain. That was their "spot" in Central Park; ever since she went to the fountain that one bad day, and he had followed her and consoled her there.

There he was. Sitting right next to the fountain; in a pair of dark jeans, a nicely fitted Marine Corp shirt, some running shoes, and his circular sunglasses that fit him so well. Between his legs, there was a picnic basket on the ground. They were going on a picnic.

"What's this?" Stella asked, eyeing the picnic basket.

"Our lunch" replied Mac, nonchalantly.

"Sounds good to me! Where should we set up?"

While Stella was looking around the park, Mac took her hand in his and raised it to his mouth, placing a light kiss on it.

"I didn't forget; this is only the beginning. Happy 7 month anniversary, Stella."

With that comment, Stella's insides turned into mush. She thought that Mac would forget about this day, once again. But he proved her wrong, once again. Who knew no-nonsense-boss Detective Mac Taylor was such a sweetheart?

Stella did, because she knew not only Detective Mac Taylor, but Mac Taylor the person as well.

Stella picked a nice shaded spot under a big tree to have their picnic. Both laying out the blanket and taking out the food. He had made everything, from the sandwiches, to the dessert which was a little strawberry short cake. The only store-bought thing was the wine, which was poured into little wine glasses that he had brought from home.

Stella was having the most fun she's had for a long time. The week had been stressful with cases coming in like crazy, she had almost even forgotten about this day. But all the stress was worth it, because now she was having a great picnic with the man she loved. Yes, she loved him. That had been decided quite a while back, and she didn't regret it one bit.

Both detectives finished eating and Stella lay down on her back on the blanket, fiddling around with her new phone. Then a notification from that social network popped up.

1 new invitation

Mac Taylor invites you to dinner on the river.

Stella turned her head toward Mac, who was looking down at her with an eyebrow raised.

"You better RSVP soon, Stella."

0 guests attending, 0 guests not attending, 1 guest awaiting reply.

Stella quickly pressed the, "I'm attending" button which turned the RSVP list to:

1 guests attending, 0 guests not attending, 0 guests awaiting reply.

"Good, I'll pick you up at 7." Mac said, leaning over and placing a kiss over her lips.

The two separated at around 4:30 for Stella to get ready, and because Mac decided that he was getting kind of embarrassed carrying a picnic basket around Central Park all day. "I'll carry a brief case, my kit, your purse, not a picnic basket." he had said.

It was 6:30 now, and she was ready to leave. Olive green dress to match her eyes, a nice pair of heels, hair up with strands coming down the side of her face, and sprits of perfume in all the right places. When Mac saw her, his mind would go crazy. And when he saw how much cleavage her dress showed, his mind would go straight into the gutter.

Mac Taylor was sometimes so predictable. When he arrived at Stella's- 7:00 on the dot of course- the door opened, his mouth dropped, mumbled some incomprehensible words, she got her bag, closed the door, finally making it to the elevator; Mac's eyes never leaving her.

The couple got onto the boat for their anniversary dinner where there was a little table set up with candles and all. The boat would set sail and come back only on Mac's cue.

"Wow Mac, you didn't have to do all this."

"I know."

A comfortable silence surrounded them as the sailed along the river, looking out to the city. The city that they serve and protect every single day.

"Wine?" Mac asked.

The two drank their wine, and their server brought them their food.

"Greek, my favorite. How'd you know?" She said playfully.

Going along, Mac said, "All those years we've been partners, I gotta at least know what your favorite food is."

"Good man" Stella said, biting into her food, her face showing the sheer joy of tasting her food.

The two laughed and ate, enjoying the company when Stella saw something written on her plate in Greek.

παντρέψου με?

"Mac…?" She asked hesitantly as he shoved his hand in his pocket, getting out of his seat, and bending down on one knee.

"Stella, pan-drep-sou me?" He said, in his best Greek, pulling a small box out. "I love you Stella Bonasera, with all my heart. Will you marry me?"

When she heard him actually say the words, the tears that had been forming in the corners of her eyes spilled out. She cupped his face, kissing his lips saying, "Neh! Yes! Yes! 100x yes!"

Though her kissing him should've been enough, he finally relaxed his tense posture when he had actually heard her accept.

The now newly engaged couple enjoyed the rest of their night with lots a body contact throughout the night, never wanting to separate.


The next morning was a riot for the couple. They had to go tell Sinclair about it and only god knew how he was going to react. And everyone was grinning widely at the couple since they had saw on Facebook, a major update.

Mac Taylor is now engaged to Stella Bonasera.

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