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Language barriers

Arthur grunted as he stretched his sore back. Sitting down in uncomfortable meeting chairs for an hour straight was not good for his already aching back. Luckily for him, pregnant nations where allowed frequent breaks. That was how he found himself walking down the empty corridors of the meeting building.

What was not as lucky was that – at the moment, at least – he was the only one currently expecting, so he didn't have anyone to talk with. Alfred had of course wanted to accompany him, but being one of the leading world powers, that hadn't been possible. Arthur sighted and rubbed his slightly round stomach. At least he wasn't all alone, he thought while smiling softly.

He was five month due with his and Alfred's third child and couldn't be more happy. That thought immediately brought his mind to his two sons. The oldest, Nicholas, was five and a half years old and had just started kindergarten. Then there was Simon, who would turn three next month.

The two boys where currently in the care of a nanny, but of course that didn't hinder Arthur from worrying. Usually, Peter would babysit the boys – and many other nations children – but apparently he had 'business' to take care of today. Arthur snorted. Business, my ass. Damn brat.

A sudden shuffling sound accompanied by soft sniffing made him look up. He frowned slightly and listened more closely. Yes, that was definitely crying. His mother senses immediately went of like war sirens and he quickly followed the sound.

Coming closer, he could now hear clearly that whatever, or maybe whoever, it was that made the sound was just around the corner of a large cupboard. Peeking his head around the edge, he saw a small little girl sitting curled up and crying into her knees. His heart clenched at the pitiful sight.

Carefully, both for the sake of his stomach an so that he didn't scare the girl , he crouched down in front of her. He had just started to pounder on who the girl was, when she lifted her head. Light blue, tear filled eyes looked up at him through blond bangs. Or 'looked' would have been the word if the form of her eyes didn't make it look more like a glare.

The similarity was so striking it was almost funny. This had to be Sweden's daughter. Sure, he had seen Sweden and Finland's children before, but never this close. Tentatively, he reached out towards the child with his hand. "Hey there, sweetie. What are you doing here all by yourself?"

The girl first looked at his face, then at his hand, then back at his face. Then she sniffed once and turned her head slightly to the side, big crocodile tears still running down her cheeks. When he didn't get any other response that that, Arthur's brows furrowed slightly. The girl looked to be around Nicholas age, so she should be able to easily respond to simple sentences like that, he thought. Maybe she was just shy.

Then a thought hit him. Did she even understand English? If she had grown up in Sweden or Finland, that could very well be the case, he concluded with a feeling of dread. Overcoming language barriers with a grown up was hard enough, doing the same with a five year old was just impossible!

Just to be sure he tested talking once more. "Can you understand me? You just have to nod if you do." The girl just continued to stare. Arthur sighted. This was going to be hard. Of course he could just grab her and take her to her parents, but somehow that didn't seem like such a great idea. Carrying – or even just dragging – a screaming and probably kicking child wasn't anything he wanted to do while being pregnant. And on top of that it felt wrong to force her.

So instead he seated himself on the floor in a more comfortable position and pointed at himself. "Arthur." He said, pronouncing the name as clearly as he could. Then he pointed at her with a questioning expression. She looked at his fingers for a few seconds before she seemed to catch on.

"Ylva." She said, while pointing at herself. "Kan du hjälpa mig? Jag har tappat bort Pappa och Isä och vet inte var jag är. Jag skulle gå på toa, och jag har gått dit förut med Isä, så jag trodde jag skulle hitta, men..."

And the rambling continued. It was as if someone had opened a water tap. Arthur's stared in astonishment. He knew five year old children could talk really much, but this? And the strange thing was that the girls expression didn't change through her rant, but stayed in the same monotone glare. Wasn't Sweden's child supposed to be more...quiet?

"Wait, wait, Ylva, was it? Stop." He put his hands in front on him with his palms forward. "I don't get a word what you are saying." She seemed to understand and quieted down. "How am I going to explain this?" He said, mostly to himself.

Deciding on a method, he pointed down the corridor towards the meeting room. "Papa." He said. 'Papa' was the most international word for 'Dad', right? Ylva's eyes lit up, her gaze following the direction of Arthur's finger expectantly. When only seeing the empty corridor, she once again turned to Arthur, her glare intensifying tenfold. "Du lura mig!" She said and pointed a tiny finger accusingly towards him.

Arthur felt his patience slipping. "No, no. You have to follow me. Your 'Papa' is that way! Papa!" He repeated, once again pointing towards the meeting room. Ylva just shook her head this time and looked close to tears. Arthur panicked slightly. "No, don't cry! Please, don't cry. I just want you to...argh! You don't understand me!" Now Arthur himself felt like crying. Damn hormones!


At hearing the voice, Arthur actually did start to cry, this time in relief instead of frustration. At the end of the corridor stood Alfred, like a knight on a white horse.

Alfred glanced anxiously at the clock. Arthur had been gone for almost twenty-five minutes. 'I'm just going out to stretch my back, don't worry.' did not take twenty-five minutes! What if something bad happened? What if he tripped? Or what if he went into super early labour? Or maybe and alien took him? Or a ghost! The possibilities was endless. He was just about to announce that he would go and save his husband when suddenly Finland raised his hand, looking almost more worried than Alfred felt.

"What is it, Finland?" Germany asked, who was the one who had been previously speaking.

"Well" The Finnish man started, adjusting the small infant in his arms. "As you may all have noticed, Berwald and I couldn't find a babysitter to replace Peter for today, so we had to bring our children to the meeting." He glanced at both the bundle in his arms and the small girl currently asleep in Sweden's lap. "I'm just a little worried, because Ylva went to the bathroom a while ago and hasn't come back. Would it maybe be al right if Berwald or I went and looked for her?"

Germany seemed hesitant. "Would it be possible to wait just a little bit longer? We where just about to discuss matters regarding you Nordics, so it would be very inconvenient if one of you went away." He looked apologetic but determined.

"But, she's so small, anything could have-!"

"I'll go."Alfred said."I'm a little worried about Arthur anyway, so it'll be like killing two birds with one stone." And he got to be the hero this way too, he added in his mind.

The German still looked hesitant. Alfred sighted. Germany could be so stubborn sometimes. "I'm no good with economics and stuff anyway, so it's not like I need to be here. And Matthew will tell me everything I need to know later. Right, Mattie?" He looked at his brother expectantly.

"Of course." Matthew said, smiling softly. Everyone in the room, except Alfred and Prussia, jumped when they noticed that it actually sat someone in the chair between the American and the Prussian. "Then it's decided!" Alfred said, flashing a grin.

"Al right, you can go. Just come back as soon as you find them." Germany sighed, waving his hand. Alfred immediately went up and went for the door. Finland sent him a grateful smile and Sweden gave him a curt nod as he went by their seats. He put on his best Hero-smile and gave them a thumb up before he closed the door behind him.

It didn't take him long to find what he searched for, but as he came closer, he saw that they where both almost crying. "Arthur?" He called out. Said Englishman turned towards him, looking as if someone had just lifted the world of his shoulders. In a couple of swift strides, Alfred was at his husbands side. "Arthur? Are you ok?"

"Y-yeah. I'm ok, it's just...I tried to help, a-and...But I...Damn it! I'm ok, it's just the bloody hormones that are acting up again." He said, trying to wipe his eyes with the sleeves of his shirt. Alfred sighed, smiling slightly. Then he turned to look at the little girl still sitting curled up in the corner. "Hej, jag heter Alfred, och jag ska...eh, how do you say it now again? Oh, right. Ta dej tillbaka till dina föräldar, ok?" He winced. He hadn't spoken Swedish in decades, literally, and had a hard time remembering the words. He could feel Arthur's surprised stare from the side.

"What did you say?" Arthur questioned, seemingly snapping out of his surprised state.

"My name and that I would take her to her parents...I think." He answered, without taking his eyes from the girl. Even more tears started to flow out of Ylva's eyes and she nodded rapidly. Alfred reached out and gathered the little half Swede, half Fin in his arms. She let herself be lifted as he rose to his feet. "Come on Artie, time to go back to the meeting." He said and offered the still sitting Arthur his hand. The Brit took it and Alfred helped him up.

"So, how did you learn Swedish?" Arthur asked as they walked back.

"Sweden had a couple of colonies in my land way back in the days. And you know how it goes, his people became my people. In the end I picked up some words, that's all. But what you just heard is kind of my whole Swedish vocabulary."


"What? Is it that surprising that I speak more than just English?"

"Actually, when a man that can't even find his husband on the map speak mote than one language, it's closer to a miracle." Arthur dead paned.

"Now that's just mean! And I do know where you are! Give me a map and I'll prove you wrong!" Alfred pouted.

"Sure, sure." The Brit said as he opened the door to the meeting room, not fully able to conceal the smile that crept up on his face. The whole room became quiet as they walked in. The first to move was Finland, who stumbled out of his seat as soon as he saw his daughter. It was actually quite incredible how he could move so fast without dropping the baby.

"Isä." Ylva said, stretching his arms towards his Finnish father. Finland gave the infant in his arms over to Sweden – who was now standing beside the Fin – before taking his oldest daughter and hugging her tight, al while cooing in Finnish. Ylva seemed happy for a chance to speak and soon both father and daughter was talking at the same time in rapid Finnish. The only difference between the two was that Finland had expressions accompanying his words.

Sweden, now holding both his youngest and second youngest child in his arms, gave both Alfred and Arthur a grateful smile. Or at least Alfred thought it was a smile, it was hard to tell.


"No worries, man! This is what heroes do, after all." He said, winking.

"No, really, thank you so much." Finland said, looking up from his conversation with his daughter. Then he said something to Ylva in Finnish. The little girl blushed a little before looking at Alfred and Arthur. "Kiitos" She mumbled before hiding her face in Finland's shirt.

"That means 'Thank you'" The Fin supplied helpfully.

Alfred laughed. "As I said, no problem."

Both couples then went back to their separate seats and the meeting continued. Arthur, for some reason, glanced over towards the Nordics part of the table and come eye to eye with Ylva. The little girl then – for the first time since he met her, Arthur noted – smiled a tiny smile and waved. He smiled too and waved back.

Language barriers could be overcome, no matter the age, Arthur decided. You just had to try.

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