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It been two years that me and annabeth are dating I love her and she love me I think

Any way my name is Percy Jackson I am the son of Poseidon.

Percy: hey annabeth so you ready for our date

Annabeth: no

Percy: no!

Annabeth: no yes

Percy: so yes?

Annabeth: no

Percy: Annabeth are you ok did you do crack

Annabeth: you just made the whole joke bad you make every thing better in this world

Percy: so you are going to the date with me

Annabeth: yes I am by the way where are we going

Harry: hi guys did you see this guy with a really long and ugly gray beard sorry let me tell you his name dumbledore did you see him

Annabeth: no we didn't how are you by the way and how did you get in this camp only half bloods can come hear?

Harry: I am Harry potter im a wizard I have powers and what do you mean by half blood

Annabeth: we are the children of the Greek gods and goddess.

Harry: those Greek gods don't exists there what we call myths prow it

Percy: ok im the son of Poseidon I have some thing watch and learn

Harry: the water it going up o my god

Percy: nice and easy how cool am I

Annabeth: if you ask me your not that hansom ether.

Harry: well I should go now see you later

Annabeth: well that was weird?

Percy: I don't care really lets go now

Annabeth: um Percy

Percy: what happened?

Annabeth: the water

Percy: o yah I forgot I got better didn't I

Annabeth: no not really we should go now

Percy: ok let's go

Harry: there you are dumbledore did you now the Greek gods and goddess are real

Dumbledore: o I now I met Zeus he is a son of a b**** he

Harry: I just meet Poseidon son and some other girl she was hot but the guy was a show of you now he is a son of a b**** no really he is.

Percy: that date was fun we should go bake there some day.

Voldemort: have you seen a guy with a black robe on looking for a guy named Dumbledore?

Percy: are you a wizard to

Voldemort: yes yes I am did you see him tell me

Percy: yes I did he want that way

Voldemort: thinks

Harry: Voldemort how did you find us ?

Voldemort: um this guy and a girl told me the girl was hot the guy was ugly

Harry: I now he should really get some kind of spell to fix his face

Dumbledore: if you thing you seen ugly you should see Zeus

Zeus: how called me ugly!

Harry: the sky is talking how is the sky talking

Voldemort: how the hell

Zeus: you mean how the hates

Dumbledore: wait a minuet I now this voice it Zeus

Zeus: you gassed it!