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Clockwork, the ghost of time, jailer of Dan Phantom, and ghostly guardian of Danny Fenton. He watches the timeline to make sure that nothing will disrupt the flow of time. What no one knows is that Clockwork also watches over alternate timelines as well. He knew that everyone can make choices that have an affect on time. He also knows that in another time his charge would face a challenge that will affect no only him, but several others.

'It seems that I will have to let this one ride out,' thought the ghost of time as he looked at the vision of an alternate time.

In the alternate timeline and reality

It was another normal day for Danny Fenton. Well about as normal as being stuffed into your own locker, getting detention for something that was someone else's fault, and being made the butt of every popular kid's jokes. Pretty normal for Danny as he left his school with his best friend Tucker Foley. The two of them have been friends since kindergarten, and still are. Right now the two of them were leaving their school, Casper High and heading off to their favorite hangout spot the Nasty Burger.

"So Danny, any plan for the day?" asked Tucker while playing with his PDA as they walked.

"No, just the usual," replied Danny as he looked ahead not really listening.

"Dude I know it's hard to believe, but come on Sam wouldn't want you to be mooting over her like that," said Tucker taking his off his PDA and pocketing it.

"Tuck, she has pancreatic cancer remember. How can I just ignore that?" asked Danny getting depressed.

"You don't, but listen she's getting the best treatment possible. She'll be fine, you just need to believe in her," explained Tucker trying to help his friend. "It's not like someone can make it all vanish?" he added.

What Tucker didn't know was that Danny was thinking about what he just said and is remembering an encounter about a week ago.

One week ago

Danny was in a hospital room with his friend Sam Manson who was in the hospital bed. The two had been friends since middle school along with Tucker, and the three of them were nearly impossible to separate. The only times when all three are not together are when they're at their respective homes and if either Danny or Sam were in the hospital, due to Tucker's fear of all things medical.

"Hey Sam, so any news on getting out anytime soon?" asked Danny.

"Not yet, but I doubt I'll be hear forever," answered Sam.

"Yeah, chances are you'll be out within a week just to getaway from the doctors trying to force feed you some meat," joked Danny which got Sam to laugh.

As the two continue to joke around Sam's doctor came in. Danny and Sam stopped laughing and Danny started to excuse himself, but paused when he took a glance at the clipboard the doctor had. He couldn't understand most of what was on it, but he read the words five years. Soon enough Danny was walking down the hall until he heard two gossiping nurses.

"Did hear about the Manson girl? I heard she's got pancreatic cancer," said the first nurse.

"What? Pancreatic cancer? At such a young age?" asked the second nurse.

"Yes, the doctor had run tests and they keep coming out saying the same thing," answered the first.

"Poor girl, do her parents know about it?" asked the second.

"Not yet, but to have to such a deadly form of cancer at the age of fourteen. She would only have up to five years to live," replied the first.

'Five years to live? It can't be. Not Sam,' thought Danny as he looked at the floor after hearing what the two nurses were talking about. As Danny was going through his thoughts about his friends fate he felt someone place their hand on his shoulder. Danny turned his head and saw a doctor with blonde hair and glasses.

"Mr. Fenton, I've heard about your friend and I'm sorry that this had to happen to her," said the doctor.

"Doctor is their something that you can do to help her?" asked Danny with worry in his voice.

"I'm sorry, but there is nothing that can be done without performing surgery and we don't have the consent of her parents yet. Even if we did there is still no guarantee that she will survive," explained the doctor. Danny looked more depressed after hearing the answer. "However, there is a way to save her," added the doctor.

"Really?" asked Danny trying to contain his growing amount of hope.

"Yes, follow me please. This is something that should be discussed in private," answered the doctor as he led Danny to an empty room. The doctor walked towards a mirror and turned to face Danny.

"Mr. Fenton, what I'm about to tell you is that I can get rid of Ms. Manson cancer without surgery and it won't cost you anything," stated the doctor.

"You can? Really?" asked Danny in shock.

"Yes, but the real question is are you willing to risk everything for her?" declared the doctor.

"What? Of course, Sam's my best friend. I would do anything for her," replied Danny.

"Are you sure? I've asked many people who are in you situation and many of them have turned it down. What I offer is a chance in a lifetime and all I ask is for you to do one thing," said the doctor, who seems to be getting agitated as he pulled out a black rectangular case. "Hold this," he said.

Danny grabs the case and saw a golden dragon emblem on the center. The case started to glow and Danny jumped a little. He looked at the doctor, but saw a silver spider creature in the mirror behind the doctor.

"Did you just seeā€¦?" started Danny.

"Yes Mr. Fenton you did not imagine that. There is another world that exist within the mirrors and what I'm offering you is the tool to save your friend. You see in that world there is an event. A competition if you will, you and eleven other people will go into that world and fight," explained the doctor.

"Fight? Fight that thing?" asked Danny.

"If they are in your way? Yes, but your main obstacles are the other eleven. You see if you are the last one standing I will save your friends life. However if you refuse, your friend may die within five years. Pancreatic cancer, compared to the other types of cancer is the most serious case," continued the doctor.

"Do I have a choice?" asked Danny in fear and anger.

"You always have a choice," answered the doctor. "But the question you should be asking yourself. Is she worth it?" said the doctor as he watches Danny.

Danny broke out of his thoughts as he and Tucker got to the Nasty Burger. They ordered their food and sat at their usual table. Danny was barely eating while Tucker ate to his heart's content.

"Hey dude, are you gonna eat or what?" asked Tucker pointing at Danny's barely eaten food.

"What? Oh sorry Tuck. No you can have it," answered Danny as he gave his food to Tucker. After he gave his food away Danny saw something out of the corner of his right eye. It was a humanoid looking zebra with blades on its forearms inside the glass windows of a nearby building. It was stalking a young woman who was walking down the sidewalk adjacent from it. "Hey Tuck, I'm gonna head on home. I'll see ya tomorrow," said Danny as he left.

"Alright, later dude," replied Tucker as he continued to eat.

Danny followed the young woman and the zebra monster as he kept his distance. Just as the woman was about to turn to her left the zebra monster jump out of the window and grabbed the woman. She screamed in fear as she was being dragged back into the window. Danny ran to stop the beast, but he was too late. He looked to his left and then his right to make sure no one was looking before reaching into his pocket and pulled out the case he was given. He pointed it towards the window as a silver belt appeared around his waist. It had a slot on the center large enough to fit the case.

"Dragon Knight" said Danny as he slid the case into the slot. Two reflected armored suits appeared beside and then they overlapped his body.

Danny was now covered in a red body suit with a silver and black chest armored vest on. He had black forearm guards with large silver bolts near his elbows. On his shoulder were similar black guards with the same bolts. He also has black grieves on his boots that go up to his shin and large bolts on his knees. A black helmet with a silver grilled faceplate that kind of resembles a Japanese dragon's head, as well as a silver dragon emblem on top of the helmet. Behind the grilled faceplate were two large red compound eye lenses. On his left forearm is red gauntlet with silver trimmings that was shaped like a dragon's head.

"Alright," said Danny as he clenched his right hand as he brought it to his face and jumped into the window. He went through it leaving a ripple effect and then it stopped.

Once inside the mirror world Danny saw the zebra monster biting into the woman's throat as she was dissolving. Danny ran towards the beast as it fed, but he was too late. The woman was fully dissolved and her life was taken by the monster. Danny slid the top of his dragon gauntlet toward his fist and then pulled out a card out of his case. He placed it into the slot that was underneath the gauntlet. He then slid the gauntlet back to its original position and it made a click.


Over Danny's head a large red metallic Japanese dragon flew above him and the bladed tip of its tail fell off and headed towards Danny. Danny caught the blade that looked like a Chinese Dao sword. The zebra beast saw Danny and readied its blades and charged at Danny. It swung its right arm blade at its foe, but Danny blocked it with his sword and ducked down to sweep the monster's legs with his left leg. The creature fell to the ground and rolled away from Danny. The zebra monster got back up and lunged at Danny, thrusting its left blade at him. Danny blocked it with his sword again, but was caught off guard by the right blade which hit his armored chest and sent him stumbling back as he dropped his sword. The zebra monster charged at its armored foe again, blades aimed at his foe's neck. However, Danny dodged to his right and back kicked his enemy away. Danny slid his gauntlet again and pulled another card out of his case and placed it in. He turned around and slid the gauntlet back in place as he faced his foe.


The large red metal dragon appeared again and started to circle around Danny. As the dragon did so, Danny moved his arms forward and then placed his left arm over his chest and his right arm placed away from his head while with his legs apart. The dragon was behind Danny and let out a mechanical roar at its master's foe. Then Danny jumped into the air and his dragon followed, encircling its master as he flipped forward and delivered at a flying side kick. Danny's dragon shot fire at his master's back, giving him more fire power into his kick. The zebra monster stared at his opponent in fear as it met a fiery death as its head came in contact with Danny's foot. The monster was engulfed in flames as it exploded.

After the explosion an glowing light appeared and floated into the air. Suddenly the red dragon flew towards the light and swallowed it whole.

"Eat up Dragredder. You've earned it," said Danny to his dragon as he headed back towards the window he entered from.

Danny appeared back into his world in his normal self. Nobody was nearby so he headed home. He pulled out his case and looked at it once again. His fingers traced the golden dragon emblem as he thought about his decision.

'Yes, Sam is worth it,' thought Danny Fenton, the Masked Rider Dragon Knight.

Author's Note: Well that's the first chapter of If you don't Fight, you don't Survive. Hope it wasn't too bad or too short. It's been a while since I've written anything so I'm trying to get back into I was gonna make a Kamen Rider Agito crossover AU with Danny Phantom, but I started looking into Ryuki and I found out that it can crossover much more easily with any series. All you need is thirteen characters, different reasons for them to fight, and a simple plot. I also will be using names from both Ryuki and Dragon Knight, since some names sound better while other wouldn't make a lot of sense to be used in America. Another thing that I'm doing that I wouldn't usually do is allow people to choose who will be some of the Riders.

I already know Danny will be Ryuki/Dragon Knight, but I'm not sure of who will be the other Riders. So I'm gonna do something I usually would never do. I'm letting the reader decide who the other Riders will be. Well eleven out of the other twelve, because Ryuga/Onyx is a spare deck right now. I'm also a little iffy on letting an original character be Ouja/Strike since I liked Ouja's character in the original Ryuki, but I'm flexible on that. The only Danny Phantom character who won't be a Rider is Sam, since I gave her pancreatic cancer as motivation for Danny to fight. Plus she's in a hospital with security cameras. Not exactly the ideal location for a Rider to be in. Also to make the character roster larger for potential Riders, any ghost chosen to be a Rider will be human. Want to keep it fair for the everyone when they fight.

So tell me who you think should be which Rider and why. For those who don't know anything about Kamen Rider Ryuki just go to kamenrider wikia and type in Kamen Rider Ryuki and look at the Rider list. Also keep in mind there is only one female Rider, so the girl with the most votes will be that Rider. As for the guys they're fair game on who will be who. Hope you've enjoyed this writing project.