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Impossible Possibilities...

Chapter One


This is the life!

Lying in bed snuggled into my husbands arms, lazily tracing patterns onto his gloriously bare chest. Sunlight streaming through our bedroom windows lighting up our tangled naked limbs. Edward seemed so relaxed as the sunlight bounced off his beautiful marble skin that he almost appeared to be sleeping. The blissful humming escaping his smiling lips was the only evidence he was actually awake. Sighing happily I asked myself for the millionth time how I got this lucky.

Three weeks ago Edward and I were married in a beautiful little ceremony in his families back garden. Before the ceremony I had been ridiculously nervous about the whole thing, but as soon as I locked eyes with the love of my life waiting impatiently at the alter, my nerves evaporated into thin air. I couldn't understand my previous hesitancy as I all but jogged down the aisle to get to him. When my dad handed me over to Edward and our hands finally met, all was right again in my world.

I got lost in his awe filled golden eyes as the vicar ran through the typical marital speech. It wasn't until I felt Edward removing his hand from mine that I snapped back to reality. I had tightened my hand around his, frowning at him in annoyance. Why was he letting me go? He simply laughed and gestured to an amused Carlisle to his right, holding my wedding band out for Edward. I had blushed bright red and quickly let go of his hand. As Alice handed me Edwards ring the vicar announced it was time for our vows.

Edward held my hands tightly in his own while he spoke those infamous vows straight from his heart. I had shakily recited them back all the while trying to see him through my blurry vision. Thank god Alice had used waterproof mascara. As soon as we were announced to our families and his lips met mine, the rest of the evening became a blur. We danced, cut our cake, posed for photos and even threw the bouquet. Every tradition was kept perfectly. The entire evening had been beyond my wildest dreams.

The honeymoon was even better. Edward of course refused to tell me where we were going and took delight in my growing impatience. All of my guessing regarding our location seemed pitiful upon finally seeing Isle Esme approaching on the horizon. I was gob smacked and in awe, the only words running through my mind were a shocked mantra of, They own an island! They own an island!

I remembered the nerves eating away at my insides as Edward lifted me effortlessly into his arms to carry me to our honeymoon suite. Even Edward seemed slightly fidgety in his nerves. I was nervous for a completely different reason to his. I was nervous that I wouldn't be any good, or that I would disappoint him with my body. He was nervous because he was scared of his vampire strength.

We talked for a while then decided on a moonlit dip in the ocean. As soon as I saw Edward's clothing hit the sand, all of my nerves disappeared. I stripped and met him in the water and we stared into each others eyes. I could see my longing mirrored in his eyes and knew we were both ready. We explored each others bodies with our hands while our lips stayed glued to one another. After a while Edward picked me up and took us back into our bedroom.

As our bodies joined for the first time my world landed on that one moment. We were two halves of a whole. He was the missing piece to my jigsaw puzzle. I realised I had never felt whole until that moment. We were finally one. It was beyond perfect. I fell asleep snuggled into his arms blissful from our perfect intimacy.

Of course when I woke up things weren't exactly plain sailing any more. Edward was distraught over the bruises that dotted my pale skin. It took me days to reassure him that I was fine and by that point our honeymoon had turned into an activity holiday. Anything that he knew would wear me out was instantly placed on our schedule. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed visiting the bird life on the far side of the island and diving with the dolphins, but I missed being intimate with my husband. I couldn't go back to our chaste kisses after finally experiencing Edward that way.

I was determined to make him change his mind and set out to torture him into acceptance. I saw the way his eyes lingered on my backside when I wore my bikini and loved the way his eyes bugged out of his head when I started to wear more revealing lingerie to bed. However, by the third night of my plan I was starting to lose patience. I had worn a black see through lace slip with a garter belt and stockings the night before and only got a, You look lovely, In response. Lovely! I was going for Sexy, Hot, Fuck-able! Lovely was not what I wanted.

In a foul mood, I grabbed the first thing my hands touched and pulled it on over my head. What was the point in dressing up if the most revealing thing I owned hadn't even slightly enticed him! Shuffling back into our bedroom defeated, I had closed the door behind me and turned to face Edward where I knew he would be waiting. The look in his eyes will forever be burned into my memory. Pure lust shone through his darkened gaze. I had looked down at my body confused as to what finally garnered my desired reaction. I had on a simple blue silk slip with lace trim that hit mid thigh. I wasn't sure whether his need for me had finally reached its peek or whether he loved my more conservative nightwear, but before I knew it he was pressing me against the door devouring my lips.

In the morning our headboard was the only casualty that time. I rejoiced at Edward's laid back blissful mood that morning. He had finally gotten control over his strength. From there on out we hardly left the house. Two weeks flew by with a large amount of furniture needing to be replaced. Two headboards, one mattress, three doors, one sofa, two tables and countless pillows were on our shopping list. It was definitely worth it. I knew that when we returned home we would have minimal damages as Edwards control was getting stronger by the day.

Then a whole new matter became apparent to my lust addled mind. We could hardly keep our hands off each other, but how would that work now that we would be returning to a house full of sensitive vampire ears. On the plane journey home, Edward reassured me that the family respected each others privacy and we had little to worry about. His words were comforting slightly but they couldn't completely erase my paranoia. However, Edward persuading me to join the mile high club helped make me forget my worries for a while. We got away with only a broken soap dish that time. I was so proud.

"What are you smirking at love?" Edwards teasing words made me realise I was being watched.

"Never you mind. Go back to sleep." Giggling, I buried my face back into his chest.

"Penny for your thoughts?" He gently tilted my head up enough to reach my lips with his own. Heaven.

Sighing I gave in. He was such a cheat.

"I was just thinking about these past 3 weeks."

He nodded in understanding. "The best 3 weeks of my life... So far."

Humming in agreement, I placed a few more kisses on his irresistible lips before settling back down against his chest.

They really had been beyond amazing. Even my fears about living with Edward's family were quickly forgotten. They all really were very respectful of each others privacy. I knew that they all would have heard some things I'd rather they not know, but as soon as Edward kisses me, their hearing goes to the back of my mind.

It understandably took me a few days to get used to the dynamic around the house. I had after all come from a two bedroom modest quiet home with just Charlie and I, to a large modern house full of energetic, loud, teasing family members. I'd thought I would be prepared for the chaos when I moved in having spent most of my time here anyway. I was wrong. Within my first hour of officially moving in, Emmett had teased me about my sex hair, Alice had thrown away most of my clothing and Esme had baked enough cookies to feed a football team.

I'd sat bewildered in Edwards arms on the sofa in the living room eating cookies until I felt sick and warning Alice not to throw away my favourite sweat pants, all the while trying to control a crazed twitch that was forming in my left eye. Of course my darling husband had told them to leave me alone but even his persistent warnings seemed to fall on deaf ears. Eventually after my fifteenth cookie and my sixteenth warning, something inside of me snapped. I leapt up from the sofa and stormed my way upstairs muttering unintelligible words all the way. I'd pushed open Alice's room and barged into her walk in wardrobe. The others had followed me curiously wondering what I was about to do.

Looking back on it, I'm still embarrassed by the crazed way I remember yanking out items of clothing and throwing them onto her bed. I'd manically screamed my opinions at her clothes like they could understand my frustration.

"NO! You don't go with those leggings!"... "You are too green for my colouring"... "A mini-skirt is so 1985!" ... "Yellow and purple, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!"...

I remembered hearing their hysterical laughter as I bit into my cookies and threw more clothes around the room. It still makes me giggle remembering the shock on their faces when I'd stormed back into the room with a pink scarf and hat set and thrown them at Emmett's face.

"Here! This is perfect for your personality!."

Before he could reply, I had whipped around to a hysterical Alice and placed my left over cookie in her hand before screeching, "Have a cookie!" Into her face. She cringed away from the food and I marched out of the room towing Edward by his collar back to our room. I needed to work out some of my tension. Trust me, he didn't mind.

"What has you giggling my love?" I pressed my lips into his neck trying to stop my laughter enough to reply.

Gasping, I answered. "I was just remembering my mini breakdown. I'm surprised I didn't hurt you some how."

Growling playfully he turned us over so I was lying flat underneath him.

"I remember it well." He started placing kisses all over my giggling face while I ran my hands down his muscular back.

Of course my stomach had to go and ruin the moment by rumbling loud enough for the whole house to hear.

Regrettably, Edward started to move out of my arms.

"No." I pouted like a child and tightened my hold around his waist.

He simply gave me his stunning crooked smile before leaning back in and sucking my bottom lip into his mouth.

"Breakfast time for the human." he breathed.

I couldn't object, I really was hungry lately. The thought alone worried me as I added it to my growing list of concerns. I would have to talk with Edward later.

After a quick breakfast I hopped onto Edwards back and we set off to our meadow. We had made it a habit to go to the meadow at least once a week, so today was as good a day as any. As the wind rushed through my hair the nausea started to return again. I'd thought I was over this motion sickness months ago but recently it was coming back full force. Luckily if I buried my face in Edward's back, his scent seemed to calm me enough to hold onto my breakfast.

After my mini breakdown, I had apologised profusely to Alice and tried to clean up my mess. Of course everything was already neatly hanging back on their hangers, so all I could do was apologise red in the face. She reassured me that it was fine and giggled at my embarrassed expression. By the time we entered the living room Emmett was still laughing about the whole thing. He was staring at Edward and snickering with Jasper under his breath. Edward looked beyond relaxed and wore the most laid back smile I'd ever seen on his face. When Emmett put the pink scarf on and started commenting on Edwards glow and suggesting everyone ask him for favours now while he was blissed out, I quickly left the room to make myself some dinner.

Everything began to run a lot smoother after that day. Everything was still chaotic and loud but I could handle the chaos when it wasn't all about me. That's when I first started noticing some changes. I started to feel sick around certain foods like tuna and onions, but I had no problem eating anything else I could find. I was more irritable than usual, wanting to snap at Emmett when he made his silly jokes. I was also tired out a lot easier, often having a mid afternoon nap like an old lady. Hell, I even noticed my nipples had gotten darker!

All of these issues hadn't concerned me at first. I presumed I was coming down with something or maybe it was because I was due my period soon. That's when it hit me. I had ran to the calender on the kitchen wall and counted back to my last cycle. That was a week ago and my period had already been 3 days late. Now I was 10 days late and I could no longer ignore what I was feeling. It couldn't be possible though! It wasn't possible! I wanted to tell Edward straight away but I stopped myself from telling him for fear of his reaction.

Would he think I had been unfaithful? Would he think I was seriously ill and take me to the hospital? Would he even want me any more? I realised I was thinking irrationally and he would most likely laugh and tell me I had caught some virus native to South America giving me these symptoms. Either way I couldn't keep this from him any more and I didn't want to.

"Here we are." Lifting my head from Edwards back, I looked up adjusting to our surroundings.

The sun wasn't out but the meadow still seemed to be full of light. A gentle breeze swept through the meadow brushing over the long purple flowers and shaking the leaves on the trees. Smiling, I slid down to the floor and walked into the centre and sat down. I looked back over to Edward standing by a large fir tree and beckoned him over, patting the space beside me. In an instant he was sitting behind me with his arms wrapped tight around me. His sweet breath hitting my neck with every exhale.

His scent calmed me as it always does and I stole myself for what I was about to say.

"I love you Edward." I felt his arms tighten in response to my words.

Kissing the back of my neck he softly replied. "I love you too Bella. Always."

I needed to hear that right now. I could feel myself starting to shake and of course he could to.

"You know you're the only man for me. You always have and always will be." I took a deep breath and carried on.

"You would have known if anyone else had touched me by catching a scent on my clothing? You know it would never happen, don't you?" He growled quietly in his chest at the direction our conversation was taking.

Turning me around so I was facing him still within the circle of his arms sat on his lap, he looked at me in confusion.

"Of course I know you haven't been unfaithful. Please love you're starting to worry me now. You're shaking. What's wrong?" He started rubbing his hands up and down my arms trying to comfort me.

His words were exactly what I needed to hear. Placing my right hand on his cheek, I started rubbing soothing circles into his skin while searching his eyes for understanding. It was now or never.

Taking a deep breath I finally explained myself. "I think I'm pregnant Edward."…...


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