I guess this is a companion to 'A Series of Unfortunate Texts' because I got maybe one review asking how Sam and Gabriel met...and I can never right too many meet-cutes.

"Hey, Gigantor, would ya?"

Sam really wishes everyone would cut it with the 'Sam the Giant' crap. Every time the firm sends him to a new office to take care of some internal problem he gets the same thing but from different people. Jokes about getting him bigger mugs and chairs, asking him how the world looks from up there, and most irritatingly, asking him to reaching things down for them.

He turns round to give the guy his standard polite smile and 'I'm busy' brush off. That's when he sees that he could pretty much pick him up and keep him in his pocket. This guy is five foot if that, short and slightly rounded with a lot of slicked back blondish-brown hair – giving him the look of a slightly stuffy cherub. He gestures impotently at the heavy ledger several shelves over his head.

"You want me to get that?" He still hasn't quite let go of the 'Gigantor' anger, even if the guy does need help.

"No, lift me you big strong thing." The guy drawls, hand resting on his hip. "Of course I need you to...hey!"

And Sam is officially unprofessional.

Lifting one of the employees of the business he's currently representing for in-house misconduct?

Oh, his ass is so fired.

Ruby is going to kill him.

He realises he's still holding the guy up, only he's now holding the folder in one hand and looking down at him with minor irritation and a little bit of awe.

"Uh...going down?" He squirms a little and Sam lowers him to the ground, brown eyes pass his as the smaller man's body slithers down his to the ground. One on two feet again he smirks lasciviously, hefting the file and backing away.

"See you around Big Bird."

Sam's left watching the rapidly disappearing figure, wondering why his face is flaming when he was the one toting the guy like a Muppet. Which...

"Anytime, Elmo."

The guy twists at the end of the hall, winks, then slips though an office door and vanishes.

And that's how Sam meets Gabriel Garrison, head honcho of the company Sam's trying to straighten out, thanks to Bobby Singer's poor people skills.

He doesn't find out who Gabriel is until the meeting that afternoon.

The meeting is actually over by the time Gabriel arrives, shoving open the door with an armful of files and dumping them on the table before he realises that Sam is the only one in the room, eating the remaining half of his salad and going over some notes.

"I have a meeting...?"

"You had a meeting...half an hour ago." Sam crunches a lettuce leaf.

"Oh well, can't win 'em all." Gabriel undoes his tie and pulls it from his collar, opening the top two buttons of his shirt. He paces towards the window, and Sam's seat, even sitting down he's only a little less than the same height of the other man.

"So...aren't they going to be mad that you missed it?" He asks, fishing for the last sliver of tomato.

"Are you?" He quirks an eyebrow, hand resting on the back of Sam's chair.

"Might have made it more entertaining." Sam finds himself saying. "Legalese, blah blah, tasteless joke, blah blah...could break it up nicely."

The other man smiles like his face is literally splitting from impish glee. "Add another attractive face to the room...couldn't hurt."

Sam's ears burn, which pretty much hasn't happened since high school.

The other man drops into the chair just around the corner of the table from him. "Gabriel, by the way."


He extends a hand, Sam shakes it and the other man takes his time letting go. For someone so small he has strong fingers.

"You married?" Sam registers that Gabriel is looking at his wedding band.

"Yeah...few years now." He catches the eyes of the other man and they aren't exactly brown like he'd thought, more gold, looking at him like he's some delicious but unfortunately allergy incompatible food.

"So...Sammy, want to catch me up on this stuff? Just in case someone tests me later?" He tilts his head and pouts in a way that probably wouldn't work on your average guy. But then pocket-sized-Gabriel's aren't exactly average.

"Sure." And so Sam goes over the ins and outs of the negotiations. Halfway through a young man sticks his head round the door and notices Gabriel.

"Mr Garrison? Conference call for you."

"Thanks." He's biting his lip when he looks back at Sam, looking like a child caught out in a lie.

"Garrison? Garrison, like, my name is on the side of the building, Garrison?" Sam is both shocked and a little pissed. He should have known who he was, or Gabriel should have told him.

"Yeah, but in really tiny letters...you can barely see it from across the parking lot." Gabriel shuffles his folders together. "It was nice talking to you Sam..." he looks down at the plastic cafeteria box on the desk. "There's a nice salad place about five minutes from here, come by my office tomorrow and I'll show you, k?"

Sam nods in stunned silence.

"Not that I do salads, but I do sadism, so I'll be eating a burger in front of you...maybe some chocolate too."

"That sounds...good, great actually."

"Catch you then."

Gabriel bounces from the room, folders in his arms, and Sam rubs his wedding ring absently with his finger, like he always does when he's worried. It's only on the drive home that he wonders if all men notice wedding rings – Gabriel has been the first to comment on it.