Gabriel can fully admit that he is in over his head with Sam.

He'd originally seen him and his brain had connected the magic words 'Temp' and 'Twink' and gotten him interested faster than free candy.

And he'd lifted him, actually toted him off the ground like it was nothing – how could he resist a guy who could do that?

Then – married – big bust there.

But he hadn't backed off, no, he'd invited Sammy-The-Wonder-Hetero to lunch, like the masochist he was. Just because he couldn't touch didn't mean he couldn't look.

In no way was it connected to the fact that since he'd met Sam he'd called off his appointments with James, usually he only hired the guy out for his mouth, but the smaller, pale man was the complete opposite of Sam. Gabriel wasn't really interested in a substitute.

So, there had been lunch, jokes, banter. Three things Gabriel prided himself on being able to do exceptionally well. But somehow it had devolved into...well, feelings, an intricate game of gay chicken, and then he'd caught Sam watching him lick his fingers free of frosting, caught him in the early, guilty stages of arousal.

Really he should have backed off, he should not, as a moral person and as the guys boss, have leaned in for a better look at the rising arousal exhibited by a married colleague.

And then he'd paid – technically that made it a date.

He was screwed – that's what he was, and he fully admitted it.

The following day he got one of the interns to deliver a summons to his office, hoping that Sam wouldn't just avoid him out of awkwardness, and that he'd actually come in to work rather than stay home and order his sexual assessment claim.

Fortunately Sam is in fact in the building, and taps tentatively on his office door around the time that everyone else has gone to lunch. Gabriel freezes over his memo pad.

"Come in."

Sam looks...sheepish, ducking into the office and scuffling his feet into the Persian rug by the door.

"You can have a know I don't bite." Mentally Gabriel kicks himself, why can't he just talk to this guy like a normal person? Why must he sound like he's ripping his lines from a porno?

Sam sits regardless, looking fixedly at the desk between them. That's good, Gabriel can work with lack of eye contact.

"So...I wanted to apologise for yesterday." He begins. "I was out of line...blame it on a massive fluctuation in blood sugar...maybe stress? Something anyway..." He clenches his hands together on the shiny surface of the desk. "Rest assured it won't happen again and...I'm sorry, for any discomfort."

Sam stares at the papers and toys on the desk unseeingly.

"That's really all I had to say." Gabriel prompts. When Sam still doesn't move Gabriel gets up and circles the desk, moving towards the door to show Sam from the room. "If you don't mind I have to get on with...mmnf!"

Some part of his brain finds the fact that there's a lawyer on his face vaguely amusing.

The rest is kind of overloaded with the fact that said lawyer tastes like mocha, and he's pressed so close against him that Gabriel can feel him slowly growing hard beneath his suit pants. Sam kisses hard, pressing him against the door and half lifting him so as not to crick his neck at the angle. Gabriel opens his mouth against his, feeling an answering sweep of tongue and groaning low in the back of his throat.

Sam pulls away abruptly.

"I...uh...I have...I'm sorry." Sam backs away with his hands in the air, face flushed and eyes almost comically wide.

Gabriel pushes him back towards the desk, knocking his legs against it so the taller man falls into range again, his hips nudge between Sam's legs as he drags his head down into another kiss. His hand grips the top of his thigh and Sam's fingers wrap around his hips.

Blood pounds on his ears and he honestly can't believe that he's got a married man, so much stronger than him, taller by two feet, almost spread on his desk, grinding into him. He pulls his mouth away for a second, feeling his lips burn from the pressure and the wet slick of saliva on them. Sam looks up at him blearily.

"Sam..." he can't help panting, he really can't. "You, sure, about this?"

Sam's hand strokes down his side, and the taller man closes his eyes as he cups the front of Gabriel's slacks. He nods, and feels Gabriel's moan against his throat as the other man kisses his way across the skin.

"Jesus Sammy..."

And he can't stop himself, because, well, self control has never been top of his list of virtues.

Dry humping legal advisors against his desk thought? Does not suck.

He ends up rubbing the other man furiously through the thin fabric of his slacks, feeling Sam buck and shudder with pleasure, his other hand stroking himself distractedly. When the man pinned underneath him starts to whimper, hips straining up into his hands, Gabriel pauses to yank down his zipper and press his hand through the slit in his boxers. Sam jack-knifes forwards at the sudden contact of Gabriel's hot fingers.

"Holy...fuck, just..." He groans. Gabriel fumbles with his own fly.

"Trust me." He mutters.

And that's all the warning Sam gets before the hot line of Gabriel's dick is pressed against his own, a burning, too intimate slide of soft flesh on flesh. Gabriel squeezes his eyes shut, feels heat blaze through his abdomen. Sam cries out, a wordless keening moan as they rut together, Gabriel's hand balancing them on the desk, palm slipping in sweat. Seconds before he shudders and comes into the hot space between them, he hears Sam whisper 'Yes' as his fingers grip the back of his neck.

Panting and shaking, he manages to fumble a tissue from the box on the desk, cleaning them both carefully, listening the Sam whimper as he strokes his softened cock free of ejaculate. He kisses a line across his jaw, zipping him up carefully and allowing him to stand.

After a few long moments of silence in which Gabriel can see the young lawyer pulling himself together, Sam looks at him cautiously.

"I don't know what to do." And Gabriel doesn't need more explanation than that, because nothing about this feels like a one-time-only thing.

"That's ok." Gabriel can see the panic rising in him, and he really doesn't want Sam to hurt over this.

"I'm married, Gabriel."

"I know." He sticks his hands into his pockets.

"I need to think about this...but...thank you..." Sam flushes. "that was...amazing, and you're..."

"I know, I'm awesome." Gabriel smiles as best he can. "Go, think. I'll still be here Sam."

Sam leaves and Gabriel crumples into his desk chair, at a loss for what to do.

The three days he waits for Sam to call him are agonising, but call he does, and not, as Gabriel had thought, with an invitation to a discrete hook up – but with the news that Ruby, his wife, has been cheating on him, delivered with chagrined resignation, and an offer of lunch with his brother, and his brothers new boyfriend. Which Gabriel eagerly accepts.

All things considered it's a fairly eventful story, and one that will be dramatically toned down when Sam re-tells it at their engagement party two years and one quick divorce later.