It's KINDA like the modern day so many things in the modern day might appear in here~

It was a raining day. It was also a day when that girl was found. The girl sat alone on the gray and empty street. She wore an over sized brown long sleeve shirt with ragged pant and black boots that went a little below her knees. She had some bruises on her. In her hand was an orange. Around her hand was a bracelet with a compass on it. Her long orange hair was dripping wet; some clinging to her shoulders. Her face was blank as her eyes continued staring at the ground. Her back leaned against a vacant building. Rain continued to pour down and she could feel tiny drops on her. That was until, a shadow covered her. She looked up slowly only to see a girl holding an umbrella, covering both her and the girl. The orange hair girl noticed the girl with the umbrella had a purple- blue hair with a red ribbon tying it back. A smile appeared on her lips.

"What's your name?" was the first thing the purple- blue girl asked. The orange hair girl continued staring at her with an emotionless expression before opening her mouth.


The smile on the purple blue hair girl widened.

"Here's my house." Nojiko entered a small but comfy house. It had two floors. Nami followed behind her. She could feel warmth surround her and relaxed a bit. Nami looked around. Pictures were hung on the yellow wall and some letters were on the tables in sight.

"Sorry if the house is a mess; I don't usually bring guests home." Nojiko took off her shoes and walked to the stair before turning back to Nami. "Come in!"

Nami stared at her blankly before bending down and taking off her boots. Nojiko raised an eyebrow. 'I've never seen boots like those…could she be from another town?'

When Nami took off both of her boots, she started walking towards Nojiko, water dripping down on the floor. Nojiko sweat dropped. "We'll get you cleaned up first."

Nami followed Nojiko upstairs and walked to a brown door. "Wait here for a sec."

Nami nodded and Nojiko dashed towards a blue door and went inside a room. Nami stared and when Nojiko came back, she was holding a clean set of clothes. "Here." Nojiko grinned. Nami stared at the clothes before taking them from the girl's hand.

"When you're done, come downstairs." Nojiko said and Nami nodded in understanding. Just as the girl went downstairs, Nami turned to face the bathroom door before going inside.

And so~

Nojiko had just finished setting the food on the table when Nami came in, wearing a white shirt and sweatpants. Nami's eyes widened slightly when she saw the food on the table. Nojiko giggled. "Come and eat. It looks as if you haven't eaten for days."

Nami obeyed and walked to a seat across Nojiko and sat down. She then picked up a fork and stared hungrily at the food. Nojiko raised an eyebrow as she watched Nami took a bite. A look of surprise appeared on Nami's face. "It's…good!"

Nojiko's eyes widened before laughing happily. Nami continued eating, a bit faster.

Nojiko stopped laughing and giggled. "So why were you out in the rain?"

Nami stopped eating and Nojiko stopped giggling.

Nami looked away to the floor and Nojiko knew she had asked the wrong thing. She then smiled. "Seems like I got onto a touchy subject. Actually, I'm the same as you."

Nami looked up immediately. Nojiko chuckled and leaned back against on her chair. "Well, eat up!"

Nami continued staring until she looked back to her food.

One year after ~

"I didn't even pack some of my things…" Nami said with a frown. Her orange hair was still the same long length. She now wore a big blue striped short sleeve sweater with black tight shorts. She also wore the same black boots as one year ago.

Nojiko wore a yellow tank top and a silver miniskirt with high heel sandals. She wore the same red ribbon as one year ago.

Nojiko sighed. "Your fault for not packing yesterday."

"Hey! I was being chased by people!"

"Well next time when you steal wallets, do it quietly. Not just jump out of nowhere and just grab it right in front of them."

Nami pouted. Nojiko sighed again. The two were now on the train towards the famous city, Grand Line.

Actually, their reason to go there was because Nojiko decided to enroll into the world famous school, One Piece High. It was a school that took up one third of the city!

But that wasn't the only reason. Nojiko also wanted to learn navigation, a skill that would only be taught in that school. Why?

That school is for pirates. Ones who want to become the pirate king. But that wasn't Nojiko's goal. The last reason was because- that was the only school that didn't need any records (such as when you were born or something like that) and Nami seemed to be around her age and the school fee wasn't too high. Nojiko smirked. 'Good thing the fee isn't high! I can't leave Nami at home alone too…she might d some things…'

Nojiko sweat dropped when she remembered the times when she was with Nami. She sure can do 'strange' things.

"Heard the school as devil fruit users…" Nojiko muttered. Nami raised an eyebrow. "They exist?"

Nojiko smirked. "Well, there are some rumors going around…"

Nami turned from Nojiko to the window. Nojiko looked at her curiously. "Well?"

"Well what?"

Nojiko crossed her arms. "Aren't you excited to go to school?"

Nami made a thoughtful look. "I guess."

Nojiko smiled. "You guess?"

"Why didn't you go to the other high school?" Nami suddenly asked. Nojiko made a surprised look. "Didn't I tell you? You also need to go to school and that's the only school that could accept you."

Nami smirked. "If its pirates, I'm sure they have a lot of money…"

Nojiko sweat dropped, her mouth twitching. Over the months, Nojiko noticed the girl was quite…obsessed with money; to the extent of stealing some gold from a rich and wealthy person.

And there was also thing Nojiko remembered. It wasn't very pleasant to remember too. She remembered Nami-

The train horn sound made her snap back to her senses. A smile appeared on her face. "We're there."

Up ahead there was a huge city right next to the sea harbor. There were even some buildings on the top of the mountains. The sky also made great scenery. The sky was blue with white clouds and the sun that shone bright. There were some grassy fields full of flowers. Nami's stared in awe. Nojiko was also surprised. No wonder the city was famous. 'But where's the school…?'

When the train reached their destination, Nami and Nojiko quickly got their bags and got off the train. Many people were also going off at the stop. Nami stretched and inhaled deeply before sighing in relief. "Finally!"

Nojiko took out a map and tried to figure out the directions.

Nami's eyes widened slightly. "It's getting a little windy."

Nojiko looked at her confused. "I don't feel any…"

Suddenly a small wind brushed past Nojiko, her hair flowing with it. Nami winked. "As expected!"

Nojiko smirked. "One of your many talents."

Nami snickered. When they walked out of the train station, Nami gasped. There were many people around on the lively streets. People were hollering on the streets about their new products or food. There were even some street performers.

"Hey, look at those clothes!" Nojiko and Nami's eyes sparkled as they stared hungrily at the beautiful dresses that were being displayed. Back at where they lived, there weren't anything like this!

"2-2,000 Beri!" Nami's jaw dropped. Than again, they ARE pretty dresses. Nojiko remembered their goal and practically dragged the crying Nami away from the store. She quickly took a look of her map and looked around. "We need to go east…"

Nami lifted up her sleeve and looked at her compass. She then pointed at her right. "East is there."

Nojiko nodded and the two started walking towards East. Nami looked around in amazement, as well as Nojiko. It was quite crowded but the two girls managed to get through. It was indeed a beautiful city.

Nojiko then noticed Nami snickering. "What are you laughing about?"

Nami smiled evilly making Nojiko shiver. Her hand moved a bit and Nojiko's eyes widened when she saw what was in the girl's hand. "Nami! Didn't I say not to take anybody's wallet?" Nojiko whispered angrily.


"Hey where's my wallet?"

"Eh? My wallet's gone!"

Nami snickered harder. Nojiko's eyebrow twitched. If those people found out Nami had stolen their wallets, they're going to be in big trouble. Nojiko frowned, sweat dropping. "You should at least steal wallets in a less crowded place."

"But they would see me easily, right?"

Nojiko sighed and then smiled. The girl had changed after they knew more about each other. Nami was more open than before.

Nami started to laugh evilly. "Now we have more than before…"

Too open.

"So do we keep going east?"

Nojiko took out her map. "Well, when we reach a clock tower, we'll need to take a turn right."

"Do you mean that?"

Nojiko looked up and right in front of her was the big and famous clock tower in Grand Line.

Nami's face was full of surprise. Even the clock tower back at their town wasn't this big!

They then took a turn right and saw they were heading to the fields. Nojiko raised an eyebrow. She then noticed the stairs that divided the fields and looked at her map again. "I guess we'll need to pass that place."

Nami's face lit up. "Oranges!"

Nami started to run towards the stairs and up.

"N-Nami! Wait!" Nojiko tried to run after Nami along with the three heavy bags.

Nami's eyes widened when she reached the top as she stopped.

Nojiko soon caught up and panted. She then looked at Nami. "What is it…?"

Nojiko followed her eyes and she gasped. Guess it was true that the school took up one third of the city.