Continuing from the last chapter~

All eyes were on them. The class was silent. Nojiko frowned. Nami stayed silent, an annoyed look on her face. Shanks looked at them with a questioning look. "Girls?"

The two girls continued staying silent.

"Hey-"Shanks started to say when a lunch box came flying towards his head. Shanks saw the flying lunchbox and lowered his head, dodging it.

"Hey you two! Trying to kill me?" he yelled to the now fighting Luffy and Sanji.

"Teacher! My idiot captain just ate my lunch!"

Nami raised an eyebrow. 'Captain?'

"I'm hungry though Sanji!" Luffy whined. Ace sighed as he reached inside his bag and took out a huge lunch box. "Guess you'll need to eat lunch now."

Luffy looked at it with happiness. "A-Ace! You're so nice!"

"You make it sound as if I was never nice to you."


The pirates around laughed at the scene. Shanks sighed with a small smile.

Nojiko narrowed her eyes that were full of hate. Nami noticed this.

Shanks turned back to the girls. "So you gonna introduce yourselves?"

'Yosh! Time for a little acting!' a smirk appeared but was soon replaced by a sweet smile.

"We're kind of shy…" Nami said with the sweetest voice she could muster. Shanks stared before snickering. This got Nami a little annoyed. 'What is he snickering about?'

Shanks walked over to them, getting Nami on full alert just in case the teacher might do anything.

When he reached towards them, he clapped his hands again. "Hey everyone! I'll introduce you to-someone wake up Ace please!"

Nojiko turned around and saw Ace had accidentally went back to sleep. She sighed in relief.

"Ah! Never mind! Someone tell him about the newcomers later!" Shanks put his hands on the two girls' shoulders, surprising them. "This is Nami and Nojiko! I hope everyone takes care of them!"

The pirates started talking again. Shanks sighed and let go of the girls' shoulders.

Nami glared at the spot where the hand was before. She did not like to be touched by pirates.

"You'll fit in the class, don't worry!" Shanks reassured them.

"Like I want to." Nami muttered under her breath. Shanks didn't seem to hear her.

"You'll find friends soon!"

Shanks then went back to his seat and sat down on his chair. He took out some papers and started reading over it.


Ace's eyes suddenly shot open and he looked up. "Eh? What just happened?"

Luffy was busy eating the huge lunchbox. "You miss the introductions."

Some rice flew out from his mouth onto Ace's face. Ace's eyebrow twitched as he wiped it away. "What introductions?"

Luffy pointed at the two newcomers. "Shanks just introduced them. Their names were…Nama? No…ah! Nami! And…Najika? Oh yeah! Nojiko!"

Ace's eyes widened at the name. "Luffy, say it again!"

"Okay? Shanks just introduced them. Their names-"

"After that!"

Oh! And…Najika? Oh yeah! Nojiko!"

Ace turned his head to the girl with some of her purplish blue hair sticking out from under her hat. Could it be THAT Nojiko? But she never liked pirates and that included him…

Ace shook his head. 'No it can't be…'

A sigh escaped from him and this got Luffy more curious. "Ace?"

"It's nothing. I just remembered something." Ace then saw Luffy was now starting to eat his lunchbox.

"Oi Luffy! I also have to eat something!"

Luffy grinned and put the whole lunchbox in his mouth.


Ding! Ding!

Shanks looked at the clock. "Time for the next class!"

"The next class…" Nami took out the schedule and looked over it. "P.E…"

Nojiko had told her that P.E. class was for exercising your own body. She taught Nami some sports and Nami found that some of them were actually pretty fun. Although there were times when she accidentally made the balls explode. Nami sweat dropped when she remembered the memories.

Nojiko stood up and was going to pick up their bags when Shanks stopped them. A small grin was on his face. "You can leave those with me."

Nojiko hesitated before giving him their bags.

Shanks' grin widened. "I'll make sure no one takes it, don't worry."

"It's P.E.!" Luffy dashed towards the classroom door and was going to open it when a hand grabbed him from behind. Luffy turned around, pouting. "Let me go!"

"Luffy, you need to say good bye to the teacher first." Shanks said, sighing. Luffy crossed his arms. "Bye Shanks. Can I go now?"

"MR. Shanks." Shanks corrected him. Luffy pouted again. Shanks' eyebrow twitched before he pulled Luffy to the newcomers.

"Nami, Nojiko, Luffy here will bring you to P.E. class."

"Eh? Why?" Luffy said with a shocked look. Shanks smiled evilly. "Why that's obviously because they don't know where to have P.E."

"Actually we-" Nojiko started to say when Shanks' eyes shined a bit and she stopped talking, sweat dropping.

Shanks then looked behind Nojiko and cupped his mouth. "You also Ace! Help your little brother!"

Nojiko's eyes widened. Nami made an annoyed look. Great, just when she decided to stay as far as possible from pirates.

"Sure. Okay." Ace said, stuffing his hands into his pockets. Shanks grinned. "See? Your brother is willing to help."

Luffy grinned. "Okay! I'll leave them to you, Ace!"

Just when he was going to turn around, Shanks grabbed him again. "You TWO will help them."

"Then buy me meat!" Luffy said with a big grin. Shanks sweat dropped not knowing how helping two people and meat are related. "Fine."

Nam sweat dropped when she saw Shanks crossing his fingers behind his back.

Luffy crossed his arms, grinning. "Okay! I'll take them safely to P.E.!"

'Safely…?' Nami and Nojiko thought in unison.

Ace chuckled. "And I'll make sure he brings them there safely."

Shanks snickered and the two boys stared walking out the classroom. Nami and Nojiko hesitated. Shanks smiled evilly and suddenly gave a small push. "C'mon! You can't be late for Mr. Marco's class! He won't forgive those who are late for his class, even newcomers!"

Nojiko and Nami glanced at each other before deciding to follow the boys.

When the class was finally empty, Shanks let out a sigh as he walked back to his desk and sat on the edge of it. His eyes turned to the papers as he picked him up and smiled. 'So they're not blood related…same as Luffy and Ace…ah, I wonder how Sabo's been doing…'

With the girls~

Luffy grinned as he points at himself with his thumb. "I'm Luffy! My dream is to become the Pirate King!"

Ace sighed as he smirked. He turned to the two silent girls. "My name is Ace; Luffy's older brother."

The two girls remained silent. Nami had an annoyed look on her face. Nojiko frowned, sweat dropping.

Luffy put his two hands behind his head. "I wonder what we'll do in P.E. today!"

Luffy walked in front of Nami who was trying hard to control herself from slapping his head (she never imagines herself walking behind a pirate before). Nojiko was walking next to Ace…well actually; she made a huge gap between him and her. Ace noticed this and glanced at Nojiko. Something about her was oddly familiar. Having the same name as the girl he knew and having the same hair color.

Ace narrowed his eyes. Nojiko's eyebrow twitched. She could feel him staring at her and felt really uncomfortable. She glared under her hat. Ace took one last look at her before looking ahead.

"Hey, you look familiar."

Nojiko's eyes widened a bit before she started glaring again. "I don't know you."

Ace smirked, looking at her from the corner of his eye. "You look similar to a girl I know."

Nojiko forced a smirk on. "Is this how you pick up girls or something?"

Ace's eyes widened a bit before he let out a small laugh. "You're interesting."

Nami heard the whole conversation. When Ace had said the last sentence Nami could not hear Nojiko anymore. The girl had suddenly got silent.

She was going to turn around when she noticed Luffy was staring at her right arm.

"Ne, what's that big thing?" Luffy pointed to a ball like thing inside Nami's right sleeve. Nami's eyebrow twitched and lifted up her arm, pulling back her right sleeve a bit so the boy could see the object.

"It's my log pose." Nami said and Luffy's eyes widened.

"You're a navigator?" he said, shocked. Nami stuck a finger inside her right ear.

"Yeah, I'm a navigator." Nami put down her right hand.

"Oh! What else can you do?" Luffy asked curiously. Nami raised an eyebrow. "Why do you want to know?"

Luffy snickered. "I'm just curiou-"

Suddenly Luffy slammed against a column. Nami's jaw dropped. Nojiko jumped in surprise. Ace literally slapped his own forehead.

"O-oi! You okay?" Nami didn't really care much for pirates but she was really shocked. Luffy stayed against the column for a while before he pulled back from it.

"Shishishi! I was just curious." Luffy said. Nami looked at him, bewildered. Is he crazy or something? He just went into a column! And now he's just finishing his own sentence?

Ace smirked. "You don't need to worry about him. He can't get hurt just like that."

Nami was shocked. Did he not see what happened to his own brother?

Luffy looked ahead and let out a cheer. "We're at the back door!"

Nami and Nojiko looked to see a door that was opened, revealing the school field. Nojiko gasped. The four walked out and could feel a strong wind blowing at them. It was…beautiful.

Most parts of the field were covered with grass. Trees surrounded the field at the sides, right next to the surrounding gates. Ahead of them was a track with some balls lying around.

Luffy took a deep breath before sighing. He then turned to Nami with a bright smile, surprising the girl. Luffy then dashed away while yelling 'meat!' and 'Yay!' and ran towards a group of people.

Ace smirked and turned to Nojiko once more. Nojiko looked away, trying hard not to turn to him.

Ace's smirk widened and he gave a bow to the girls. "Excuse me then, ladies."

He then started walking towards the class. Nami and Nojiko stood there, not sure about what to do now. Well, that was until a voice behind them whispered "So you two are the newcomers."

To be continued~

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