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Chapter 1

Charles Xavier went to the doors to welcome the new parent that came to visit the school, a seven-year-old boy behind him and a little one less than a year old in his arms.

"Mr. Potter, welcome to Xavier's School for the Gifted. I hope you found the ride up pleasant?" asked the handicapped man.

"The scenery is quite a view, Mr. Xavier," admitted the young man, though it was clear by the seven-year-old's red rimmed eyes that the ride may not have been calm.

"Please, come this way," said Charles, turning around his chair and heading towards the recreational section of the mansion. "As we've talked over the phone, the students have classes five days a week and holidays like any normal schools. The trips are during school hours and you can have access to both your son's grades and calls can be made as needed. On holidays Tedrick can stay here or go home, the choice is yours and should there be need for an extended holiday, in the case of going away on a trip, you simply need to inform us and we'll adapt his schedule along with a tutor to catch up what he'll miss. Any questions?"

Harry was looking around, glancing back at Teddy every once in a while, gauging the child's reaction to this new environment.

"When are visits allowed?" he asked, making sure not to look at his son when he did so.

"After school hours till curfew and anytime on weekends, respecting the curfew still."

Harry nodded, a slight sigh escaping him. They soon left the inside and ended up outside, where Ororo had her group sitting around the grass area and listening as she talked. The children were all around Teddy's age.

"Would it be alright for Tedrick to go sit in for a few minutes, Mr. Xavier?" asked the young father.

"Certainly. He can even take his little brother along, if he wants to."

Teddy hesitated before he reached for the child in Harry's arms, one that had been awake the whole time yet had not made a single sound, surprisingly enough.

"Keep a close eye on Caiden, alright. We'll be in view at all time," Harry reassured his son.

Teddy nodded and took Caiden in his arms, going to sit behind Ororo's other students quietly, the baby between his legs resting comfortably against Teddy's chest.

"He's reluctant to stay, and had there not been trouble at his school, I never would have brought him here," finally said Harry, being very blunt. "My academic background does not allow me to home school him and truthfully, I find the isolation to be damaging in the long term on social skills. You are my last resort, Mr. Xavier."

Charles could feel the dismay on the young man, one which he had seen in many of the other parents who came, but there was no fear of his own child, Harry was not afraid of Teddy or his powers.

"Young Tedrick's ability is morphing, is it now?" asked Charles.

Harry nodded, eyes still glued on his sons.

"He can change his hair color and length, alter his nose and deepen or lighten his skin shade so far, but he doesn't have control yet. The hair color is the biggest indicator, it also changes with his mood," explained Harry.

"That would explain the hat."

Teddy was wearing a hat over his head, one of those winter caps that covered the whole back of the head and had a little pallet at the front. A few strands of hair hung out and so far they had been dark, black really.

And as he was looking closely enough, he saw the shade lighten as Teddy relaxed. Even going bright blond when Ororo managed to slip a joke in that had the children giggling.

"There is no worries, we'll help him with his powers along his education. He may find someone with similar gifts along the way."

Harry also looked more relaxed. Charles let him soak in the peaceful air for a while before talking.

"When you called, you only mentioned Tedrick, Mr. Potter. Now I see you also have a little one. If I may ask; how many children do you have?"

Harry only glanced at him from the corner of his eye, his expression not changing.

"I have three more if you don't include these two."

Charles was actually surprised to hear that.

"What ages?"

"Liliann's five and the twins are two and a half; almost identical boys."

"At what age did Tedrick start to show his mutant abilities?"

Harry shook his head with a smile as he could see where Charles' thoughts were headed.

"Teddy's not my biological son; he's my godson and I adopted him after his parents passed away. I'm actually lucky his grandmother didn't fight me for custody," laughed sadly Harry.

Charles' curiosity was greatly peeked, but he knew better than to explore a new parent's mind, especially one that was quite accepting to his own adopted child's gift.

"It's not to say my own kids won't end up with powers, but it's a fifty-fifty chance. Their other parent is also a mutant," continued Harry.

Had Charles had even a little less control, his jaw would have been on the floor. Harry's smile was now amused, bordering on teasing.

"We'll see symptoms around nine or ten, from what I gathered; but so far, all four are normal children with no weird accidents or happenings around, except for what Teddy's going through of course."

"And what gifts do their mother possess?" had to ask Charles.


Charles nodded and soon enough Teddy and Caiden were back, the child making the baby walk as he held both of his hands gently. Ororo, having dismissed her class, came towards them with a kind and warm smile.

"Welcome, I am Ororo Monroe, also known as Storm," she introduced herself.

"Ms. Monroe," nodded Harry, picking up Caiden as the baby raised his arms demandingly. "I am Harry Potter and these are my sons; Tedrick and baby Caiden."

"A pleasure. I see Caiden quite enjoyed my class, how did you find it, Tedrick?" she asked as she knelt to be face to face with the seven-year-old.

Teddy hugged himself against Harry's leg, this one dropping a hand to his son's covered head.

"Teddy?" encouraged Harry.

"Was good," was shyly mumbled out.

Ororo smiled, obviously finding Teddy cute, as most people did. It made Harry roll his eyes.

"Once he gets settled, he'll be a real chatterbox, Ms. Monroe. He can be a real imp too, when he gets up to no good," warned jokingly Harry.

"Am not!" pouted Teddy.

"Are too!"

"No," huffed the child.

"Really? Who's idea was it to put bubble bath in the laundry detergent, hmm?"

Harry moved his hand back slightly, but hadn't lifted it, so more of Teddy's hair was exposed. Charles smiled while Ororo gave a small gasp, smiling. The hair changed from orange to purple down to shy red.

"It was Lily's idea! Cal and Ty did it!" he exclaimed.

Harry raised a brow.

"Where's the bubble bath hidden?"

Teddy blinked, having waited to be accused again.

"Cupboard over the toilet. Why?"

"Where's the detergent at?"

Teddy bit his bottom lip, Harry waiting patiently with a winning smile.

"Top of the laundry room…"

"Who's the only one tall enough out of your four to go get it with the help of a chair?"

Teddy's pout came back as he looked down. His red hair went to green.

"See? Green for imp. Case closed," smirked Harry.

To Charles' and Ororo's surprise, Teddy actually rolled his eyes as he let go of Harry's leg to cross his arms and burry his neck in his shoulders.

"No pouting young man; I didn't even ground you guys when the bubbles invaded the whole laundry room. I even picked it all up by myself, and also had to buy more detergent before I could continue the laundry. You guys were lucky."

Teddy's shoulders relaxed and his hair settled into a light brown, bottom lip just out enough to seem like a pout but not a full on one.

"I want to go home," whispered the child.

Harry let out a noiseless sigh, kneeling in front of his son, little Caiden reaching out to touch his step-brother.

"We'll go back home once I'm done talking with Mr. Xavier, but you need to understand that you'll be coming back Teddy. You need their help to control your gift, and I'm just not enough. You also need to learn like all of the other children your age and go to school without people trying to hurt you."

Teddy jumped to hug Harry's neck, a sob coming out.

"I'll-I'll stop the col-colors! I'll b-be nice and qu-quiet! I pro-promise daddy! I'll st-stop changin'!" cried the child.

Ororo placed her hands against her heart, saddened by the display. Charles could see how hard it was on Harry, as this one's face looked to be in pain.

"I know baby, but then you'll get headaches and you'll hurt. And the more you'll hurt the less control you'll have and the other students will make fun of you again. The last time some big kids even hurt you Tedrick. It's too dangerous over at that school! You'll be safer here and you will have friends as special as you are. And you know what?"

Harry pulled back Teddy's head so he could look into those still grey eyes full of tears.

"What, da-daddy?"

"I love the colors you show me, every single one of them. I just don't want you to get hurt by other people is all. You just need to control it while out with normal people, but at home, you'll be free to show us. But until then…you need to learn Tedrick."

It took a minute before Teddy nodded and Harry brought him back to his chest, hugging him closely as he took deep breaths to calm himself. Caiden gave a little whimper, not unaffected by his father and brother's mood.

"Alright! Shall we see more? How about the rooms? Want to see where you'll sleep, Teddy?"

Teddy nodded, hair back to black as he pulled his hat back in place, eyes red rimmed once more.

"Would you like to accompany us, Ororo?" Charles asked to the weather witch.

"I would be delighted," she said, going to push the wheelchair, needing the slight contact to ground her emotions.

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