A/N; This extra is from when Draco first visits and learns that our lovely gang of Heroes from Marvel did not give Teddy his medication as "prescribed". Please excuse me for all delays recently, but a lot has been happening and let's just say my motivation has hit a stranglehold, but rest assured, I am not giving up on this, I'll just be way slower than I've been.


Hearing the phone ring, Harry managed to escape Victor's grip and went into the kitchen to answer, not wanting to interrupt the cubs' movie, not that it mattered much as their Sire kept on making comments, Harry simply glad his little ones' hearing wasn't mutated yet so they only heard a murmur from the Feral and not the actual words.

It was the compromise Harry had managed to get out of him; allowed to whisper comments during children movie time. Had Victor been made to be quiet, the elder Feral would not have sat down at all; he would have brought the children out back even if they didn't want to go, even if it was raining, which Harry would not stand for. If he could avoid having his children catching a cold, Harry was all for it.

"Hello?" Harry asked, picking up on the second ring.

/Guess what I learned in school today!/ said too happily Draco.

"Err… you have the wrong number?" Harry hoped, knowing he wouldn't be getting away from the blonde's obvious bad mood that easily.

/Oh, believe me, you'll want to hear this. Are you sitting down?/

Harry peered into the living room a second to make sure everyone was behaving before he went into the den, sitting down on the rumpled bed.

"Seated," he informed.

/Good! As you know, Teddy had a slight problem with his medication last month. Did they tell you the details of that 'problem'?/

"Teddy just told me it went really bad. What's going on?"

Draco let out a deep sigh.

/They did an analysis on the potion Potter, and didn't give it to him on the second night./

Harry's whole body froze, breath caught in his lungs.


/A Feral named Logan got a hold of Teddy before he could do any real damages. He also knew what a werewolf was and made it very clear to everyone Teddy wasn't to be without the Wolf-Bane ever again./

Draco's calm tone allowed Harry to get over his shock, allowing place for his anger.

"What in Merlin's name were they thinking?! And why didn't Teddy insist on taking his bloody potion?"

/Easy there Potter, don't need you to blow the house up,/ snickered the blond. /As for Teddy; they gave him something else so he didn't know right away. But no worries, everything is covered now and it should all sail smoothly./

Allowing himself to slump back onto his bed, Harry let out a deep breath.

"No one was hurt? You're sure?"

/Positive. Come this time next year, this Logan Feral won't remember a thing of the ordeal!/

"Morgana's tits he'd better not! And he is the same Logan Teddy's been talking my ear off about, right?"

/Think so. He's the only one here with that name./



"Vic's Jimmy."

/You think?/

"Gotta be. How many Ferals do you know by the name Logan who hangs out at Xavier's School? Victor's ranted his heart out more than once on the subject. It can't be a coincidence."

/I'll agree on this one with you Potter, but only this once. And speaking of your mate; did you know Teddy's been calling him Vicky?/

Harry let out a groan of exasperation.

"Merlin help me should Vic find out!"

/No worries, I've got it firmly changed too Victoria. Seriously, I hope you're not expecting this charade to hold up for too long, because someone will slip up, if not everyone!/ Draco laughed.

"Ooh, shove off Malfoy!" Harry snapped. "It'll be awkward enough when it all comes out, allow me my time of denial in peace!"

/Sure, whatever you want. Mind passing by my shop sometime today? Seems like that Happy-Go-Lucky mutant you saddled me with has trouble arranging a proper inventory./

"After the kids finish their movie, I'll swing by."

/Good. Talk to you later./

"Take care," Harry replied, closing the line, staying on the bed.

Not a moment later, he was joined by his lover.