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Ok, I know I'm already juggling two stories as it is, but I saw Ahsoka's death & Resurrection on Star Wars the Clone Wars, and I got hit with another idea.

Ahsoka is definitely my favorite character, and it makes me sad to think what the future holds for her. Because we all know what happens to Anakin. Anyways, I figure I'll write this fic to give everyone a happier ending. Let me know what you think.

Padme, and Organa had been chosen to represent the Republic in the annual Senatorial meet which occured on the planet Chandrila. Padme had just gotten off the space shuttle with Ahsoka at her side. Ahsoka had voluteered to be her escort once she discovered that Anakin was on another mission in a farther part of the galaxy. She and Senator Bail Organa were supposed to meet Mon Mothma at her ancestral home at the planet.

"Thanks again Ahsoka for coming along." Padme said as she walked to the hover-carrige that was to take them, "To be honest, I get pretty lonely on these Senator's meets off-planet so it's nice to have another girl to chat with someone other that senators. Not to mention someone who's closer to my age."

Ahsoka gave a small laugh, "You're over ten years older than me. I don't know what we could talk about that would interest you."

Padme playfully bumped shoulders with Ahsoka, "Watch it! You're starting to make me feel like an old lady. Besides don't sell yourself short, you're actually a lot more mature than most teenagers your age., so I'm really glad you came."

Ahsoka smiled, "I'm glad I came too, I'm pretty sure Master Skywalker wouldn't forgive me if I let one of his closest friends go unprotected."

Padme had a slight falter in her step, but she quickly regained composure. "Well, I've known him since he was a child, in fact when he first joined the Jedi order. So I suppose you could say that we are close friends."

"Mm-hmm" Ahsoka nodded with a roll of her eyes. She wasn't blind. She knew that there was something more going on between her Master and the Senator, but she simply chose to let it be. She knew she had no business in their personal lives.

Padme quickly decided to change the subject. "You know Mina is coming to the Senator's meet as well, I think Lux is supposed to come along."

"Oh?" Ahsoka said.

"Come on Ahsoka," Padme said as the driver helped her onto the carrige. "Don't you think that little crush you two had on one another was a little obvious."

"First of all, he was the one who had a crush on me." Ahsoka said, "and second, I'm a Jedi, we're not supposed to get attachments like that."

"Ahsoka, you're also a fifteen-year-old girl. It's only natural that you would develop these type of feelings." Padme said putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Maybe, but in the end nothing can ever come of those feelings." Ahsoka said in a firm voice, "I guess I did get a small crush on him, but that's over and done with, I've got more important things to worry about."

Padme smiled as she recognized the firm conviction in Ahsoka's voice. That was one of the things she admired about her; Ahsoka was always so sure of herself, and she was always so independant. She truly had no desire to gain the approval of any boy or man, which was a lot more than Padme could say for herself.

The hover-carrige finally arrived at Mon Mothma's house. Already a number of guests were outside; Ahsoka couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. Padme noticed and gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze.

"Don't worry." She said, "It won't be as bad as you think."

"Right." Ahsoka said reluctantly as she stepped out of the carrige.

(2 hours later)

Ahsoka was standing on the Terrace balcony of Mothma's ancestral home, that the overlooked Rose gardens. In the center of the Gardens was a large pond. As Ahsoka stared at the peaceful scenery she couldn't help but trail back to the dreams that she had been having recently.

Ever since she, Obi-wan and Anakin had returned from the planet Mortis, she had began to be plagued with strange visions. Visions that sometimes had to do with her apparent demise. She couldn't remember much when she had been kidnapped by Son, but according to her master had assured her that it was nothing to worry about.

If that were true then why did she have visions of her death on that plane?. She had seen Son touch her forehead and then she fell limp as though she were dead, and then she saw her master perform some type of ritual with the Father and Daughter in order to revive her.

Those weren't the only visions she had though. Some consisted of Padme's death, others revolved around a duel between Anakin and Obi-wan in a land of fire. But there was one vision which plagued her consistently.

Order 66

At first she had no idea what the order meant. The words were voiced by someone she did not recognize, it also appeared to be an order for the clones. She had gone to the Jedi Archives to do research on what it meant, but she could find nothin.

She didn't know why, but those two words shook her to her very core. It was as if those two words would unravel everything she had ever known and loved. She contemplated on whether or not she should tell Master Yoda, or Plo Koon, or even Master Windu. But something held her back, she just didn't know what it was.

She wished deeply she could talk to someone about it.

I know that it's a slow start, but please try to be patient.

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