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"Well Edward, we're waiting." I said impatiently.

"Alright Jacob this is not going to be easy for you but it's the only way."

"Ok I'm listening."

"As far as the Volturi know Bella and I are happily engaged. Now they will hear the baby's heartbeat, there is no way to hide it. But perhaps we can convince them that the baby is mine." Everyone around us became silent as they allowed me to absorb this.

"Will this work Alice?" I whispered and she nodded.

"It will work but it will only by us a few months. Once Bella has the baby Aro will come here himself and I think we all know what will happen then. He'll be furious with us for trying to decieve him. It's good plan Edward but it would only hurt us farther down the road." Edward looked defeated at Alice's words.

"Why can't we just be honest with them?" Esme said. "I mean the truth is what it is. Jacob imprinted on Bella. She couldn't fight it and neither could he."

"Come on mom...do you really think we can tell the Volturi that? Aro won't care about the imprint. The only thing he'll care about is that Bella is still human and we didn't keep our promise." I knew Emmett was right. These vampires didn't sound like the type to talk it out.

"But there was nothing they could do. The imprint can't be fought. They'd have to at least listen to s." Seth said innocently.

"Can we fight them?" Pal asked.

"We could fight them son but we would not win." Carlisle answered defeated.

"We could join them." Jasper began and everyone turned to face him. "Aro has always wanted Edward, Alice and myself. We could join them in exchange for them allowing Bella and Jacob to live in peace."

"NO!" Bella and Esme both screamed together.

"Jasper is right. That might work." Bella ran and threw herself in Edward's arm. I knew she still loved him dearly even if it wasn't the same love as before.

"Edward, please...don't do this. We'll find another way but you can't leave me again. You promised." He looked down at her and smiled.

"Alright love, I won't leave." She sighed satisfied, kissed his cheek and came back to my side.

"Ok then since Edward is still Bella's bitch...what do we do now?"

"Rosalie!" Esme chastised.

"What? I'm only telling the truth. We need a plan. What are our options?"

"We distract them." Carlisle said suddenly. "Alice said that Aro was sending them because he's bored so we give them something to do. Esme, Emmett, Rose and I will go to Volterra for a visit."

"That would distract them and keep them from sending Jane and Demetri. But how do we hide what's going on? As soon as Aro touches either of you he'll know everything." Alice seemed as if she was plotting something even as she said this. "Kim, what about that serum you were telling me about? The one that erases memories." How could I have forgotten about that?

"What serum?" Bella asked confused.

"Our tribe has a serum that can not only erase memories but implant new ones." I explained. "We could erase everything that's happened since you guys came back from Italy and implant new memories. When Aro touches them he'll only see what they know."

"What about once we return? Will you be able to restore our memories as well?" Rosalie asked.

"Yes I can restore your memories once you return home." Billy called out and Rosalie nodded.

"Ok if everyone is in agreement then we should do this now. Aro plans to send them here in three days. You guys should leave tonight." Alice said softly. "Bella you'll need to come with us. Be around Edward; let him hold you like you normally do. It's just so at least some of their memories of the two of you will be real." Bella squeezed my waist and I looked down at her.

"You understand why I have to do this right baby? I mean you know..."

"Bella, it's ok. This is for the baby and I trust you and Edward. Now I assume it will be pretty late when they leave so you just stay the night with Edward and I'll come get you in the morning." I leaned down and kissed her deeply.

"Alright we have to get out of here. Bella and I will be behind you all in my car. I have to run home and get it. Bella's too pregnant for us to run." Edward chuckled and I couldn't help laughing a little with him. And then he took off towards their home.

Alice and the others said goodbye to everyone and then headed out. Emily had made dinner for the pack so everyone went to go eat. Edward was back in Emmett's jeep before the pack cleared out. Bella kissed me once more and then hopped in with Edward.

"Keep her safe bro." I thought for Edward's ears only. He nodded to let me know he'd heard me and then he sped off with Bella and my baby in tow.

I know this is short but it's all that needed to be said in this chapter. Next chapter coming next week.

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