Welcome Home

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Summary: *PeinSaku father/daughter* Unable to have their own children, Pein and Konan decide to adopt. But the pink-haired, four-year-old has secrets… deadly ones. The proud, adoptive parents soon find themselves protecting their little girl from the vicious Mafia boss, Orochimaru. *For PeinSaku*

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The doctor told them what they had expected for the last six months; the new procedure wasn't working. Pein and Konan Reiame were still unable to have children. Prepared for the worst, the married couple nodded mutely as the doctor spoke in medical jargon that they were unfamiliar with. They really didn't need to hear the woman speak, for they had come to terms with the idea even before it was made a certainty.

"With all due respect, sensei," Pein cut in smoothly. "My wife and I had expected this outcome and have decided adoption would be best suited for us." the blond doctor nodded her head, an understanding gesture.

"Are you positive? There are still treatments that have had very promising results. We can, at least, try one of them."

"It's quite alright, Tsunade-sensei." Konan spoke, her tone was soft and calm despite the worst news possible. "Pein and I have talked extensively about this and our insurance will not cover another procedure. We are more than willing to give a less fortunate child a good home since we are unable to have our own child." Tsunade smiled warmly at the young couple across from her. These were really good people, and to have to go through something like this… it must be devastating.

"I understand." she said, turning to her rolodex. "This is the number for the Konoha Orphanage. Ask for Umino Iruka, he'll be able to help you." Tsunade stood and held out the card for them. "I'm sorry you had to drive all this way from Amegakure only to find out bad news."

Pein took the card from her. "No, you have been a great help to us. We sincerely thank you." handshakes were exchanged and the Reiame's left her office.


Sakura folded her napkin with great care as the other children around her talked and ate. She was new here, having arrived early this morning. And she hadn't received a very warm welcome from some of the other kids. Looking around at the other children eating lunch, the pink-haired, four-year-old couldn't help but miss her home, miss her mommy and her daddy.

She set her napkin down next to her plate of rice, a sad look on her pretty face. Next to her, a blonde-haired boy stopped eating as well.

"Ne, are you ok?" he was the only one in their age group to sit and talk with her. If she remembered correctly, his name was Naruto. Sakura's eyes glistened with tears as she turned to him. "Sa-Sakura-chan…" her bottom lip began to tremble. "I'll be right back." he told her as she sniffled and rubbed her eyes, watching with blurry vision as Naruto slid out of his chair and scampered all the way down to the end of the table.

"Look at the new girl, I think she's going to cry." an older girl with red hair and glasses snickered with a grin. "Big baby!" she teased. Said girl was about six or seven years of age and had been at the orphanage for about a year now. Sakura didn't talk to her, but she knew right away that she didn't like Karin.

"You're one to talk, Karin." a raven-haired boy said, coming to Sakura's defense. "You cried like a newborn when you were brought here."

"Shut your trap, nerd!" another boy shouted. He had short, white hair and a long, pointy tooth that hung over his bottom lip on the left side.

"Can it, Snaggletooth! No one asked for your opinion." did I mention that she was very rude for a kid so young?

"That's enough from all of you." Iruka cut in as the white-haired boy was about to snap at Karin again. The brown-haired man knelt next to Sakura's chair with a warm smile. "It's ok, Sakura-chan." he told her in a soothing tone, gently pulling her tiny hands away from her emerald eyes. "Why don't you come with me for a little while? You can color with the new crayons in my office until nap time, ok?" Sakura nodded, sniffling a little.

"Ok" she murmured quietly.

"It speaks!" the white-haired boy shouted with a grin.

"Suigetsu, I think that's enough from you." Iruka chided as he stood and took the pink-haired girl into his arms.

"Why does she get the special treatment? The little twerp just wants attention-"

"Karin!" Iruka snapped, scaring the little girl in his arms. "You're grounded," he told the redhead with a glare. "Go to your room this instant and you are not to watch the television for the rest of the day. No dessert with dinner either."

"What? That's not fa-"

"Now!" he cut her off, one arm shot out to point at the staircase. With her head bent and a full pout on her lips, Karin slipped away from the table, faking a sob as she slunk toward the door.


Konan bit her lip as Pein parked the car by the front door of the gothic-style structure. She hadn't eaten much at lunch, too nervous and anxious for their appointment with Umino Iruka to eat properly. Pein was nervous too, she observed as he stiffly got out of the car and walked around to her side. He smiled down at her as he opened her door. The blue-haired woman let out a breath, climbing out of the car. He closed the door for her as she stepped up onto the sidewalk. Konan took hold of his left hand and received a gentle squeeze.

"Are you ready?" he asked her quietly. Konan gave him a small smile with a gentle nod.

"I'm ready, dear." her eyes were shinning with a happiness he hadn't seen in a long time. Pein pressed a soft kiss to her cheek before walking up the front steps, hand-in-hand.

The couple were greeted at the front door by a raven-haired woman with deep red eyes who smiled widely as they stepped through the door. She bowed low to them in greeting.

"Welcome to the Konoha Orphanage, my name is Kurenai. How may I help you?" Pein and Konan shook hands with the rave-haired woman.

"We have a one o'clock appointment with Umino Iruka-san." Pein explained as a group of children ran passed the foyer towards the stairs. Konan followed them with her eyes, smiling as a blonde boy shouted and chased after an older, brunette, taking the stairs two at a time.

"Please follow me." Kurenai gestured with a sweep of her hand, leading them down a long hallway. "If you'll just have a seat, I'll inform Iruka-san of your arrival." the couple nodded and sat down on the loveseat a few feet away from the door. Kurenai knocked on the oak door before opening it and stepping through the threshold. Konan could hear a deep voice and a younger, higher pitched voice exchanging words and what sounded like clapping hands. It dawned on her immediately that Iruka was playing patty-cake with someone. "Come, Sakura-chan," Kurenai chimed. "It's nap time."

"Ok…" she heard a little girl say through the door jam. Seconds later, Kurenai emerged from the room holding hands with a tiny, pink-haired girl who couldn't have been older than five. Konan's heart came to a stop as the girl, Sakura, turned her head to look at her and smiled. Konan gave a smile of her own and raised a hand to wave at her. Sakura waved back with her free hand as Iruka stepped out of his office after them.

"Pein-san, Konan-san, I'm Umino Iruka." the Reiame's stood and walked passed the little girl and into the office when Pein felt a small tug on his suit jacket. He turned and spotted a mop of pink hair standing just over knee height. The orange-haired man smiled at her, kneeling down to her level (he was still taller, even kneeling) with one knee resting on the carpeted, office floor.

"Excuse me, sir, but you dropped this." she told him shyly as she held out a few dollars that had fallen out of his pocket.

"Thank you very much, little one." he said as Sakura placed the money in his open hand. "That was very nice of you, miss…?" the little girl took a step back, emerald eyes locked on the ground.

"I… I'm not supposed to talk to strangers." she whispered, fisting her pretty pink skirt in her small hands. Pein smirked, catching sight of the embarrassed blush on her face.

"Yes, I suppose you're right." he stood and patted Sakura on the head lightly.

"Come, Sakura-chan." Kurenai called from the hallway, watching the girl bow politely to the orange-haired man before scampering back to her side.

"Goodbye, little one." Pein said before the girl was out of hearing range. Sakura paused in the hall, again, holding hands with Kurenai.

"Bye-bye Mister Porcupine-man, Pretty lady." and with that, she and Kurenai turned around and disappeared from sight. Konan and Pein shared a look as they sat down at Iruka's desk. The little girl -Sakura- was the one they wanted.


A month had passed since the day they met the little pink-haired girl. After an extensive background check, a ten page questionnaire and phone calls from, at least, twenty Child Services companies, Pein and Konan were given the green light for adoption. Normally it would have taken a year or two (and some cases, five years) for the go ahead, but the couple had gotten a head start when they first suspected, about four years prier to today, their infertility. It was safe to say that the Reiame's were well prepared.

Konan spent her spare time fixing up one of the extra bedrooms for the little girl that was coming home with her husband today. As for her attorney husband, he had told his partners about the little girl that had captured their attention (as well as their hearts) and received a raving response. Nagato, their friend since childhood, was due to arrive at any moment with his trusty sidekick (a dog he had befriended some time ago) as well as Pein's partners from Akatsuki Legal and Associates.

Putting the last stuffed animal in place, Konan gave a contented sigh. They were finally going to be a real family! She eyed everything in the room, noting the pink comforter was a little off center. Fixing it quickly, the blue-haired woman smiled at her handiwork, hoping the little girl would love it. A knock on the front door made her jump in surprise. Working quickly to straighten a few of the children's books on the bookcase, Konan scurried out of the room and down the hall.

"Yo, Konan!" a voice hollered through the house as the excited woman descended the stairs.

"Nice to see you, Kisame." she greeted, shaking his hand.

"So, is the little brat here yet?" Konan glared at him, tapping her foot as she crossed her arms.

"Sakura-chan is not a brat and no, they're not here yet." she growled at him, her 'mother bear' instincts coming to the surface. Kisame quickly threw his hands up and apologized to her. "They're about a half hour away, still. Pein is picking her up from Konoha, after all."

"That far away, huh?" she nodded as the front door slammed open.

"Where's the little fucking monster?"

"Shut your mouth, idiot." two new voices joined them as Hidan and Kakuzu filed into the house. "And watch your mouth around the kid."

"She's not here yet." Kisame informed with a shrug. "You've got about twenty-eight minutes to get cursing out of your system."

"Any word on when Deidara and Sasori will be arriving?" Konan asked, moving around the men in the foyer to close the door.

"Deidara's car is still in the shop, Sasori said they'd be here in twenty minutes or so." Kakuzu informed, rubbing his chin through his mask. "Nagato said he'd be here after he stopped for gas."

"Well, make yourselves comfortable while I start on dinner."


Pein buckled Sakura's seatbelt and double checked the straps one last time before closing the car door (who knew little kids had to pee every twenty minutes!). He then walked around the car and slid into the driver seat. It had been a long four hour trip for the little girl (and twice as long for Pein) and she had slept through half of it. But in the time that she was awake, he had discovered a few of her quirks.

For instants, Sakura liked to hum… a lot. They were songs that he hadn't recognized and guessed that they were nursery rhymes. She also liked to play with her short, pink locks. But, most importantly, she would stroke the head of the little white teddy-bear as if it were a Jinni lamp ready to make all of her wishes come true. Pein watched her through the rearview mirror with a smile.

"Look at all the buildings, Teddy!" Sakura cried from the backseat. Her eyes were wide and alight with wonder and excitement as she held the bear up to the window.

"I'll have to take you to my office some time. You can see the whole city from my window." Pein commented, watching her smile and nod at him. They took a left at the next light, the bustling city of Amegakure behind them. Ten minutes of going straight on the main road led to another series of lights. Pein made a right at the next intersection, passing a shopping mall. Then there was nothing but large expensive houses with huge yards and bushes and hedges for fences. The car took a slight left before pulling into the driveway of a large, tan house with red, clay roof shingles. Pein honked the horn twice before cutting the engine and stepping out of the car.

In her excitement, Sakura began to squirm in her booster seat as Pein opened her door and fumbled through getting the clips open. He pulled her out and set her on the ground as the front door opened. A heartbeat later, Konan stepped out and waved from the front stoop.

"Konan-san! Hi Konan-san!" the beaming little girl hollered as she shot off like a bullet towards the blue-haired woman. Konan met her half way and scooped up the little speed demon, laughing as Sakura wrapped her arms around her neck and squeezed as tightly as she could. A brood of stunned men watched from the dinning room window as Pein walked to the door carrying two suitcases.

"Welcome to your new home, Sakura-chan."

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