The Heart of a Thorn

Me: Alright time for the disclaimer!

Leafpool: "I'm sorry Crowfeather!

Crowfeather: *Sulks*

Nightcloud: *growls*

Breezepelt: *hisses*

Me: Hey! My set! Go deal with this problem some where else

Thornclaw: Can I give the disclaimer?

Ashheart: *purrs* you should.

Me: No! I pick who says it!

Ashheart: Fine

Me: *looks at all of them* Not Breeze-"

Breezepelt: I'm EMO! *runs around*

Leafpool: *smirks at Crowfeather* Nice kit! At least my sons are liked!

Crowfeather: *pelt prickles and he growls* You know what!-

Leafpool: *glares at him and opens her mouth*

Me: uh ok I'll do it! I do not own Warriors or their characters I only write stories about them!

Leafpool: Yeah we all know or else Crowfeather and I would be back together

Me:*rolls eyes* ugh enjoy the fricken story.


Ashheart stared at her mother's grave, tears brimming in her eyes. "Why? Why did you have to take her from me?" Ashheart begged the silent stars for answers. A Dark grey cat emerged from behind a tree and wrapped his tail around her. "We will get revenge." He growled. "But you must stay in the nursery, the kits cannot be risked. Ashheart bristled but let her fur lay flat. She nodded. The cats turned around and padded back to Camp, leaving behind the grave of Mousefur.

Firestar's pov

Mousefur's body lay in the center of the clearing. Wounded cats lay all around. Firestar looked around the clearing, shaking his head.

"They practically wiped us out." He whispered hoarsely. Sandstorm sat next to him.

"Mousefur is dead. And her daughter Ashheart is badly hurt." Sandstorm mewed. Thornclaw lay nearby and jumped up as he heard Ashheart's name.

"What! Someone fetch Jayfeather." He yowled.

Firestar looked at him quizzically. Thornclaw had taken an Interest in Ashheart when she became a warrior.

He mentored her. Firestar didn't know Thornclaw had a soft side.

Ashheart's pov

Everything hurt. I couldn't move either. Stars swirled above my head. Mousefur walked forward with my father, Longtail. "Am…am I dead?" My voice trembled. Mousefur shook her head, her eyes clouded.

"No…..I have died…..Windclan will face Thunderclan's wrath." Mousefur mewed.

Ashheart shook her head. "This was unprovoked."

Longtail gazed at his daughter. "Its time for you to go now." He meowed.

Ashheart's knees buckled under her and her vision went black.

. . .

"Ashheart! Ashheart are you ok. Ashheart wake up." Thornclaw's mew awoke Ashheart.

"Thornclaw?" Ashheart mewed weakly. Thornclaw's eyes cleared and he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Your alright!" He purred and rubbed his head against her cheek.

Ashheart purred weakly. "I'm fine." Ashheart got up. Thornclaw sniffed her over. "No wounds?"

Ashheart shook her head. "Windclan chose the wrong time to attack." She told him

. Thornclaw nodded and growled under his breath. "They will pay for taking Mousefur's life."

Ashheart stopped walking. "Mousefur." She echoed in grief. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Thornclaw licked her head and lay down beside Ashheart.

"It's ok." He soothed. Ashheart sobbed into his chest.

Thornclaw licked the top of her head. "Will this work out?"

Ashheart asked? Thornclaw seemed surprised. "What?"

Ashheart remembered how Icecloud was talking to Thornclaw the other day, no doubt, trying to swallow her jealousy.

Thornclaw licked her head. "I love you and only you." He murmered.

Ashheart smiled and purred.

(sorry folks No mating scene…unless you want but someone would have to ask for a mating story. Weirdoes :P just tell me the cats you want and I'll do it ok? Yeah I'm one of those weird people who do that and of course thunderclan get their revenge…who should die? Who knows! mwahahahahahahahha)