The Heart of a Thorn Chapter 11

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Mudpaw followed Jayfeather through the undergrowth of Thunderclan territory. "The best Marigold in found on the border between Shadowclan and Thunderclan by the stream." Mudpaw nodded, making a mental note. Mudpaw started to sniff at the stems and leaves. "What do they look like?" Jayfeather asked quietly. Mudpaw didn't see anything wrong with this question. "Kinda yellowish." Jayfeather nodded. "Marigold is used for treating wounds and stops from scratches from becoming in fected." Jayfeather explained. Mudpaw sniffed some more at the leaves. "Did you really save my mother?" Jayfeather nodded. "I really didn't do anything." He growled to himself. Mudpaw shook his head. "You saved her." Jayfeather's fur bristled, but he let it lay flat again and began to pick at the leaves. "Leave some leaves and stems or else we won't have any marigold for seasons to come." Mudpaw nodded and picked at the leaves.

. . .

"Kick your hind legs while twisting in the air." Ashfur instructed Leafpaw. Graystirpe laughed as he watched Leafpaw fall flat on her face. "Uhhh…not like that…." Ashfur mewed. Squirrelflight laughed at she pressed up against Ashfur. "Thistlepaw has the move down, when leafpaws ready, they can do a practice battle." Ashfur narrowed his eyes. "That's not funny!" He retorted. Squirrelflight purred in amusement.

. . .

(Thornclaw's POV)

"Watch out. Windclan are still aggressive, truce or not." Thornclaw mewed. The patrol sat behind a tree as a rabbit ran across the border. Nightcloud and Heathertail ran after it. Heathertail leapt on it and killed it. "Lets go, Thunderclan are still aggressive with us." Berrynose sprang out of their hiding place. "That's ours!" He snarled. Nightcloud's eyes gleamed with anger as she recognized Thornclaw. "You!" She screeched at she slammed into him and pinned him down. "What?" Thornclaw looked up at her. "You killed my son!" She snarled in his face. Thornclaw's eyes darkened with anger. "He tried to steal my son!" Nightcloud let out a hiss of anger and she scored her claws across Thornclaw's throat. Berrynose leapt on Nightcloud and bit into her neck. Nightcloud went limp beneath his paws. Blood bubbled at Thornclaw's throat. "Go get Jayfeather!" Berrynose yowled at Cinerheart (forgot to mention she was there) Cinderheart sped away and came back a few minutes later with Jayfeather who had brought Mudpaw. "Father!" Mudpaw squeaked. Jayfeather chewed the Marigold and applied it to his neck wound, then put some cobwebs on them. "You'll be fine Thornclaw, but you have to stay in camp and get plenty of rest. I have to check your wounds everyday." With those words he turned around and walked back to camp.

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