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Characters: Trucy / OC

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Magician's Secret

Trucy beamed as she heard the applause. So what if the pay was terrible? They'd loved her, and she'd loved her success. It was payment enough.


She'd been the last act of the night and light music played while patrons quickly finished their drinks and left. She stood above them and looked across the room briefly, her spot light not blinding her anymore. She spotted the club manager and waved. He nodded in response and Trucy giggled to herself. He was a grumpy man who didn't particularly find magic entertaining, but he certainly liked the money she brought in.

"Maybe we can extend your performance next time, Mr Hat." Trucy mused to herself once she was in her laughably small dressing room.

"But then there'd be less focus on you." A voice from close behind her said.

Trucy whirled around and came face to face with the last person she'd ever expect to see here.


It was Josh. The most popular boy in school. Football player, class president, surprisingly good at maths.

"How did- how did you get back here?" Trucy stammered out while frantically looking towards the door Josh was now blocking.

"I told the manager I was from your talent agency and he let me walk right through." Josh said smoothly.

Trucy let out a small 'oh' and turned away from him, already feeling her face burning. Everyone at school loved Josh.

And they were in her dressing room. Alone.

She gulped and started packing away her stage props into her magic panties, hoping he'd stay and leave at the same time. She tucked Mr Hat away absentmindedly and started pushing the step ladders into her magic panties before a hand grabbed hers.

"What are you doing?" She asked, skin burning where he was touching her.

"I thought it was all just illusions, smoke in the mirror, all that –but... that really was..."

"Magical?" She offered.


"Magic tends to be." Trucy smirked.

He smiled and held the door for her as she finished packing. "Maybe I could take you out to dinner sometime and you can tell me how you do it?" He asked.

"You know that thing about magicians never revealing their secrets?"


She raised her eyebrows at him and he laughed. "Alright I get it, how about just dinner then?"

"Sure." Trucy enthused sarcastically. "Why don't we just go on a date?"

"Great! When are you free?"

Trucy did a double take. "What? You mean for real?"

"That's why I asked you." Josh said and smiled as he opened the exit door and stepped out after her into the cold night.

She turned to look at him. "Why?"

"Because... well, you're really cute, and your magic is awesome and I've watched you on TV actually helping solve real cases and-"

Trucy couldn't believe it. Here Josh was, the guy she'd been crushing on for two years, and he was blushing and rambling about her while he was asking her on a date!

"-and you're probably one of the only people who didn't laugh at me when I fell on my face in my last game and well, you're a little bit brilliant. So, what do you say?"

Trucy beamed. "I say I think Eldoon's is still open, unless its gonna go past your curfew or something?"

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